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A full blown fires anout to erupt

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A full blown fires anout to erupt

  • Fires - Feeder
    "She wants the world to see To notice her To cut things free She stands upon the hill To watch the stars She feels a sense of peace Expressions pale As daylight leaves She stands upon the hill To watch"
  • Fires - Procol Harum
    "(Which burnt brightly)This war we are waging is already lostThe cause for the fighting has long been a ghostMalice and habit have now won the dayThe honours we fought for are lost in the frayStandards"
  • Blown - Bachman-Turner Overdrive
    "I used to smoke my brains out Fly through the sky I used to love to freak out Do you wonder why I heard the Stones rolling And I'd roll too I didn't care what I was doing As long as I was with you I was"
  • Blown - Busta Rhymes
    "All rise BUSSA BUST T-Pain (What's good homie?) Flip ModeNappy Boy (Looks like we're about to take 'em to another place) Yeaah, yeah, yeah Look at him is he plottin' on me, (no) Do it feel"
  • Blown - Ephemera
    "You try to look me in my eye Wanting forgiveness for your lies Do I know how much you care? You say you miss the times we had And you're sorry and you're sad Do I know how much you care? You say it all"
  • Blown Away - Bachelor Girl
    "Turn out the lights, see what I've been seein' This is the love I have not been feelin' A chill in the bone as it begins to change Don't look at me 'cos things are not the same, yeah You know I am I am And"
  • Blown Away - Ednaswap
    "Turn out the lights See what I've been seeing This si the love I have not been feeling A chill in the bone as it begins to change Don't look at me 'cause things are not the same You know I am I am And"
  • Blown Away - Cocoa Brovaz
    "(Steele) I got so much trouble on my mind, refuse to lose But sometimes the flesh get's weak And I regret the decision I choose, but I'm not trying to sing the blues 'cause life goes on, remembering the"
  • Blown Out Again - Peter And The Test Tube Babies
    "I am here but where is she ? We were supposed to meet at three. Now I'm soaking wet from the pouring rain, it looks like I've been blown out again. Although I try it's all in vain, i've been blown out"
  • Midsummer Fires - Blood Ruby
    "Midnight midsummer Sun won't leave the sky Here's a fire for the burning A light to lead the turning The turning of the sun Down the season's slide The burning of the sun That keeps us all alive The turning"
  • All Fires - Swan Lake
    "You have a father there is another You have a sister there are no brothers You have good friends You have a lover when friendships end, you'll still love her but it's Theresa that you love the best There"
  • Electric Fires - Mystery Jets
    "Ring your tounge out for drying But the sky's crying Everyone has gone inside Thesheep bleet and the cows sleep Some bluebirds tweet-tweet Behind the cloud the sun hides Warm next to electric fires"
  • Fires Below - Seven Witches
    "A modern dream, world higher powers To create hordes of demolition Sinister minds working hours Designing escapes aviation Inhumanely So insanely Making history Revealed mystery Countdown to chaos begins Madness,"
  • Agony Fires - Watain
    "Beyond gods pestilent grace Obscured by light his spawner dwells Hidden but soon to be found Beyond shrouds of fading life All fires leave reeking ashes Not only glow that shines And the dawns you've"
  • The Fires... - Primordial
    "Funeral winds... caress the flame The naked fire that soothes my flesh In darkness I can ask for little more Then a Samhain fire to lead the dead Nocturnal everslumber procession A gathering of such ancient"
  • Grapevine Fires - Death Cab For Cutie
    "When the wind picked up, the fire spread And the grapevine seemed left for dead And the northern sky looked like the end of days The end of days The wake-up call to a rented room Sounded like an alarm"
  • Fires - Ronan Keating
    "You’re far away, so far away Have to believe that you can still feel me And I can only wait and miss you Now, we’re locked in time, out on the wire I wish that I could fight the world for you I’m always"
  • Blown Away - Maktub
    "i can't believe the sound a movement from underground god's dealt a heavy blow think he's stealing the show blown away am i, blown away blown away blown away am i, blown away blown away it scares me"
  • Blown Away - Carrie Underwood
    "Dry lightning cracks across the skies Those storm clouds gather in her eyes Her daddy was a mean old mister Mama was an angel in the ground The weather man called for a twister She prayed blow it down There’s"
  • Blown Away - Shiny Toy Guns
    "Days, I haven't seen days Just solid water run down my face Days, I've missed so many days In a world that has become an unfamiliar place Now to you I'm just an unfamiliar face I'm losing myself again You"

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