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A gun

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A gun

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A gun
  • Gus Gus Gun
    "You've got to find yourself a place to stay, anyway. 'Cause I ain't stayin' here, around anymore, no way. Now you'd better leave, 'cause I'm gonna find, myself another, find another one. Take that gun,"
  • Mick Jagger Gun
    "Your friends will say It's self defense With no hope of recompense And anyway it makes no sense The way you hurt me baby You always turn the other cheek Always acted mild and meek Ya always played me"
  • Serebro Gun
    "O-O, Let's start the war damn sexy O-O, And fuck what good girls may say I say, l open a bottle in taxi And I'm ready to be under you big time You know I beat your gun You know I beat your gun You know"
  • Disiz La Peste Gun
    "Yo ! Gun ou Mike une vidence J'rap et l'vidence Comme tu sais gros Nouvelle anne 2005 Yo ! Look at the cuff for Numa-Numa Et n'oubli pas gars, mon nom c'est Gun Comme tu sais gros Ecoute un peu a Couplet"
  • The Rolling Stones Gun
  • John Cale Gun
    "Me and my partner we work on the run The quick try to get quicker And the creepers get hung Now it's you that got wasted tonight on the job One lost his liquor And the other lost his hand Ten sticky thumb"
  • Siouxsie and The Banshees Gun
    "Now me and my partner we work on the run The quick try to get quicker And the creepers get hung Now it's you that got wasted tonight on the job One lost his liquor And the other lost his head Ten sticky"
    "You had better run from me with everything you own cause I am gonna come for you with all that I have I am gonna break you down to tiny, tiny parts I never believed but I see it now I’m learning your"
  • Soundgarden Gun
    "I got an idea of something we can do with a gun Sink load and fire till the empire reaps what they've sown Shoot shoot shoot till their minds are open Shoot shoot shoot till their eyes are closed Push"
  • Contribution X Gun
    "Artist: Contribution X f/ Holocaust Album: Cobra of the North Song: Gun Produced by: Devious Typed by: Knowledge God, You Corrected by: L.W. (Intro: Holocaust) What can you take from me? There is a"
  • Patrice Gun
    "Chorus Sometimes I wish I had a gun Cause I don't wanna have to talk to dem - talk to dem Don't get me wrong I know it's wrong But I don't wanna have to talk to dem - talk to dem Verse Put me down in"
  • Gil Scott-Heron Gun
    "Brother man nowadays livin' in the ghetto Where the dangers sure enough real. Well when he's out late at night, and if he's got his head on right, Well, I lay you 9 to 5 he's walking with steel. Brother"
  • Weddings Parties Anything Gun
    "Sometimes you can say more, in a drunken hour or so Than some people get across, in a life of lying low. And sometimes you can feel more, for someone you've barley kissed, but you don't see it at the time,"
  • Front Line Assembly Gun
    "Inside illusions A breath of air A shadow falls But noone is there A great big sound No word is spoken Discount contempt Until the end Until the end Reflecting glimpses The tension's there Unspoken words They"
  • Emiliana Torrini Gun
    "Every day I see you looking in. I'll be the smoothest thing to touch your skin. You're longing to be loved but you're alone, And your longing makes you shiver to the bone. I know your mamma told you nothing"
  • Shades Apart Gun
    "I was alone and frightened Until you came along I was afraid of everyone You showed me I was wrong You came into my life And helped me take a stand I feel so whole inside now Come and take my hand You"
  • Gun Barrel Lover Like A Gun
    "(G. Feldhausen) Little girl don't be shy I'm gonna take you for a ride I'll take you to the other side To make you feel alright Little angel take it slow Take my hand and don't say no Come along to play"
  • Killah Priest Gun 4 Gun
    "Ill Will Ill Will's alive yea Killah Priest Nasdaq Dow Jones ha ha (Hook) Guns for gun streets filled with rivers of blood Raised in the PJ's with real niggas and thugs Eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth Blood"
  • H.O.T.You Got Gun You Got Gun ?
    "ah ee geh deh ee goh! kan dehn ee boo eun nom ee doh shee jak een gah boo dah! bee geuk eh shee jak eel boon god nah suh yoo chee hah duhn moh deun geh eem doh keu nah ssuh moh deun geh duh nah ssuh neh"
  • Jackson Jackson Grab A Gun
    "Come on everyone Grab a gun Have a gun Come on, let's be the paragon of arrogance Everyone's time come, sometime come But if you wanna speed it up yo, then grab a gun Come on everyone Grab a gun Have"

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