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A lonely night

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A lonely night

  • Lonely Night - Fifth Harmony
    "Now that I got your attention, you better listen up Cause I got questions So why you late night texting? And why you liking every pic of my best friend? I get ya, get ya, get ya shit together, uh uh I"
  • Lonely Night - Status Quo
    "Sitting by the window where I used to sit with you Playing all the old songs like we often used to do It was a lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely night It was a lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely night Went by"
  • Lonely Night - ALMA
    "the city’s on fire and girls gettin’ hotter I;m faded on liquor you all I can picture don’t leave when I am with you but can’t be without you waitin’ I waitin I keep on waitin’ my baby gon’ drive me crazy baby"
  • Lonely Boys - Lonely Boys
    "A lonely boy waiting for a lonely girl. A lonely girl looking for the perfect world. And you know he'll treat her nice And you know they'll never fight And you know they'll be all right spending time. A"
  • Lonely - Akon
    "Lonely I'm Mr Lonely, I have nobody, For my own I'm so lonely, I'm Mr. Lonely I have nobody, For my own I'm so lonely, Yo this one here goes out to all my players out there ya know got that one good girl"
  • Lonely - Amira
    "I dont wanna be lonely I whant you to be my only I dont wanna be lonely Baby tonight i m loving you u I dont wanna be lonely I whant you to be my only I dont wanna be lonely I wanna spend the night with"
  • Lonely - Channel Zero
    "Words on the wall greet me They make me feel alive Looking at the door and waiting for dinner but eating dogfood is not my style Lonely, lonely, tonight, lonely Gotta get away from here, the sooner the"
  • Lonely - Stryper
    "Once upon a lonely night Emptiness filled my heart And I realized my life wasn't right Searching and not finding Day after day Then I called upon your name And I just want to say I was lonely, lost without"
  • Lonely - Bon Jovi
    "Theres a whole lotta lonely waiting out there theres a whole lotta people that'll lead you nowhere so be safe my lover let me offer my prayer theres a whole lotta lonely waiting out there theres a whole"
  • Lonely - Brian McKnight
    "Are you lonely for me Sunday night Two weeks past The last time I saw your face Our seperate ways we decided to go Now I find myself Sittin' down Thinkin' bout Everything to this place We've come to how? We"
  • Lonely - Hi-STANDARD
    "When I woke up lonely in my bed, it was a rainy day and my lonely days started again. My dear love, I saw you last night in my dream. You told me, while shedding tear drops. "I don't know why I am here,"
  • Lonely - Anita Baker
    "You don't know what i been thru Its been rough I'm telling you All night long toss and turn Nobodies bridges left to burn I tell you a story about a lonely girl Had no one to love her In the whole wide"
  • Lonely - Crimson Glory
    "She awakens from a dream to a silent room where shadows speak of memories Another sleepless night, afraid to face the day It seems so long ago she shared the love she feels so deep inside Her love will"
  • Lonely - Noah Cyrus
    "i am slowly killin myslef i am trying so hard at the back of the shelf it’s just the same everyday I am writtin these songs that’ll never get played I get told what’s wrong and what’s right I don’;t nave"
  • Lonely - Human Drama
    "CHORUS Could I be more lonely? Could I be more lonely? Could I be more lonely? I don't know if I could Ashes fall from the cigarette of the man who can't forget Who learns more from a single second of"
  • Lonely - Nana
    "Refrain: Im lonely, lonely, lonely Im lonely ,lonely in my life Im lonely, lonely, lonely God, help me, help me to survive Verse: Remember the first time we met, day one Kids in the garden, playingame,"
  • Lonely - Jaheim
    "If you didn't ask then he wouldn't tell But the truth is you going through hell But you hide it so well You tug on his sleeve You beg and you plead Anything so that he won't leave He would be like oh well"
  • Lonely - Glenn Lewis
    "1ST VERSE Baby how you been I been doing fine Been taking my time to get myself on track Why'd you never call You used to have my back Whenever I'd fall you were always there for me Now you're not at all So"
  • Lonely - Koffee
    "Where the bassline? Up inna the daytime Had a late night But I never laid down I never stay down I hope your day's fine We should spend the day now, ayy I'm gonna make time So you should make time And"
  • Lonely - matchbox twenty
    "Hey!I found outOn a late night driveIn my winter coatWith my bloodshot eyesWell my faith ain't beenNo friend to meAnd the way I sinIs hanging off of meAnd I'm sorryCan't take me anywherePretty soon we're"

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