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A loud

  • Loud - Clouds
    "Baby, you tell me Won't you? I need to know when Your head's at So I can tune in Baby, you'll wake me won't you The door's unlocked Call any of my names But say it loud Say it loud Loud Loud I get"
  • Loud - Sammy Hagar
    "Yeah Sixteen, I found my dream machine Turn the key and every light turn green Like Steve McQueen, I made a motor scream And it was LOUD, yeah Me and the boys would drive around We search the dial until"
  • Loud - Shannon Noll
    "Hey, hey Do you think I can make it? Do you think I can take it? Because you know I can't fake this Do you wanna? But who would ever believe That this could happen to me That this could be true That this"
  • Loud - Snow
    "Zooky zound, zooky zound, down Time for us to fool around, boy now Zooky zound, down Time for us to fool around, boy now Zooky zound, zooky zound down Time for us to fool around, boy now Zooky zound, down"
  • Loud - Matt Nathanson
    "You win, I quitI'm certain you let my hands Wander your hipsJust to leave me desperate nowI remember your thread thin armsI remember your handsAnd how easily it seemed to me That they could rip me open"
  • Too Loud - Robert Plant
    "It's in the elevator - you can hear it in the hall It's where you didn't want it - it's coming through the wall Sneakin' in the bathroom, powdering your nose Creeping in the johnny when you thought it"
  • Loud & proud - Brooklyn Bounce
    "Pump up the volume.B.B.'s back!Loud -and proud!(cause we're loud and proud)This is a revoultion in sound.We've got the bass...(in sound)Let's do it.The bounce will be back.Loud and proud.Rewind.Check this"
  • Loud Music - Webb Wilder
    "'''Loud Music''' Loud music is a forty-dollar fine In Amarillo, Texas, down the Rock Island line Loud music is a forty-dollar fine In Amarillo, Texas, down the Rock Island line Before you make it scream,"
  • Be Loud - Leeway
    "Chaos in the crowd Racing in sound Try to find the answers That can never be found Not living a lie Not the one who is blind Being happy and content With my own mind Loud Got to be loud You have to take"
  • Out Loud - Dispatch
    "Would you be the wind to blow me home Would you be a dream On the wings of a poem And if we were walking through a crowd Well you know I'd be proud If you call my name out loud If you call my name out"
  • Loud Enough!! - Jim Johnston
    "Words and music: jim johnston Drums: jeff wade Everyday I think about this love you've given me, It don't seem real I've found some peace since you have set me free. I thought the world was ending, And"
  • Come Loud - Solabeat Alliance
    "Wake up your mind! Wake up your soul! Fire Fire Fire we control, Coming up loud people of the world, Emergency,we let the bass line.... Way way back in 1992, I took a hit from the sound of something new, System"
  • Very Loud - Shout Out Louds
    "i wanna build buildings high for you but of course i gotta cause i can't afford you but i always take the wrong way this is why this love can't stay and i wanna change change the way we always had and"
  • Out Loud - Gabbie Hanna
    "I still taste your presence Once sweet, but it turned sour Tried to shake your indifference, but it's too late now I hear you in the quiet, I see you when I'm in the dark You just couldn't fight for this,"
  • Loud mom - Far
    "Pretty, young single motherBuddy and beanLoving, yes...the brady bunch, not quiteWe would fightWell, they wouldI would keep it insideSome of the timePeacemakerProudPleading"don't get too loud, momJust"
  • Talkin' Loud - Incognito
    "(J.P. Maunick/R. Bull/G. Harvey) There's a new generation takin' up the challenge To raise the conciousness of all mankind Tellin' it straight without a chaser Like Train the motivator Bringin' on new"
  • Get Loud - Adam Brand
    "You might think it's a one- horse town No traffic lights, one roundabout Beccy runs the corner shop Shuts the door at five o'clock You might think this town is dead 'Cause we ain't got no drive through"
  • Loud & Clear - Kid Capri
    "(kid): we are willin to work your body Now we are ready if you are ready Soundcheck 1, 2 hear me loud and clear Cause I got something that you need to hear Kid capri and lost boyz need it loud and clear Cause"
  • Loud & Clear - Above The Golden State
    "I'm not afraid to hear the silence I'm not afraid when I'm alone And I've seen a symphony of sunsets Ooh, but I wanna know You as I'm known I can hear You loud and clear You're the song inside my head The"
  • Loud Nonsense - Amber Rubarth
    "Amber Rubarth New Green Lines Loud Nonsense I like missing you in the mornings when the air's too cold to feel nice. And I like hearing your sneakers stomping down the stairs when you stomp out of sight, and"

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