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A lumi lumi lumi

  • Lumi?re - Camille
    "(The sun is an abandoned child. Once, when the world was dark, his mother hung him in the sky with the thread from her womb. He runs and illuminates the world, looking for her.) C'est quoi cette lumire"
  • One for lumi - Lumidee
    "Yo, I'm doing this one for the streetsTo them bitches on the watch niggaz on the blockYou know, for the hood, this one's for the hood Yo, yoTell me what you seeTakin' over meNothing but the greedIt's all"
  • Eteins La Lumi?re - Charles Aznavour
    "teins la lumire Viens contre mon coeur Que mes bras te serrent Prennent ta tideur Que la nuit entire Nous comble de joie teins la lumire Rampe contre moi teins la lumire Tire les rideaux Coule sur la"
  • La Lumi?re Jaillira - Jacques Brel
    "La lumire jaillira Claire et blanche un matin Brusquement devant moi Quelque part en chemin La lumire jaillira Et la reconnatrai Pour l'avoir tant de fois Chaque jour espre La lumire jaillira Et de la"
  • Les Lumi?res Dans La Plaine - Mickey 3D
    "Est-ce que tas dj vu les lumires dans la plaine ? Quand on descend le soir des montagnes agiles On dirait des toiles qui sraient tombes du ciel Quand jtais ptit jcroyais quctait les fntres des gens Que"
  • Lumi Teki Enkelin Eteiseen - Hector Angulo
    "Tytt nki sillalta kuinka mustaa vesi oli alhaalla jossakin iti kysyi "Miksi tuo runoja rustaa? Lapsi on kai pstns sekaisin" Tytt itki hetken ja katsoi taakseen Villin soi huokaus kaupungin Kuinka tmn"
  • Lumi?res De Vie - Harmonium
    "Lumire de nuit Mon seul point d'appui Tu tournes autour de la terre En portant l'infini Lumire d'esprit Comme je suis petit Rveille-moi comme au dernier jour De ma vie Lumire du jour Parle-moi, c'est ton"
  • Sing-A-Long - A
    "A Miscellaneous Sing-A-Long Everybody in the building has to sing the song All the boys and all the girlfriends sing the sing-a-long Think I'm in trouble, there's always a couple Around me wherever I"
  • Owner of a lonely heart - A
    "Move yourself, you always lived your lifeNever thinking of the futureProve yourself, you are the move you makeTake a chance, win or loserSee yourself, you are the steps you takeYou and you - and that's"
  • There's a reason for it - A
    "Don't know how it got away from me Don't know how I let things go, you see Don't know why it took a sudden turn Didn't seem to be a big concern And everything is all too much Hot and bothered, you're cool"
  • Medina - Urban Trad
    "Sarinya busemi alida fina rue teni lumi lase dya hama dile medi terami ala nore mania sari neya minera sahiwina tu libera meho dia rilisa mahile mania sari neya minera sahiwi melodile melodile Sarinya"
  • A Stranger - A Perfect Circle
    "Cast the calming apple Up and over satellites To draw out the timid wild one To convince you it's alright And I listen for the whisper Of your sweet insanity while I formulate Denials of your affect"
  • A Distant Brother - A Girl A Gun A Ghost
    "This is not the end of us... And all this time the angels will find themselves between the living and the dead. And during this time We will look back and find your words still echo in our minds... In"
  • 6 O'Clock on a tube stop - A
    "6 o'clock on a tube stop, waiting for a subway trainOn my own, so alone, why does everybody look the same?To the right there's a sign, telling me which way to goTo the left there's an old man shouting"
  • A Little Bit - A-ha
    "And it will take a little bit of extra time To make it shine, to make it shine And it will take a little bit of extra care To bring it where you think it's there And there's no one else around This"
  • A Drewling Baby - A Shine
    "A Drewling Baby I cut myself today I really don't know how It wouldn't hurt that much If I knew just how I'm really calm this morning But it still hurts a lot Picked it in my mind I never saw this other"
  • A Perfect Match - A-Teens
    "A-Teens New Arrival A Perfect Match (Boys Sing) You spend your money on diamonds and pearls I'd sell my car (just) to travel the world I look broke baby - you got flash But even so we're a perfect match You're"
  • A perfect match - A Teens
    "(Boys Sing)You spend your money on diamonds and pearlsI'd sell my car (just) to travel the worldI look broke baby - you got flashBut even so we're a perfect matchYou're into fashion, dinners and artI know"
  • A Perfect Match - A*Teens
    "Boys Sing) You spend your money on diamonds and pearls I'd sell my car (just) to travel the world I look broke baby - you got flash But even so we're a perfect match You're into fashion, dinners and art I"
  • A Farewell To A Friendship - A Change Of Pace
    "in a dream in a place of the far reaches of this mind i have seen a true nightmare with a kiss of lovers' lips one a friend the other just a memory it still hurts when i think that once she was mine because"

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