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A message

  • Message - Peter Koppes
    "I got a message I don't understand About the peopie, about the plan "There is a power and it's in our hands To stop the world turning to sand" l've got a message l've got a message for you l've got a"
  • Message - Tina Arena
    "Song Title - Message Once again I sit and wonder Something I said was so wrong You're the one I really need now Give me the strength to carry on (Catch me when I fall) There again I'm fallin Can you"
  • Message - Arena Tina
    "Arena Tina Don't Ask Message Once again I sit and wonder Was something I said so wrong You're the one I really need now Give me the strength to carry on There again I'm falling, can you here me calling I"
  • Message - Syntax
    "I heard these words in my head Made me think about love instead Made me think about what could be Made me shake a little now I'm free I was in a world so blue With only visions of me and you It"
  • Message - Haydamaky
    "Message to people! (8) Dzień dobry i dobranoc w krainie Ukraina, Pomiędzy jednym a drugim czasem ciężko tu wytrzymać, Bo tutaj mental z błotem pod butem wymieszany, Oligarcha czyści skórę, prosty człowiek"
  • Message - Willie Nelson
    "I'm writing you this note to say I'm sorry That spells S-O-R-Y ever coming home Can you find it in your heart dear to forgive me That spells F-O how I miss you since you're gone There are so many things"
  • Message - Sanctus Real
    "So there's no room for God's own words on city wally That's ten more reasons to be praying for us all We'd better fight because it might not be too long Before they say they've made our faith against the"
  • Message - Vendetta
    "Je t'envoie un message mais tu ne l'entends pas,C'est une mise en pril que tu ne matrises pas.Je connais tes absences mais tu ne le sais pas.Tu vis dans l'ignorance, tu ne vois pas que...{Refrain:}Sans"
  • Message - Javine
    "Hey! im having loads of people sending me song corrections as a whole song! if you would like to send me your corrections to a song thats fine, but could you please mark or indicate the lines which should"
  • A Message - Coldplay
    "My song is love Love to the loveless shown And it goes up You don't have to be alone Your heavy heart Is made of stone And it's so hard to see you clearly You don't have to be on your own You don't have"
  • A Message - Park
    "Wake up blondie This is your message You struck deep what most find hard to reach Well goddammit you warned me Pleaded, "don't get so involved" I'll do what's best and slowly dissolve I'd hold the sun"
  • Leave a message - A Day Away
    "Like Miss America trying to live her dreamShe's just another teenage drama queenAnd I'm just a boy that's stuck at homeI'll slip this note into your locker, reply yes or noLook at the time, c'mon baby"
  • Take A Message - Remy Shand
    "How did she fall in love, Tired and shaken up , Could it be hangin' around's enough No one was foolin' when we're told about the sense and sensibilty in movin' on ALL that I see is that we're livin'"
  • Leave A Message - Styles P
    "Street life my niggaz Shit's a motherfucker you know? I try to tell these shorties somethin They look at me like, "What the fuck? Nigga you worse than me" Nigga, don't listen to the message Listen to the"
  • Send A Message - Starship
    "In a line of fire I stand and wait for you, I can't hold out for too long Searchin' every part of me for a sign, I'm in the middle of a storm I keep hopin', keep on dreamin', somehow you'll get through"
  • Leave A Message - Pino Daniele
    "Cc nun ce sta nisciuno leave a message after the beep... Dammi un'aspirina che mi sento una mappina e passer Ho la cervicale non portarmi all'ospedale per carit Leave a message just after the beep leave"
  • Love message - Klubbingman
    "We are sending out... Love message Sending out, sending out Sending out, love message Sending out, love message We are sending out a love message to the world A love message to the world Can you hear the"
  • Send A Message - Susan Ashton
    "Just when things get a little too tough Maybe you dont know what to do This great big world, comes a little undone And you need a hand to hold on to. Every hour, every day, every minute Take a look and"
  • Send A Message - Guardian
    "You know I just can't fight it, got no more strength to hide it; inside my heart I hear the Call. I get tired of people pleasin', the same old rhyme and reason; is it any wonder that we fall CHORUS I: Tear"
  • Take A Message - James Cotton
    "Everytime I'm relaxing, the telephone rings Man, it's really getting to me, I really hate that thing. Take a message baby, just tell 'em I'm not home Yeah, those telephone people, They just don't leave"

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