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A one

  • One - A Chorus Line
    "One singular sensation, every little step she takes One thrilling combination, every move that she makes One smile and suddenly nobody else will do You know you'll never be lonely with you-know-who One"
  • one - A Simple Plan
    "A Simple Plan Miscellaneous one We are the lost the ones forgotten and this time the future is ours it's in our hands We're the tear in your eyes We're the blood in your veins We're the beat of your hearts We're"
  • One Day As A Lion - One Day As A Lion
    "Blood soaked earth that you call home close your eyes but don't sleep we comin' like peoples army for the people who can't eat who work with no sleep for the child with no shoes on their feet a generation"
  • One day - A
    "One day, you'll be on your own You won't have a shout any more One day, you'll be in the ground You're over and out, and You've missed the last tube home One day, you'll be on your own You won't have a"
  • Number one - A
    "Got to get out more Get in the place Got to work out more And sort out my face I've got all the 'zines that tell me what to eat And I'm tired of being told what to wear on my feet And I don't have the"
  • One Word - Conjure One
    "With only one word You took the ice out of the air again And put the heat back in the sun again With only one word With only one word You put the weapons of the world away It's funny how one single thing"
  • One Breath - Plus One
    "life is hard, but it's been a little harder than usual lately I wish I new why I am struggling through this what makes it harder is the lack of understanding on my part could I have changed this, why am"
  • Only One - And One
    "Nothing would be better When you turn away Give me a second chance So let me stay The smile in your face Tells it for sure I want to be with you No matter rich or poor No matter rich or poor Whats the"
  • One Chance - One Chance
    "(Pre-Verse:) I can't understand what I'm going through It's like every morning when I wake up I think of you I got you on my mind all the time You're a dime And I got to have you right by my side so Listen"
  • One LOSER - And One
    "If you got a message please send me a postcard now and if you show your feelings babe my tape machine will get it somehow if you got a problem dont't beg the world for help and if you need"
  • One HYPNOTIZE - And One
    "i want to swallow lies look into my eyes let me hynotize you what i see is what i want i'm craving for success let me hynotize you i will never be your lover that's beyond a joke let me"
  • One CREATURES - And One
    "We're back to creature Very hard to understand I can't imagine how it happened Impossible to comprehend I feel the danger What are things coming to They shut their eyes go into hiding "
  • Catch a hot one - A Fire Inside
    "Let's tap your heart so we can paint the wallsAnd see if anybody likes the tone or the painThe hungry eyes waiting for life flashNow they're gonna see itOpen your veins so we can make a pool and batheAnd"
  • One - Tyrese
    "The One Tyrese Let me start by sayin' that you're the one 'Cause this is the first time I felt like this plain as day (ohh) You're the only number that I dial (from other chicks) You're the only sex"
  • One - Ed Bruce
    "Words & Music by Ed Bruce, Ron Peterson & Judith Bruce If you want to hear a love song I could sing one If you want to feel the fire We could build one If you need to catch a rainbow We could chase one If"
  • One - Rosey
    "one for my love, one for my gun and one who'll bring out that heavy part of me one because I am alone one for my love, one who'll bring me joy and one who'll bring out that heavy part of me one because"
  • One - Lamb
    "Here a story Of lover finding Union so deep There is no unwinding Tender threads exquisitely finding Two lives together One soul deep resounding Love so strong whatever the weather Even apart our souls"
  • One - Christina Milian
    "VERSE 1-CHRISTINA MILIAN i'm listenin' wonderin' whats really goin' on 3 years, these tears, no longer wanna fall now we're talkin' 'bout the possibility of breakin' up and actin' like we never were in"
  • ONE - ASTRO 아스트로
    "This is it! Cause we come as (one) we come as (one) we come as (uuu) we come as (one) we come as (one) we come as (uuu) between my monotonne world there is a small crack you’e a bright light shining"
  • One - Pino Daniele
    "One, miezo americano dint'a terra 'e nisciuno aizammo stu muro I say one,and soreta bitch capisce mo' si tiene ancora 'a capa fresca e statte sulo. Mo' sto buono aria nuova e voglia 'e f' credo ancora. Sona"

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