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A one lif

  • Handle family 4 lif - M.O.P.
    "Check, check, check Chorus: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH Billy Danze: Handle your business Can't get your grip M.O.P: Can I get a witness?! Lil' Fame: Ghetto people, your dreams have now been fulfilled Grip"
  • Pain of a troublet lif - Kra
    "I've Lived a Dozen Lifetimes in Twenty-some-odd YearsGot no Use For Trouble, Got no Use For TearsCan't You See It's Killing Me, I'm Old Before My TimeI Won't Let You Double the Pain of a Troubled LifeI've"
  • Lifandi Lif Undir Hamri - Enslaved
    "par sem fleiri stjórna Fr óveri, snjóklddum fjallartoppum sjum vi yfir land og jó Vi rium Migars brautum oka fr jrinni fer i kringum okkur A vestan getum vi s sjoinn, par sem eir fóru i hfn ur en eir foru"
  • The Lust, The Flesh, The Eyes And The Pride Of Lif - Poets Smalltown
    "Well I feel like I have to feel Something good all of the time With most of life I cannot deal But a good feeling I can feel Even thought it may not be real And if a person place or thing can deliver I"
  • Madness In A Cup - Mr. Lif
    "(Mr. Lif) Begin initiation, it's been too many years awaitin While other niggas fell off I been contemplatin What's the best to blow up the scene Murder all the wack and get away clean Plan one, all the"
  • Be Out - Mr. Lif
    "Disc Jockey: Oh Lif what up kid? Mr. Lif: Yo what's the deal fact? Disc Jockey: Haven't seen you in a mad while you know? Mr. Lif: Yeah it's been a minute Disc Jockey: How you been? Main'taining? Mr. Lif:"
  • Enters The Colossus - Mr. Lif
    ""Yo, you listenin'?" "Yo no doubt Lif what's the deal what's happenin'?" "Yo, basically we just had to break out the heavy artillery on those cats an' hold it down, you know." "Yeah, true that." "So I'm"
  • Boston - Mr. Lif
    "(Mr. Lif) I've got universal thoughts in my dome But I've gotta let you know how it is back home In Boston - the place that I dwell Where Esoteric and 7L dropped heads well We're virtuoso on the track"
  • Farmhand - Mr. Lif
    "Aiyo, Lif, man (Yo, wassup, son?) Yo, I'm tellin' you, kid Yo, I heard your jam on the radio, son (Aight.) Yo, on the real, it wasn't all that, man All this hype, you know what I'm sayin', people talkin'"
  • Collapse - Mr. Lif
    "I notice that you mentioned your opinion Oh, now they got a couple of things to say too What should I do? Listen or leak crimson? All over the floor from my wrists There, now you've got Lif Some natural,"
  • One - A Chorus Line
    "One singular sensation, every little step she takes One thrilling combination, every move that she makes One smile and suddenly nobody else will do You know you'll never be lonely with you-know-who One"
  • one - A Simple Plan
    "A Simple Plan Miscellaneous one We are the lost the ones forgotten and this time the future is ours it's in our hands We're the tear in your eyes We're the blood in your veins We're the beat of your hearts We're"
  • Triangular Warfare - Mr. Lif
    "This is. Verse. Word. Angle. Microphone cords tangle, niggas strangle (Wet) emcees done effed around and caught disease This is verse one, lesson 3 lepracy Liftedly, represents the Suns of Zee Test we"
  • Heavy Artillery - Mr. Lif
    "Usually I'm at the bottom of the sea, dormant But every now and then I call upon the torment So I emerge, feel the rays of the sun surge with power Then prepare to tear and devour And after that's understood"
  • Phantom - Mr. Lif
    "(LIF) Check it out I been waitin', playin', for a long time X amount of thoughts carried out in my mind I turn on the TV, I see crime Script written diligently and aired on time Push the power button,"
  • Datablend - Mr. Lif
    "(Mr. Lif) Check Check Check it out Welcome to the outrageous, contagious Style from Mr. Lif that amazes Melts down polar caps with solar raps When I drop hits, your shoulder snaps For eight weeks you're"
  • Fulcrum (Edan And Insight Mixes) - Mr. Lif
    "Mic check <--- only in Edan Mix (Mr. Lif) It's rhyme time Spread your wings and take off Up into the atmosphere Riddled with fear Emotions dangling, the air keeping afloat Heart in my throat Another bout with self doubt Welcome to this journey of mine Through my mind These are the ruins of a glamorous shrine Over here I have a force with which none can interfere But on the flipside I'm tampered with Misguided and slided Exposed and thus unable to hide it My dome is the +Fulcrum+ As the pendulum swings I try to measure the potential of things They say I'm the descendent of emperors, kings When sorrow sings It's my name that's synonymous Studied by archaeologists, astrologists Lost tribes found the path to follow this (Opio) Uh, we unearth, the obelisk and dinosaur bones We prehistoric with the microphone A new millenium, you're weak With a flimsy heart, your best shot get Blasted ?out of misty? park I'm grand slammin 'em Cannons missin the mark, we hard targets But ?Lenin? counter attacks they hit the sargeant And general, they're bloodsuckers I seen the interview, (fool) Nosferatu Will try to stop you And swindle you (With the subliminal) (So what you ?fin? to do?) (When they spot you) Chorus Sample repeated 8x: "Let's travel at magnificent speeds around the universe" ---"
  • The Unorthodox - Mr. Lif
    "(Verse 1) Mic check, check check check Here's some funky fresh hip hop shit for 3000 Long after we've laid to waste all areas surrounding Bass pounding, souls jumping, and you're pumping your fist You've"
  • Post Mortem - Mr. Lif
    "(Vast Aire) Vision is blurred yo (Mr. Lif) This is the last chapter Bombs hit who? Crushed what? Over there? Oh my god, oh dear I was hmm.. I think I was *h* movin somewhere About to paint my fear bright"
  • Brothaz - Mr. Lif
    "Now count how many levels that I smacked you back to oblivion My heights olympian I'm from the Caribbean, Barbados All fatal Styles that I construct and conduct in a manner like Banner Sky scanner, eye"

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