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A real Hero drive mówię

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A real Hero drive mówię

  • Drive - Plankeye
    "The air up here, it seems so thin Stars burn my eyes The blood, it covers sin Flip an old coin over A new life begins and the old one is over If I tore my heart out and threw it on the floor Would you"
  • Drive - Alan Jackson
    "It was painted red the stripe was white It was 18 feet from the bow to stern light Secondhand from a dealer in Atlanta I rode up with daddy when he went there to get her We put on a shine, put on a motor Built"
  • Drive - Treble Charger
    "I'm tred of thinking less Of what you heard me say I'm troubled I confess It's clear that I can't stay Surrender now I guess Safe to face the light of day I'll tell you all the rest It'll have to be on"
  • Real Hero - Michał Szpak
    "Live, what a beautiful feeling When your time has only just begun But one day you’ll see oldies Still in big game And than you become real man A family guy Straight from the … Tells you how to live But"
  • Drive - Black Stoned Cherry
    ""Drive" Ain't got no cause not a care in the world Got my eyes on a hot-rod girl And I'm gonna show her my sleek mean machine Built on love fueled by gasoline Drive We gonna go for a ride Just drive We"
  • Drive - Black Stone Cherry
    "Ain't got no cause not a care in the world Got my eyes on a hot-rod girl And I'm gonna show her my sleek mean machine Built on love fueled by gasoline Drive We gonna go for a ride Just drive We were born"
  • Drive - Steve Wariner
    "Straight ahead, right down the highway Out across New Mexico Passing trucks with Haggard singing on the radio. There's a shootin' star falling behind me But wishin' won't make a dream come true Right now"
  • Drive - Blind Iris
    "I wanna live like James Dean I wanna die a superstar I wanna ride like Christine I wanna drive the devil's car I wanna live like James Dean I wanna die a superstar I wanna car like Christine I wanna ride! Like"
  • Drive - All Star United
    "All Star United All Star United Drive I don't mean to pry But I'm seeing signs I can't ignore You've been holding something deep inside And I can't keep quiet anymore Of the urgency, I'm well aware I'll"
  • Drive - El-P
    "C'mon, ma, can I borrow the keys? My generation is carpooling with doom and disease Buckle up, skipper The new american Asterix You're riding shotty with Jesus of Nascar-eth At the end of the day, we all"
  • Drive - Shannon Noll
    "I've got a car I've got a big black shiny car maybe tonight we can go for a ride Hey Out on the road. out on the wide wide open road baby let's see what we can find Alright! chorus: Lets Drive Anywhere"
  • Drive - Rialto
    "Voices in my head Say it's getting light It's hard to go to bed When you've been up all night So as the day slips through the blinds Don't let us break down We should be racing from this murder scene Like"
  • Drive - Halou
    "Asleep in the house With cars that drive by Roll on to your destination As we kick up dust Into the evening sky Roll on to your destination And what would you do If i could follow Will you drive"
  • Drive - Westlife
  • Drive - Easyworld
    "Driving by your house, but you don't live here now It's not even on my way, But I wanted think on how It felt to walk this road, all the years before We were hardened to it all Driving by the park, we"
  • Drive On - Johnny Cash
    "I got a friend named Whiskey Sam He was my boonierat buddy for a year in Nam He said is my country just a little off track Took 'em twenty-five years to welcome me back But, it's better than not coming"
  • Riverside Drive - Tora Tora
    "Oh it happens every now and then Along the banks of the Potamus When me and the boys gather some toys And take care of a little bit Sometimes it's crazy Sometimes it's hazy Sometimes it takes all night In"
  • Mówię Gyal - ADRO
    "Najlepsza pozytywna wibracja, dla ciebie, dla każdego miasta Mówię gyal tobie man z reggae w sercu błogi stan, A to jest dar pozytyw czas, Przekaz miłości dla wszystkich mas /2x Posłuchaj koleżanko,"
  • Baby Let's Drive - Neil Diamond
    "Hey, if you ever want to get away a while I got something you want to know Sometime when your world is on fire You got to pack your bags and then go Hey, don't you know you don't belong here Why don't"
  • I Can Drive - Shakespear's Sister
    "Hey boys, it's a steal You're hanging on, by your finger nails As usual, the king is dead Long live the queens Hey girls, no big deal You're fifteen minutes Start right here, so baby lets go Lets go.. I'm"

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