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A rich

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A rich

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A rich
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs Rich
    "I'm rich Like a hot noise Rich, rich, rich I'll take you out boy So stuck up Wish you'd stick in to me Flesh ripped off RAAAAAWR Turning it beating no beat The walls are always speaking No want no want"
  • Maejor Rich!
    "I be with the rich niggas, rich niggas Ridin’ round with the rich niggas, rich niggas Fuck with me and let’s get rich, nigga, rich nigga One day we gone, I’ll be rich, nigga, rich nigga /2x Soldier, ee Fuck"
  • Maren Morris Rich
    "If i had a dollar every time that I swore you off and a 20 every time that I picked when you called and a crisp new Benjamin for when you’re here then gone again and a dollar every time I was right about"
  • Lloyd Cole Rich
    "she left you 1958 when the thought of another fifteen years was more than she could face but did you miss her much well hey you never gave her too much thought in your newspaper grey so waste away to morro"
  • Jean Leloup Rich
    "Today you're walking in this terrible city thinkin' about all you missed in your life your house is paid and your wife is not gone and you've got a new family car yes, today at nine o'clock in the morning you"
  • Krezip Rich
    "He talked about big events Said he'd someday be there He will fly above us And your tongue made me special Everybody would see And he's always been big He tried to manage above Tried to be a good"
  • Kirsty McGee Rich
    "take me to the bar so i can drink myself uneasy drink myself queasy till i pass out on your shoulder so when i hold you we can both make our excuses that this shouldn't have happened but the bottle"
  • Jawbreaker Rich
    "I can see for miles now,places I imagined.Dreams becoming real here.Hobbies taking hold.And I've been gliding for so long,looking for my landing.Now that I have found my in,think I'm heading home?A dream"
  • Big & Rich Filthy Rich
    "Everybody's trying to get filthy rich off of somebody else's money Grandma worked her whole life sewing at a shirt factory She was saving for retirement, she had 'em take a little out every week But"
  • Rich Boy Ghetto Rich
    "(Polow Da Don) Shit, we tryna get it for real... OH! Rich Boy! You niggas better get focused... Get money muthafucka! Get money muthafucka! (Verse 1 - Rich Boy) Let me take ya through my hood where I"
  • Ten Times A Day Richie Rich
    "It's no surprise to hear you whine When your dad won't give you The things that you wanted You should be thankful for What you alread have Cause there are kids out there Who don't have a home I"
  • Rich Boy Ghetto Rich Remix
    "(Polow Da Don) Shiit we tryina get it for real.... (Verse 1 - Rich Boy) Aye..Oh..Rich Boy.. You niggas better get focused! Get money mothafucka! Get money mothafucka! Let me take you through my hood"
  • Marty Robbins Rich Man Rich Man
    "Rich man, rich man got all the good land Ain't nothin' left but bad land for the poor man Rich man's money, rich man's school Did they make the poor man, rich man's fool Rich man, rich man never have"
  • Die Antwoord Rich Bitch
    "Rich bitch (yo yo yo yo) Rich bitch (yo yo yo Yo-Landi) I'm a rich bitch (yo yo yo yo) A mothafuckin' rich bitch (yo yo yo Yo-Landi) I do my own thing when the phone rings Maybe I'll answer, maybe I'm"
  • NICKY Rich Boy
    "I wanna be like Agáta Hanychová, Helena Vondráčková Nice girl with rich boyfriend And get off rich boy to happy end. I’m cute and clever for now and forever I have big tits, I like politics But don’t"
  • Trick Pony Hillbilly Rich
    "Spoken: Here's a story 'bout the underdog One dollar, five digits, and a powerball A hundred million bucks riding on that ticket Here's what happens when a redneck hits it Kick It! Song: He jumped"
  • Lady Sovereign Get rich
    "Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blueto See What He Would FineWith Visions of Another WorldThey Said He'd Lost His MindBut When He Told Them of the Land He'd Founda Land So Rich With Goldto Get the Treasures"
  • Disciple Rich man
    "Oh god, i've done it againYou stare me in the eyesAnd i look awayYou come around my houseAnd i'm not homeAnd if i had a dollarFor every time i sinned against youWell i'd be a rich manWhy are you still"
  • D.O.A. Rich Bitch
    "you got your money, you got your car. you got your bottle, at the bar. it doesn't mean that, you give a damn. rich bitch. rich bitch. the public loves you, your gonna go far. because your throwin' a charity"
  • Paul Brandt Rich Man
    "I look in the mirror, don't see much Fashion sense a little out of touch The house is run down as the bills pile up But I'm a rich man Breakfast table, morning rush Sometimes it seems we barely have enough But"

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