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A secret kiss

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A secret kiss

  • Secret Kiss - The Coral
    "A secret kiss, Reminded me of what I miss, Some kind of forgotten bliss, On this summers eve, Though the seasons deceive. Corrupt my honesty, You still make me believe, Is this the rock, That your"
  • Secret - Anna Maria Jopek
    "And if you look into my eyes Youll know that theres a mystery And Im not giving any clues Im doing what my mama told me She used to say that every woman Should learn to play the game So when youre questioning"
  • Secret - CB Milton
    "CB Milton Miscellaneous Secret Do you see her She is here, it's your friend Wants to be by your side When you feel so bad Cause he told you That he's gonna leave all behind All the love you had"
  • Secret - Reba McEntire
    "She's quiet this morning She can't say why Sends her husband off to work With a kiss goodbye Unlocks that old diary Turns to the third of May Adds another tear to the page And it's lonely being the only"
  • Secret - Marquess
    "Do you see her? She is here C it's you friend Wants to be by your side When you feel so bad 'Cause he told you That he's gonna leave all behind All the love you had Makes you feel so sad How it hurts But"
  • Secret - The Benjamin Gate
    "A dream grows Can You kiss it with You lips A life flows Can You kiss it with Your lips (Chorus:) Oh, hold me and heal me Keep my heart in Your hands Oh, hold me and heal me Keep my heart in Your"
  • Make A Secret - BoA
    "Dou sureba kimi no koto Motto chikaku ni kanjireru? Saegiru mono ga oosugite Sotto nobashita yubisaki Natsu no hi mita umi no ao Iwatte kureta birthday Sukoshi zutsu fueteku Futari ni shika sou wakaranai"
  • Secret - No Use For A Name
    "father works the late shift, mother drinks herself to sleep brother's outside fiending with a match and gasoline they told her lies and gave her no hope for tomorrow and all the fairy tales just fade away the"
  • Secret service - Kansas
    "You don't mind giving in to temptation as long as no one knows Your midnight invitation where your madness flows Fires of passion rage all night angels falling out of the light Control undercover you can"
  • Secret service - Lady Sovereign
    "You Don't Mind Giving in to Temptation As Long As no One KnowsYour Midnight Invitation Where Your Madness FlowsFires of Passion Rage All Night Angels Falling Out of the LightControl Undercover You Can"
  • Secret Service - Perry Como
    "The "secret service" makes me nervous When I am dating they are waiting to observe us When I get ready to hold steady for the "kiss" you plan The "secret service" makes me nervous and I can't! They're"
  • Your Secret - Deborah Gibson
    "I don't wanna No I'm not gonna 'Cause I don't wanna Be your secret/No I don't wanna, 'Cause I'm not gonna No, I don't wanna Be your secret Be your secret. Just another night of loneliness Just a night"
  • Secret Garden - Madonna
    "In my secret garden, I'm looking for the perfect flower Waiting for my finest hour In my secret garden, I still believe after all I still believe and I fall You plant the seed and I'll watch it grow I"
  • Secret Lover - Impellitteri
    "She always was a winner Never lost a game She preyed upon my innocence Shot me down in flames And if I should abuse her She won't let me forget Her spirit sleeps within my blood The pillows soaking wet *And"
  • Secret List - Rad Kick
    "He's caught inside the bank Thinks about his children and family. He has worked very hard for it Now he's got only this summary left. The temperature rises, he lies flat on the ground His thoughts fly"
  • Secret Valentine - We The Kings
    "Soft kiss and wine what a pretty friend of mine we're finally intertwined nervous and shy for the moment we will come alive tonight secret valentine We'll write a song that turns out the lights when"
  • Secret Garden - Rachel Stevens
    "Let's run and hide I know the stars like the dark Somewhere in this void of sky It feels like thousand eyes So baby, let's run and hide Mm-mm-mm-mm Oh, yeah One single hole in the ice We dived"
  • The Secret - Visions Of Atlantis
    "I seek the earth, these timeless tranquil waves That have since turned to dust, an endless phase. I carry with me a heavy heart of stone, That belongs deep inside the place for which I mourn. Beyond love,"
  • Secret Child - Marc Almond
    "Come into the scarlet bedroom And maybe spend the night Sink amongst the satin sheets In dissolute delight Just a little touch of sadness A little a second sight Come into my world of madness Come and"
  • Secret Song - Darius
    "If I was a tear I'd be born in your eye I'd live on your cheek and then I would Die on your lips Take me to the place Where I don't know If my heart beats Cause the only things I hear Are the secrets that"

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