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A super socker

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A super socker

  • Socker - Kent
    "Spelar det lngre ngon roll Jag orkar inte slss Det r bortom min kontroll Du lmnade mig ensam Och sjlvklart blev jag rdd Min sista gnista hopp Var att synas, att bli sedd Och jag glmmer bort att andas Fr"
  • Super - Say Hi To Your Mom
    "you're super, you really are. just like your tee-ball trophy says, you've come so far. it was just a matter of a little time before you've got the dog, the tots, the pretty wife. the post man waves,"
  • Super - Cordae
    "Last year I made seven million didn't have to do a single fucking show Shout out to my niggas up at Coca-Cola for the check they cut me at the Super Bowl All my life moments is a super woah, my nigga Dr."
  • Super* - Self
    "cement hands - she comes alive on my poster cement band - and i'm in love i know the things you must think and feel you've been left out in the cold she's a superstar she'll never see me in the crowd no"
  • Super Trouper - A-Teens
    "A-Teens Abba Generation (enhanced) Super Trouper Super trouper beams are gonna blind me But i won't feel blue Like i always do 'cause somewhere in the crowd there's you I was sick and tired of everything When"
  • Super Trouper - A*Teens
    "Super Trouper beams are gonna blind me But I won't feel blue Like I always do 'Cause somewhere in the crowd there's you I was sick and tired of everything When I called you last night from Glasgow All"
  • Assez Super - mino
    "Assez super S'envoyer en l'air C'est assez super Assez super S'envoyer en l'air C'est assez super Casse-toi Casanova Laisse-moi le panorama Il joue les mtronomes Ton amour la gomme a me fait rigoler Moi"
  • Super Villain - Nicole Scherzinger
    "You know I need a super villain Just like Mad Scientist I just want bad man alone I just want bad man alone I just want bad man alone I just want bad man alone I just want bad man alone I just want bad"
  • Super Goo - The Cramps
    "super goo super goo oowe baby is that you super goo super goo owwe baby what you do super goo super goo shimmy goo shampoo jelly jelly jam too super goo goin' gaga for that mama with the big sex fizz goin'"
  • Super Hillbilly - Kenny Price
    "Well news're full of them super stars super roads and super cars I reckon super's just a thing to be And there's super markets and super bars and super men and super fly Ha ha ain't this too dang super"
  • Super electric - Bomfunk Mc
    "(Super electric) (Super electric) (Super electric) (Super electric) (Super electric) Super electric sound (Super electric) From the underground (Super electric) Super electric songs (Super electric)"
  • Super Natural - Everything
    "Clouds break at sunset and I sit alone And dream of a girl dressed in crimson and gold I see the reflection and call out the name and just as the light fades away Super Natural Super Natural Super Natural Super"
  • Super Love - Johnny Gill
    "Super love We go together like a hand in glove Me and you, yes, we do, girl Super love Youre like an angel from up above Who came down to see me through, yeah Super love The things you do and the way"
  • Super Girl - Tito & Tarantula
    "Super Vita Girl Cool indeed Flying over a world in need She's helping all to rid their greed Well fame & money is not her thing Super vita girl Gonna save the world Super vita Jane Could be all we needed Hey!"
  • Super Sex - morphine
    "Taxi taxi hotel hotel I got the whiskey baby I got the whiskey I got the cigarettes Automatic taxi stop Electric cigarette love baby Hotel rock'n'roll the discoteque Electric super sex Automatic taxi stop Electric"
  • Super fly - Music Instructor
    "D-Rock is the munch, with or without Everybody knows that I'll slap their muthafuckers in their mouth Better pay attention, as I lay this shit higher Understand this funk, funk the bonfire Burnin' is the"
  • Super Girl - Hannah Montana
    "When I feel all aloneAnd nobody knowsStill gotta smile for a whileI can't let it showDry my tearsHave no fearsAnd when i'm(and when i'm)Backstage feeling downAnd the lights come onNo time to worryGotta"
  • Super Love - Celine Dion
    "Some people they search their whole lives Lookin' for somebody who's just right Sometimes they settle for less Lose outta true happiness Then they finally wake up one day And realize there's nothing to"
  • Super Salesman - Kevin Ayers
    "Swell, they call me the super salesman 'cause selling is all I do. I've got an endless stash Of expensive trash I want to sell to you-- 'cause I'm a super salesman Super super salesman; I'm a super salesman, That's"
  • Super Agent - Public Enemy
    "Yea, haha. Oh, kick that shit G. Nuttin. Yea. Sold, black gold, one strong buck, To the Milwaukee Bucks, for a million bucks. Just get him off the streets so he don't get bucked. Super agent to the rescue"

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