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A thyng sou the dark

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A thyng sou the dark

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A thyng sou the dark
  • Hayley Westenra Nada Sou Sou
    "Turning the pages of old photographs I whisper thanks to each and every one Deep in my heart you have come, come to Live Sure as the sun to see me through Come rain or shine however the day may be You"
  • Prince Dark
    "I wanna top the rose petals that whisper sweet Come on So dark, dark, so dark So dark, dark, so dark Inside lookin' out my window I don't see nothin' but rain Sun up in the sky just a shinin' (just a"
  • Anouk Dark
    "I'm walking in the park And I'm talking to the dark But there ain't nobody listening My heart has turned to stone When I found myself alone Now all I do is whiper to the dark There's only so much you"
  • Babble Dark
    "Creatures kissing in the rain Shapeless in the dark again In the hanging garden Please don't speak In the hanging garden No one sleeps In the hanging garden In the hanging garden Catching haloes on the"
  • Ray Wilson Dark
    "Where were you when I needed you? The fear that I would call out to despite You Lying staring at my feelings across some sacred crowd An endless search for anger This silence is too loud Do I have no strength?"
  • Terminal Dark
    "you'll be the first flight out of dallas you leave but never get away from the color you swear that your life takes in this town because scenery is just a shade you live in regret it hurts to know how"
  • Dark Moor The Dark Moor
    "Tells the legend, there's a magic placeThat could nobody find its traceLand of darkness, land of forlorn songsWhere all is mystic all along Where I am? Lost in the streamIs it real or a dream?My stunned"
  • Blood Afsta Ta Malakja Sou
    "In a frozen night You were eaten by your nightmare But GOD LEFT THE WORLD He lost the battle One night after another Your days are counted It's a journey through an endless tunnel In the name of satan GOD"
  • Peggy Zina Mazi Sou
    "Ap'to tzami koitw kai thimam'ena xadi ti paraxseno fws sth zwh, sto skotadi Exei piasei vroxh ein'h wra pou feugeis irtha gia na se dw ma esu m'apofeugeis CHORUS Katw ap'thn omprela sou tha bw kai tha"
  • Netinho De Paula Sou Eu
    "Sou eu quem perde o sono por causa de ti sou eu tambm quem na sua ausncia finge ser feliz sou eu estou tentando entender qual o mal que eu te fiz por que voc de repente se afastou de mim juro, eu no"
  • Nando Reis Sou Dela
    "Esperei por tanto tempo Esse tempo agora acabou Demorou mas fez sentido Fez sentido que chegou... Eu pensei Que no fosse nunca Mas agora j se foi Nunca mais parece triste Triste eu era Agora passou... Porque"
  • Daniela Mercury Sou Voc?
    "Mar sob o cu, cidade na luz Mundo meu, cano que eu compus Mudou tudo, agora voc A minha voz que era da amplido Do universo, da multido Hoje canta só por voc Minha mulher Meu amor, meu lugar Antes de"
  • Caetano Veloso Sou Voc?
    "Mar sob o cu Cidade na luz Mundo meu Cano que eu compus Mudo tudo Agora voc A minha voz Que era da amplido Do universo, da imensido Hoje canta só por voc Minha mulher, meu amor, meu lugar Antes de voc"
  • Dark Moor Born in the dark
    "Wars in the nightFear in my eyesAnd fighting with all the warriorsKeeping all the treasuresHiding the reasonsAnd watching (the) warriors falling downI would like to be a birdI would like to be a manWhen"
  • Funeral Dark My Dark Desires
    "Father I call your name upon the furious winds I'm possessed by the spiritual strength of Hell In the chambers of my dark heart a black flame burns Satan I summon the horned one from the darkened realms Grant"
  • Guy Clark The Dark
    "In The Dark you can sometimes hear your own heart beat Or the heart of the one next to you The house settles down after holding itself up all day Shoulder slumps, gives a big sigh You hear no one's foot"
  • Turner Core The Dark
    "What if I told you that all our problems are not for real. Would you still come back home Tomorrow? Would you go Again? There has to be something better than this. A restless situation helping not at"
  • Pipedown The Dark
    "You're scared to turn out the lights Afraid of the dark, what follows the day Terror grips your mind and in your heart... the pain! Survival is your standard To save your life, the game Fear of the deacons"
  • Beth Crowley The dark
    "Lost one tell me do you want to be found? You caught me moments before I hit the ground. And I hear voices screaming to run away. Yet I see not black and white, but silver and gray. I don't trust you,"
  • Metal Church The Dark
    "It's way past midnight There's a howling wind Oh God what can it be? Something out there evil And it's coming straight for me The house is dark and very cold I know there's no one here Why am I scared"

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