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A un to geroj jes

  • Jes - Ricardo Arjona
    "Jess es ms que una simple y llana teora Qu haces hermano leyendo la biblia todo el da Lo que ah est escrito se resume en amor, vamos ve y practcalo Jess hermanos mos es verbo no sustantivo Jess es ms que"
  • Solarstone And Jes - Like A Waterfall - DJ Tiesto
    "I surface from the haze i see the real reasons why i'm so over my head it seems unclear mistakes it's hold our whole world is gonna break it's crumbling so easily but you are the only one i want"
  • Ven A Jes - Unknown Artist
    "Si has probado todas las cosas Y en ninguna has hallado paz Si te sientes solo y vaco Y no sabes que camino tomar... Si ests preso en depresiones Ya no tienes por qu vivir Si una voz a tu odo dice: "Para"
  • Chick-A-Boom (Don't Ya Jes' Love It) - Daddy Dewdrop
    "Last night I had a crazy dream About a chick in a black bikini Oh she looked so good she couldn't be real So she must be a magic genie But then she disappeared around a corner All I saw were three"
  • Un - Claude Nougaro
    "Un tO je venais d'atteindre mes quatorze ansJ'avais donn rendez-vous une enfantUne petite Espagnole du quartierUn tPar la fentre ouverte de la villaJe guettais l'arrive de ma PaquitaEt puis quand la"
  • Heaven - JES
    "I can get to Heaven Walking out in the streets at night Pushing my soul into the open wind And in a daze I've been there In a daze I begin to see the way I can get to Heaven Lying out on the beach at night Giving"
  • Around You - JES
    "Help me, the rejection Take it away I found my religion, waiting in your pickup All the time crazy wired Everybody wants you, Everybody's had you Makes no difference who you've got Around You Everybody"
  • One Moon Circling - JES
    "In the sky someone watches over me You and I On this Earth With One Moon Circling Lately I , I shudder to think about you Where you are, Staring up at the same star From miles away I believe there's a"
  • Ghost - JES
    "I was a ghost before you came I was a slave but then I changed And I will take the good and bad from many When I am a slave to this again So leave me alone Before the strain Of listening to me Becomes"
  • Un T - Los Enemigos
    "UN TO CABAL Siendo un chaval beba vino tena ese afn a la hora de comer Siendo un chaval iba con chicas tena ese afn al anochecer Siendo un chaval iba con chicas tena ese afn al anochecer Siendo"
  • Hot Un - Paul Westerberg
    "Hot un, hot un... Are you down and out or are you up for grabs? I see your pout and your set of abs Look at them curves, now that's somethin' Check out the girl on that belly button She's a hot un (hot"
  • Un Momento - Inna feat. Juan Magan
    "I like the way you are driving your car I like the way you're drinking beer in the bar You look so sexy, where you from, where you are? You're like a sunshine Electronic, magnetic, sensual No quiero que"
  • Un-Impressed - Larger Than Life
    "un-impressed tune in turn on drop out im gone left to rot in someone elses mistakes generalized as un-impressed have i been classified? to a generation born to break you won't get me down cause i know"
  • Un Enfant - Celine Dion
    "(Jacques Brel / Gerard Jouannest) Ca vous decroche un reve Ca le porte a ses levres Et ca part en chantant (A child It unhooks you a dream It brings it to your lips And it leaves singing) Un enfant Avec"
  • Un hunh - Jadakiss
    "Errrr, here we go again Uh, un-hunh Uh, un-hunh Uh, un-hunh Yeah, yo Kiss What up dog? These niggas running around here like they controling this shit No doubt Let's show these niggas how to"
  • Un Mardi - Linoleum
    "( On a tuesday French Version ) J'ai un message tu veux me revoir, Je sais comme a qu'il doit tre vendredi, Ca fait longtemps qu'on s'est pas dfonc, Etrange que tu ne m'appelles jamais le mardi. Je veux"
  • Un Z - Les Rita Mitsouko
    "Il tait une foisEt il n'tait pasIl tait une fois le 1Et il tait une fois le rienIl tait une fois le 1Au dbut il en faut 1Au moins 1, tout beauTout chaud tout pleinIl tait une fois le rienRien tait lMais"
  • Un amor - Gipsy Kings
    "A love Un amor vivi llorando. A love I lived crying She would say to me: The word of God, (crying for you- it's with love.) A love A love I lived crying, Already tormented The word of God, (crying for"
  • Un Gar - Celine Dion
    "Celine Dion Miscellaneous Un Garon Pas Comme Les Autres (Ziggy) Ziggy, il s'appelle Ziggy Je suis folle de lui C'est un garon pas comme les autres Mais moi je l'aime, c'est pas d'ma faute Mme si je sais Qu'il"
  • Un Kasa - The Diplomats
    "(Un Casa) + (Cam'Ron) Killa what's really good my nigga (Un Casa what's really good) What's really good flee Yo, what's really good I got ta get on this album I just signed ta Diplomat yesterday what's"

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