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A. lo vecchio i Piccoli cantori piosenka Sally se Sally ma

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A. lo vecchio i Piccoli cantori piosenka Sally se Sally ma

  • Sally - Vasco Rossi
    "Sally cammina per la strada senza nemmeno.... ....guardare per terra Sally una donna che non ha pi voglia ....di fare la guerra Sally ha patito troppo Sally ha gi visto che cosa.... "ti pu crollare addosso"! Sally"
  • Sally - Mika
    "Clap, clap Sally Clap, clap Sally Clap, clap Sally She took a ride on another train She couldn't cry cuz her face was bleeding She booked a ticket in another name. She never thought it would be so easy She's"
  • Sally - Sam Sparro
    "Sally With those thick Caramel theighs There's something else Your momma gave you Those beautiful green eyes The same kind of green Like the dollars That they stick to you They stick it to you plenty Cause"
  • Sally - Petra
    "Words and music by Greg Hough You remember Sally, used to be so happy Walkin' down that street with a smile upon her face Never had a worry, she never had a care And when she came to see me she would"
  • Sally - Foxboro Hot Tubs
    "Well, come on babytake a chance and get your shit together Well, come on babytake a risk until it comes out right Drop your shadow on a subway wall back in the saddle you can hear the call Come on baby"
  • Sally - Dudley Perkins
    "Show me things I ain't ever seen before. The whole universe is off to explore Founding through the fabric of space and time; Lady you blew my mind. Is this dream or is this reality? Like waking up in the"
  • Sally - Vaya Con Dios
    "Hush now little Sally Baby, close your eyes Sweet dreams honey Don't you worry tonight He's yearning for the city Be gone for a while He won't be back until the morning It's gonna be one of those nights Sleep"
  • Sally - Gino Vannelli
    "Sally, she says the sweetest things But words won't stop the pain She's painting skies of blue While I'm standing in the rain I love her still I always will Sally, she sings the sweetest songs But the"
  • Sally - Gino Vanelli
    "(she Says The Sweetest Things)Sally, she says the sweetest thingsBut words won't stop the painShe's painting skies of blue While I'm standing in the rainI love her still I always willSally, she sings the"
  • Sally - Ian Thomas
    "Well you say that I'm uncoolAnd I seem like such a tool'Cause my blue jeans are not quite fadedThat I should try to non-conformKeep my distance from the normAs for my taste... it just don't make itYou"
  • Sally - Gogol Bordello
    "Sally was a fifteen year old girl from Nebraska Gypsies were passing through her little town They dropped something on the road, she picked it up... And cultural revolution right away begun! Oh no, cultural"
  • Sally - The Police
    "I was blue and lonely, I couldn't sleep a wink And I could only get unconscious if I'd had to much to drink. There was somehow, something wrong somewhere, and each day seemed grey and dead The seeds of"
  • Sally - Tribe After Tribe
    "Broken man said he'd take the chance ring the bell for a dead romance a madam rouge with your bag of tricks there's nothing here that you can fix mother's child has gone astray i don't think she'll go"
  • Piccoli Africani - Jaromir Nohavica
    "In Africa vivono gli elefanti ed animali simili, in mezzo agli alberi li rincorrono i piccoli africani il piccolo Africano ben vestito nero come il carbone, di mattina salta sopra una cavalletta e"
  • Piccoli Stupidi - Roberto Vecchioni
    "No, non svegliarmi, sto sognando, e in sogno vedo te com'eri allora, e tu sai quando, che non credevo in me: che mi tremava anche il pensiero di averti tutta l... e il sogno proprio cos vero che sembra"
  • Sally Rackett - Mechanicy Szanty
    "Słowa: Henryk ("Szkot") Czekała Muzyka: trad. Mała Sally Rackett, - Pociągnij jej! Pływała jak packet, - Pociągnij jej! Swym utartym szlakiem. - Pociągnij jej! Pociągnij dziś tę małą. - Pociągnij jej! A"
  • Piccoli Diavoli - Marcella Bella
    "Io e lui, E tu lontano ormai, Quasi per fargli compagnia lamai, O se vuoi, altre verit, Potrei dirti che non so chi sia, Infondo la sua parola con la mia Io non so se mi perdonerai, E sto rischiando forte E"
  • Piccoli Per Sempre - J-Ax
    "Portami l'ultima birra fammi compagnia lei andata via spero che poi la vedr a casa mia che tra due ore ripartono i tram fammi fumare tanto chi ti pu multare a quest'ora mi sa che a dormire e abbassa"
  • Sally - Faf Larage
    "OUch OUch OUch OUch OUch ooooo ahhhh ooooo ahhhh oooooahhhh oooooahhhhh sally, i love you baby sally, i dream of you baby sally, i need you sally baby you make me shiver (chorus) oooooo Sally Sally"
  • Sally - Grand Funk Railroad
    "Oh little Sally, you know I love you baby. Sally, I said I love you baby. Sally ... it's alright, it's alright. Remember girl when we both was younger. It was the days we had so much fun girl. Rememberin'"

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