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ACDC Rocker

  • Rocker - Vibrators
    "I'm a rockerI'm a rollerI'm a right out of controllerI'm a wheelerI'm a dealerI'm a wicked woman stealerI'm a bruiserI'm a cruiserI'm a rockin' rollin' manGot slicked black hairSkin tight jeansCadillac"
  • Rocker - The 69 Eyes
    "God gave a singer a second chance "You've got the blues but you can't have a romance" Ain't mucha sinner baby not a saint The ghost of Elvis told me how to get the girls faint I'm going down Down the line I'm"
  • Rocker - AC/DC
    "I'm a rocker I'm a roller I'm a right out of controller I'm a wheeler I'm a dealer I'm a wicked woman stealer I'm a bruiser I'm a cruiser I'm a rockin' rollin' man Got slicked back hair Skin tight jeans Cadillac"
  • Rocker - Anti-Nowhere League
    "The last minute I'm living, I'll tell you no lie I'll be a rocker till the day I die Whips I got no money for food, but that ain't a drag 'Cause I get my kicks from plastic bag Yeah the clothes that I"
    "AC-DC High Voltage ROCKER TNT (Aus) (1975) Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (1981) If You Want Blood - You've Got It (1978) (Young, Young & Scott) I'm a rocker I'm a roller I'm a right out of controller I'm"
  • Rocker - Splendora
    "Splendora - Rocker She was off her rocker ha ha ha, ha ha ha People wants to lock her up ha ha ha, ha ha ha How can she ever say die Just as soon, spin in their eyes She was off her tocker ha ha ha,"
  • Rocker - Umphrey's McGee
    "I'm still not able to understand I'm struggling here to deny it For if I knew this was all we had I wouldn't have said goodbye then It's only water, no spirit broken and all these things we've held on"
  • Rocker - Backyard Babies
    "Im in construction of destruction But I think Im on overload And I hold my hands together Still the walls come crushin down (Michael:) My body aint working faster My minds working overtime Going hundred"
  • Beatbox Rocker - Blady Kris
    "I’m a Beatbox Rocker And you dancing to my beat I’m a Beatbox Rocker And you dancing to my swing I’m a Beatbox Rocker! We’ve got the bit High head there Everybody go watch Hands in the air Yeah, to"
  • Punch Rocker - Emma Roberts
    "You can't always be fabulous or in control Sometimes you just got to roll with the punches Or the punch bowel I can handle a few new names Call Me: Punchrocker puncherella punchmaster peter punchkinhead punchy"
  • King Rocker - Billy Idol
    "Jailhouse Rocker roots training down in Memphis. Liverpool Johnny rocks out round Paul's place. Seconds away as the rhythm comes down. King faces King in the ring for the crown. King rocker! King rocker!"
  • Homicide Rocker - Warlock
    "Hard rocker Blood sucker You all come just to see the show Neck breaker Earth shaker Feel the power, let the rhythm go There is something we believe in Its power will never die Get up - homicide rocker Keep"
  • Rocker Girl - Jewel
    "I went downtown just to see if there was a rocker boy made for me. Tight pants and long brown permed hair. Preferably zebra striped underwear. He's gonna rock my world. Be his rocker girl. "
  • Rocker girl - Quindon Tarver
    "I Went Downtown Just to SeeIf There Was a Rocker Boy Made For Me.Tight Pants and Long Brown Permed Hair.Preferably Zebra Striped Underwear.He's Gonna Rock My World.Be His Rocker Girl.Gonna Be His Rocker"
  • Dolly Rocker - Barrett Syd
    "Barrett Syd Opel Dolly Rocker 'What's this song called Syd?' 'Dolly Rocker, it's called Dolly Rocker. It's an old make of dress... well, months old, that sort of thing.' I know a sweet girl, she done"
  • Dolly Rocker - Syd Barrett
    "Dolly Rocker... It's called Dolly Rocker... It's an old make of dress... Well, months old, you know.. that sort of thing) I know a sweet girl she done went out and paid for me was a sweet girl after"
  • Rocker Vagyok - Ossian
    "-------------------- By Ossian Album title: Iteletnap Aznap, mikor megszulettem Hullocsillag volt az egen Nem hivtak es nem is kertem Senki nem vart, de megerkeztem A sors konyvebe par szo, csak ennyi: Igy"
  • Dolly Rocker - Syd Barret
    "I know a sweet girl she done went out and paid for me was a sweet girl after five we went for tea She seen a Dolly Rocker She want a girl, she got her I wanna see her, I know I do I love you darling,"
  • Potbelly Rocker - Yoko Ono
    "Potbelly rocker holding his joker But don't know how to lay a poker. He carries a guitar, holds on to his bars, Trying to get his head for the future rock. Potdizzy rocker gets a rockstockbroker Who claims"
  • The Rocker - Cockney Rejects
    "Ain't got no regard for the latest fad A worm out leathers all he's ever had Filthy ol' headband around his head Says "man' I'm into Motorhead He don't give a shit about you and me He's in love with a"

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