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  • Your Way - Adie
    "I'm trying to believe that you're holding me When the feeling, the feeling is gone I want to see your right when I'm wrong I just want to be what you want for me this time I'll follow you Will you guide"
  • When It's Over - Adie
    "It's finally calming down I've found the motion of life that spins around Grows dim as I enter in A trail of tears sing Your embrace The scars of death and life we face But I know I'll be with You soon When"
  • Sufficient - Adie
    "Hear my heart lord as I cry out to You Hear my prayer Lord and carry me through In Your mercy in the promise You made Be my strength Lord when my strength fades away 'Cause when I am weak your strength"
  • Don't Wait (Lazy Day) - Adie
    "Lazy day Just room enough for me to think and pray about each new day Draw me from my drowning apathetic state Stormy day Just watch the rain melt all my doubt away Fire away the heated arrows to my lukewarm"
  • Overwhelm Me - Adie
    "Overwhelm me with Your love And never let me go Drown away the crashing waves Leave me water for my soul Overwhelm me with Your love And heal my broken heart Keep me down upon my knees Till your"
  • Time - Adie
    "Jesus my heart belongs to You But I feel like I failed to be all that I've wanted to So here I am With not much to give to You I won't waste this time I'm coming back to You I won't waste this time And"
  • If I'll Ever - Adie
    "I feel much stronger now I know You Your beauty pierces my heart And I get it Your love is so much deeper And bolder than the purest dark And if I'm stronger It's 'cause the fear is over You've taken"
  • What Have I Done - Adie
    "What have I done lord Jesus to deserve this endless love What have I done lord Jesus to be worthy of your grace What have I done lord Jesus to standing here with you What have I done lord Jesus to be"
  • Broken - Adie
    "Broken when I'm kneeling I find in my hidden shelter with you Raw and pure is treasure I know Deep within your presence o Lord And this hopefulness you give me Nothing can compare And as the world"
  • Turn, Turn, Turn - Adie
    "To everything - turn, turn, turn There is a season - turn, turn, turn And a time to every purpose under heaven A time to be born, a time to die A time to plant, a time to reap A time to kill, a time to"
  • Don't Wait - Adie
    "Lazy day Just room enough for me to think and pray about each new day Draw me from my drowning apathetic state Stormy day Just watch the rain melt all my doubt away Fire away the heated arrows to"
  • Il mio tempo e' nell'aria - Adie
    "Un'altra notte e il mio pensiero si abbandona a lei che dei miei sogni e la regina tra i suoi capelli mi perder Insicuri i miei passi mentre la parola un gioco lanima nellaria, scivola.. Fuoco e una scia"
  • Ironia E Istinto - Adie
    "Educandoti come so Senza voglia ne spirito In aria piovono pagine I tuoi occhi osservano Tu incredulo Aaah ironia e istinto Aaah veloce passa il mio anno Siamo qui, nascosti e impavidi alla porta arrivano,"
  • Nel Blu - Adie
    "Santiago delle sue crude avversit tralascia lorrido del pericolo nelle sue mani segni di povert coscienza alla sua identit Levandoti dalla sabbia guardando la terra ferma vecchio.. afferra la cima e v Nel"
  • Shock Onirico - Adie
    "Shock! Nelle profondit, trovo uno specchio liquido, c unimmagine che, tradisce un volto scomodo, non vedo le mie grida, respiro in un brivido, trattengo il fiato ora mi ridesto Volo solo, vivo solo, muoio"
  • Terra Primitiva - Adie
    "Gocce calde sulla fronte cammino ma c solo polvere raggi di fuoco sulla pelle in equilibrio vivo dentro me stanotte volo fra materia e spirito vedo solo ci che sento mio guarda dentro la mia terra primitiva guarda"
  • Viva Il Mondo - Adie
    "Rimango solo, aria fredda su di me, muri di gomma, con passaggi di fango e cenere, sto perdendo i colori, non avverto profumi ora, in questa palude, io muoio di teee. Viva il mondo, dignit indignazione dignit"
  • Akropolis adieu - Tradycyjne & Biesiadne
    "W Atenach wstaje nowy dzien Ruiny swiatyn budza sie A mnie sie zegnac przyszlo dzis i ciezko tak na duszy mi. Akropolis adie, zegnaj mi nie latwo jest sie rozstac lecz tak musi byc na zawsze Cie pozegnam Akropolis"
  • Merci Cheri - Michał Bajor
    "Merci, merci, merci Już skończone cheri, cheri, cheri, Miłość słodka jest tak, Merci, merci cheri, Czemu łez słonych czuję na ustach smak. Adie, Adie, Adie, Pozostanie ten żal, ten żal, na dnie, Sen odpłynął"
  • Heartbreak Trail - Hank Snow
    "A cowboy return to the scene of his childhood to his sweetheart of long long ago But today he return she was wed to another tells the story of heartbreak and woe Cowboy ridin' sorrow hidin' head bowed"

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