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  • Agape - The Legendary Pink Dots
    "Like two souls touching. Thoughts a - breaking - Lovers sleeping. Waves breaking against our minds. We play, play and laugh, play and laugh and sing to the heavens. Eyes smiling to eyes, across the words"
  • Agape - Ewelina Flinta
    "Jesteś tak blisko ale przecież między nas Nie wejdzie nikt Nie wyobrażam sobie żeby przed kimś znów Uchylić drzwi Bez słów zrozumiem więc nie musisz mówić nic Gdzie ty tam ja Nie chodzi jednak o to aby"
    "And if i sit beside you Ansd if i wait And if i Wonder off Infto this state Would i be fine And could i cal you mine And have you near For a thousand years If i wake u besideyou And touch your smile The"
  • Agape (neureege Keotgee) - Kangta
    "naega jeel soobakke eopneun keogettjyo eebyeoree neul keureot'eushee teo saranghan jjogee yakjajyo naega eopsheedo jal sara kagettjyo jamshee seuchyeo jeenan chooeokppooneegettjyo keudae eopsheedo nan"
  • Not In Vain - Agape
    "Not in vain There's no one here to discover how potent our Shadows could be It will only stare to you as it leaves your body We've treasured how castles crumble down to ground That's unclean Bored by all"
  • New Life - Atomic Kitten
    "New life, Never new what happend to life , Never new what happend to my life, Never saw, never heard anything Never smelt , never touch that thing. Its a neeeewwww life!life! life! Give me a new life Give"
  • New Life - Depeche Mode
    "I stand still stepping on the shady street And I watch that man to a stranger You think you only know me when you turn on the light Now the room is lit red danger Complicating, circulating New life,"
  • New Life - Antestor
    "Insanity look for yourself, satan rules this world destruction he is the source he is after your soul To save us from the hellish pain, God sent Jesus Christ Crucified for all our sins, He felt the horror"
  • There's A New Life - American Steel
    "as if on cue to replace my own tattered body the moon is bright there's sadness in your eyes a desperate evening stretches out before us wine and cigarettes are taken as commitment nothing will grow here wine"
  • New Life - Arwen
    "Broken promised and lies for a different world living locked below of their key Deceits from their dirty world trying to steal, with egoism, the justice for all New life carry us to wonderful times where"
  • New life - Blind Melon
    "Suddenly everyting is faintingFalling from a broken ladder's rungThere's a jolt exhilarating from the phone I'm holdingI hear the words of what I'll becomeHow eager the hands that reach for love'Cause"
  • New life - Eiffel 65
    "Baby ! I need a miracle I'm searching ! to find a way into a new life and I'm moving out of the chances I gave up I can discover NEW LIFE. Baby ! It's an emergency I'm saying I'm only trying to survive"
  • New Life - Dreamtale
    "Come on lady, take my hand It's time to let the new winds blow Let's forget the past - That has truly gone too fast. Here we are just you and me With the time we've never seen There is so much to learn"
  • New Life - Hi-STANDARD
    "I'm living in the city, it has everything. Many cultures, many stories, and pretty girls. Don't wanna go back, don't wanna regret. Don't wanna get up early to work hard. My youth comes only once in"
  • New Life - Tammy Trent
    "Floating around to find my own ground Fell into You this is when I knew The flooding of rain it's what made the change Now I can see all the colors in me Oh I love your sun shining on me I can feel your"
  • New Life - FUEL FANDANGO
    "You should know my life is out of tune I have the think you feel quite the same It's hard for me to talk and express myself But let me explain I live in the loneliness So I sing it loud You're always"
  • New Life - Hi Standard
    "It has everything. Many cultures. Many stories. Pretty girls. Don't want to go back,don't want to regret. Don't want to get up early to go work hard. My youth comes only once in my life. My life is my"
  • New Life - Within Y
    "In this search of man He returns into the shadows After showing his relentless urge To never give up You cannot see him Feel a new fear embrace you cold Panic is near his footsteps you cannot hear Can"
  • New Life - Steel Prophet
    "The fire's out I've escaped the chase Said crime against society's avenged I awaken to some Friends that take me in To rest Society can't burn our thoughts come to take our words away When they decide"
  • New Life - Moonlight
    "You taught me how to see And not to be afraid Now you're gone and all I feel Is the deadly nightshade I couldn't believe when I heard "It could be you" Now I'm grateful for my good thoughts I can"

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