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  • Tainted Love - Marc Almond Extended - Soft Cell
    "Sometimes I feel I've got to Run away I've got to Get away From the pain that you drive into the heart of me The love we share Seems to go nowhere And I've lost my light For I toss and turn I can't sleep"
  • Almond Kisses - Spacehog
    "Slow breeze slipping through my fingers Cold dreams ejected from my mind Wet face pressed against a window A neon tear illuminates the sign Almond kisses, almond kisses Best kiss you ever had Almond kisses,"
  • Almond Beauty - Sculptured
    "As the snow fell to freeze the moment For a brief pause in our Winter sonnet She looked up at me with her eyes Her almond beauty had melt the ice The harsh winds, began to chill But with"
  • Goodbye Almond Eyes - Tokyo Rose
    "Let it roll of your back And let it slip off your tongue Before you lose your nerve And end up right back where you started from. Are you just waiting for the right time? Are you holding off until you"
  • Marc Defiant - Anti-Flag
    "Tougher than a rock, But kinder than a saint. Rugged individual, fighting hate. He's the punkest brah in town- he's got the back of the kids. When you fuck with the PUNK, then you're fucking with... Marc"
  • Marc Live - Rush
    "Woo! Ohhh.. yeah.. sink in Brand new.. Marc Live... let's go! Rush, let's work, rush Rush, yo.. rush Yo, check, check, yo Rush - jump all hot, jump off the whole top Jump off the roof 90 proof, listen Break"
  • I've Never Seen Your Face - Almond Marc
    "Almond Marc Tenement Symphony I've Never Seen Your Face Sometimes we touch Sometimes we kiss Sometimes we just look In spiritual bliss In warmth or heat In sound or vision We like to come To some decision Under"
  • Meet Me In My Dream - Almond Marc
    "Almond Marc Tenement Symphony Meet Me In My Dream Remember when we were back in school Two young kids with wild ideas Years gone by we sweated and saved For a cupboard with a view Now too old for work"
  • Vaudeville And Burlesque - Almond Marc
    "Almond Marc Tenement Symphony Vaudeville And Burlesque I've had my fill of ugly words I've had my fill of lies When the only truth or beauty now Is deep within your thighs The roses are in bloom my dear I"
  • What Is Love? - Almond Marc
    "Almond Marc Tenement Symphony What Is Love? Caught between two love affairs I brush my teeth and comb my hair My lonely neighbour called today And asked me, has he gone away I lied to her like I lied"
  • Beautiful Brutal Thing - Almond Marc
    "Almond Marc Tenement Symphony Beautiful Brutal Thing Love Is a beautiful brutal thing It sings at night like the wind It stings your heart like a whip It rocks your soul like a ship And love Is a beautiful"
  • Champagne - Almond Marc
    "Almond Marc Tenement Symphony Champagne A winter morning in New York Champagne wakes and checks the time It's hard to keep a cup of coffee down When there's so much on your mind Kicks a cockroach cross"
  • My Hand Over My Heart - Almond Marc
    "Almond Marc Tenement Symphony My Hand Over My Heart Heaven is here Each night when I should be asleep I put on my cout And I walk the streets I spend these hours Escaping from my dreams Afraid of what"
  • The Days Of Pearly Spencer - Almond Marc
    "Almond Marc Tenement Symphony The Days Of Pearly Spencer A tenement, a dirty street Walked and worn by shoeless feet Inside it's long and so complete Watched by a shivering sun Old eyes in a small child's"
  • Jacky - Almond Marc
    "Almond Marc Tenement Symphony Jacky And if one day I should become A singer with a Spanish bum Who sings for women of great virtue I'd sing to them with a guitar I borrowed from a coffee bar Well, what"
  • Hey Marc Riley - Fall
    "Aborteum.I said lucianiThe futures here todayI said hey lucianiPope of three three daysThey made out you were are an ultra nutAnd had no time for your christianityYou paid with your life for their treacheryThe"
  • Marc Payson Is A Drunk - Anal Cunt
    "marc payson,marc payson, marc payson is a drunk at 8 am he has a beer,at 9 am he has a beer,at 10 am he has a beer,he's a fucking queer at 1pm he has a beer,at 2 pm he has a beer,at 3 pm he has a beer,then"
  • .Walking In Memphis - Marc Cohn - Paul Anka
    "Artist: Mark Cohn Title: Walking In Memphis. Put on my blue suede shoes and I boarded the plane Touched down the in land of the Delta Blues In the middle of the pouring rain. W.C. Handy - won't you look"
  • Rain Over Me (feat. Marc Anthony) - Pitbull
    "Girl my body don't lie I'm outta my mind Let it rain over me I'm rising so high Out of my mind So let it rain over me Ay ay ay Let it rain over me Ay ay ay Let it rain over me Always a new million Voli's"
  • Felices los 4 (ft. Marc Anthony) - Maluma
    "Apenas sale es los y tu te vac con corrigendo se que pensaras qque esto me esta doliendo y no estroy pensando en lo que esstas hacienda si somo algo y asi no quweramos si conmigo te quedas o con otro"

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