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AM2PM - So Bad ( DJ Tonka Edit)

  • So Bad (DJ Tonka Edit - AM2PM
    "You bring the worst side of me And I feel like I lose control I can’t play on your games After all It’s gonna end up bad"
  • Canned Heat Radio Edit - Jamiroquai
    "Written by jay kay and toby smith You know this boogie is for real I used to put my faith in worship But then a chance to get too heaven sent I used to worry about the future But then I'll throw my caution"
  • Safari (Dj Zven Edit) - J. Balvin ft. BIA, Pharrell Williams, Sky
    "A ella le gusta A mí me gusta Así le gusta Bailar me gusta A ella le gusta Mami mami con tu party A mí me gusta Este party es un safari A ella le gusta Todos miran como bailas A mí me gusta Hoy"
  • My Dj - Goldie Lookin Chain
    "My dj, my dj, my dj, my djMy dj's unique in this rap gameEven if his scratches sound mostly the sameHe can scratch with his hands, his cock or his feetSometimes to the music and sometimes to the beatWhen"
  • God Is A DJ (Edit) - Faithless
    "This is my church This is where I heal my hurt It's a natural grace Of watching young life shape It's in minor keys Solutions and remedies Enemies becoming friends When bitterness ends This is my church"
  • So Long (Edit) - Killing Heidi
    "I came when you called it. Oh I ran to every corner, looked hard just to find you. Oh do I need to remind you? But you always let me down, all you did was mess around. I won't be that girl you're kissing, I"
  • Canned Heat Edit - Jamiroquai
    "Written by jay kay and toby smith The unofficial canned heat lyrics - credit to andrew moulton for writting the lyrics out Canned heat - jamiroquai (words and music: kay/smith; emi music publishing; sony) You"
  • Close Up The Honky-Tonks - Buck Owens
    "She's in some honky tonk tonight I know She's dancing where the music's loud and lights are low In a crowed bar she likes to hang around And as long as there's a honky tonk, she'll never settle down So"
  • DJ - Amanda Blank
    "DJ, play that song a little louder I gotta, gotta get him outta my head Gotta dance the pain away Cant go to sleep just yet My baby, he left me high and dry Cant be the man for me Said he cant tell me"
  • Dj - Jamelia
    "Youre gonna rock to this Youre gonna drop to this 10 oclock Weekend, bout to head out to the garden of eden Got my shelltoes and my kangol Before I hit the door I got to grab my cellphone Bout to call"
  • So Bad - Nina Hagen
    "I can be so strong Like a lion on a mission I can do no wrong I can fight day and night That's my decision! Because the world is... (So bad) Like diet soda (So bad) I'm counting 37 wars (So bad) User friendly (So"
  • So Bad - Darren Hayes
    "When you move electricity pulses And the crowd clears out of your way When you dance it gets a little explosive So look out i think i'm headed your way I'm movin' in fast Comin' on strong Baby, youre"
  • So Bad - Lindsay Pagano
    "There is a pain inside my heart you mean so much to me boy i love you yes i love u so bad and if u leave the pain will go but thats no good to me boy i love u yes i love u so bad well it feels so good sometimes"
  • So Bad - Making April
    "you were here when i wrote this one so when you hear it you'll know it's yours you were high as a bird perched beside me listening closely mesmerized by the words that i would sing to you through your"
  • So Bad - April Wine
    "April Wine The Whole World's Goin' Crazy So Bad (myles goodwyn) Published by goody two tunes, inc. - bmi Some people call me a cowboy But i don't know, i don't ride no more I gave it up for the city Those"
  • So Bad - Angie Aparo
    "I wanna choke I wanna lay down It's harder to cope With you not here now The shadow needs a sun A dreamer needs a first star I know it's just begun To feel so bad For so long It's all I've had Since you've"
  • So Bad - Paul McCartney
    "There Is A Pain, Inside My Heart You Mean So Much To Me Girl, I Love You, Girl, I Love You So Bad And If You Leave, My Pain Will Go But That's No Good To Me Girl, I Love You, Yes, I Love You So Bad Well"
  • So Hot - DJ Clue
    "(feat. Foxy Brown) (And I!) Oooh, Nana (New shit! Foxy Brown!) FO wit the X (So Hot!) Whoa, Brooklyn Alright (Oh!) okay, alright, c'mon Mmm (Fresh out!) I said it's gon' butter (My nigga pretty boy!) Bitch"
  • DJ - Da Weasel
    "Da-lhe no volume, como de costume Fica quente como lume quando o D.J. assume O controlo do bolo cozinhado pelo pessoal Quando a mistura brutal, a combinacao fatal Apanhados de surpresa, putos tao toa"
  • So Good (Radio Edit) - Rachel Stevens
    "I get this feeling that you're taking me under I get this feeling that you're taking it down 'Cause it's you, you, you, all you Come and get it I start to see the way you're taking me over My eyes are"

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