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  • Sweet - Annie
    "(*Annie, B. Higgins, M. Cooper, N. Coler, T. Powell {Produced by Xenomania}) [** All Night EP (Special Edition Bonus Disc):] There's a place that's strange Where everybody knows my name And they dance"
  • Annie - Small Fred
    "Annie's up at seven on a work day Brewing up a cup of peppermint tea Gathering her papers and lesson plans She grabs her keys Teaching arithmetic and Africa Geology and girl's basketball All the kids in"
  • Hey Annie - Annie
    "(*Annie, P. Epworth, H. Bjornsdottir) Hey Annie Do you want more baby? Do you want more? I want more baby I want more Jump up down from the top to the floor I want more baby I want more Let the music"
  • Annie - That Dog
    "You look like An angel Your blue eyes leave A still impression My friends miss you coming round People talking bout it all over town I never knew you and I know you now I don't know how I don't know how You'd"
  • Annie Maes - Mr. Pookie
    "(mr. pookie) Follow my wickedness, now can you picture this? 2 deadly crooks, went off tha hook, Don smoked a blunt, I feel tha dizzyness Twist yo ass up, real tight wrapped up like twizzler My nigga"
  • Take On Me - ANNI B SWEET
    "Talking away I don't know what I'm to say I'll say it anyway today's another day to find you Shying away I'll be coming for you love O.K. Take on me Take me on I'll be gone in a day or two So needless"
  • Annie - SafetySuit
    "There was a girl named Annie, she had a very pretty face And not the way you would think so let me see if I can try to explain it She had a smile it could light up the room and if she moved it'd be moving"
  • Annie - Elefant
    "ANNIE The smell of the ocean on her skin The rags of her dress blowing in the wind A chorus of angels on the boardwalk They know what you did in the dark Chorus I never meant to hurt you Annie Leave"
  • Annie - James Blunt
    "Annie, you had your name in the bright lights I thought I saw your photograph Having such a laugh in a magazine Did it all come tumbling Annie, and you were made for the big time They said you were a"
  • Annie - Our Lady Peace
    "You're a little bit shy A little too quiet You're the mixed up girl That everybody leaves behind A little bit weird A little too bright But you just might be That little bomb at their side They'll pull"
  • Annie - Vanessa Carlton
    "Watch her as she flew deep within the blue The day out from the county ICU There's nothing you can do Someone gently says to you The doctor says that now it won't be long I try and live up til the"
  • Anne - Wendy Fierce
    "Anne How could you take a dark December night And somehow find a light to cling to How could you still believe in dreams After all the pain you'd seen They couldn't kill the fire in you Anne Anne It's"
  • Anna - Harry Styles
    "just know it's not with me don’t know what i’d tell you if I passed you on the street I don’t want your sympathy but you don’t know what you do to me oh, Anna Every time I see your face there’s only so"
  • Anna - Tom Verlaine
    "(Verlaine) The passion of Anna Kept her awake But not aware of things That easily break The darkness determined To burn and to free Anna wonders Will this exit please A serious song, she said Of my"
  • Annie - John Denver
    "This song appears on two albums, and was first released on the An Evening With John Denver Album, and has also been released on the Country Classics - The Very Best of John Denver Album. It has not been"
  • Annie - Mat Kearney
    "I'm caught in a moment out in the rain Tell me there's something we can say Help me to find a light, something that's worth living She's walking the back beat out in the grave Tell me there's something"
  • Annie Mae - Warren G
    "(feat. Nate Dogg) 1, 2 buckle my shoe, 3, 4 we gotta hit the store, 5, 6 back in the mix, 7, 8 Warren G and Nate, Bang to the boogy say up jump the boogy to the rhythm of the boogidy beat I dont"
  • Annie Devine - Marcel
    "I packed everything I had in storage Put your picture on my dashboard Bye, Bye beach...hello 40 East, 3a.m. I stopped for a burger In Holy Moses thought I'd be further than I am now Another don't blink"
  • Gangsta B - Yukmouth
    "Verse 1 Give me a gangstress a bitch that don't take no shit I need a gangsta bitch a bitch that's armed and dangerous nigga.... I want a bitch that pack a gat up under her mini skirt a duce-duce up in"
  • B - Iona
    "Bi-se i mo shuil a Ri mhor na nduil Lion thusa mo bheatha mo cheadfais mo stuaim Bi thusa i maigne gach oiches gach la Im chodladh no im dhuiseacht lion me le do gra Bi thusa mo threoru i mbriathar is"

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