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Aartificial image

  • Image - Luna Sea
    "Jikan wa dokode umareta? yasashisaga shitteru Jikanya basho wo tobikoe meni mienai shinjitsu wo "Yume Energy" kokoro hiraite Toki no shirabe owazuni tada hitori mateba ii "Yume Energy" shinjireba"
  • Image - Complete Control
    "you act like you do what you want you're the first one to give in and when they talk, then they try to yell but we'll never give in new voices that wont be heard have nothing to say they're scared to"
  • Image - Harmful
    "Running faster while youre waiting Does it matter, mysteries to reveal When you were here the world started to turn Shes the one Im reborn It feels so good to burn, to make it all undone Lost inside your"
  • Image - Aion
    "Today I've understood what feels a man torn from hope It is like taking the Earth all her flowers away Today I uncovered loneliness for myself It is like I have already not lived among you Tomorrow I'll"
  • Image - God Module
  • Image - Ensign
    "Speak out, but you don't say a thing Just words without the courage to back them up Can't you feel it something deep inside Are you content to just sit back Just sit back and watch Did you ever live your"
  • Image - Theatre of Tragedy
    "You act a pansy, pushover Do live your fancy, go lower Who is that, someone says your name You seem chancy, moreover The call is mine I'm gonna get you up I'm gonna get on top The call is mine On the skew,"
  • Public Image - Public Image Limited
    "Hello, hello, hello, hello etc. You never listen to a word that I said You only seen me For the clothes that I wear Or did the interest go so much deeper Imust have been The colour of my hair CHORUS Public"
  • Public Image - Alphabeat
    "You never listen to a word that I say You only see me for the clothes that I wear Oh, did the interest go so much steeper? It must have been the colour of my hair Public image, public image, public image What"
  • Shattered Image - Dolly Parton
    "(Dolly Parton) I used to sit for hours as a kid And dangle my feet from an old flat bridge Seeing myself in the water below Shatter my image with the rocks I'd throw Shatter my image with the rocks I'd"
  • Split Image - Excel
    "You just think you make sense Just wake up, you're in a dream Split Image of someone else Why can't you just be yourself? Split Image - Wake up Split Image - Wake up Split Image - Wake up Split Image"
  • The Image - Richard Marx
    "Hope you don't believe a word Of all the things I know you've heard about me Really just a pack of ies You see the truth before your eyes around me Hard to keep it straight The real from the ruse Probably"
  • Image Change - Elastica
    "Should the image change Would the rest look better Surface dissolves skin and bone We're on the other side It might be better If I left you now Talk for hours But it doesn't change This feeling won't go"
  • Mirror Image - Cher
    "I get up this morning, forget about all my plans Think about my vacations with my latest man Everything I did, what I should've done Why I didn't stay why I didn't run Only I hold the key to unlock the"
  • Split Image - Uriah Heep
    "It's the same old line People get to you if they can They take what they find They will change you mind They will fit you into their play And then one day you'll wake up As somebody else Someone they"
  • Graven Image - Dead To Fall
    "Her eyes look down on me, upon my sorrow As my soul lies on its death bed Lost in regret, I Could not change "I will stand strong in every way" Nothing but a lie to myself, step by step Closer to destruction When"
  • Image Guerillaz - Cirkus Miramar
    "Two words.. Therapy Okay, MC Percy, take it away Det finns mnga som tror att vi r East Coast frn Harlem icke sa nicke, vi r bnder frn Grdhem Tuff off-side i geografin men iaktar vrlden frn periferin Vi"
  • Your Image - Crucified
    "The blind are dead They don't see They don't listen to reality Walking in shadows Which blind their sight They live in darkness, without any light Laugh at us, spit at us When Jesus walked the earth He"
  • Spitting Image - Gaba Kulka
    "She sailed in a coffee-cup Life at sea can be tough She smiled at the other shore looking for something more But as she got nearer she found a mirror that made her superfluous nature clear The girl that's"
  • Just'n image - Ace Of Base
    "I'm driving through the night I'm driving through the rain The engine roars I'm on my way Away from Mr. Pain My eyes keep seeing what My mind wants to forget Those sequences they Rock'n'Roll inside my"

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