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Abbey Scott what love is

  • Carfax Abbey - Autumn Tears
    "Is it Simply a Kiss of Carnal Dreams? What Once a Father to Tender Sleeplessness The Deviance of Youthful Whispering A Majesty to Darkness, A Visage... My Kingdom My Centuries Laden with Dead Emotion Timeless"
  • Ancient Abbey - Evol
    "Ride, young Harlin, ride away in tears, from the rage of your guardian, something you will find Blind you are running, unaware where you're going, beyond the Border of Stones, now you find yourself lost,"
  • Bon Scott - Kingdom Come
    "Stood up spoke his mind Never pointed finger Cried out many times A god's given bringer Are you digging this Going back in time Music old or new You always come to mind Bon Scott that it is Your words"
  • Scott - Deathray
    "scott if i ever see you i am gonna kill you and then... i will get sent back to jail the pope'll send the bail in tens... and twenties cause his god is funny spent all my f***in' money and i still feel"
  • Company (Feat. Travi$ Scott) - Drake
    "I got some shit for you to come and get I'm at the St. Regis up on Briar Oaks Hit me when you done your shift Wooh, I see you doin' well, baby Oh, you pullin' shit together, I can tell, baby Is you single"
  • Blocka (Feat. Popcaan & Travis Scott) - Pusha T
    "I got diamonds on my blocka Servin’ to my flocka __ Yeah, that’s my flocka To my flocka Pray to Lord on my shotta She be poppin’ Yeah, that’s my flocka All praise to the most high on both sides I pray"
  • Scott Is Amazingly Cute - Circle Takes The Square
    "holy shit scotts beautiful i wanna f**k his butthole yeah we're all gay but scotts not but hes definitely hot and yeahhhh yeahh this banddd woooooo my dogs having a nightmare hes dying in his sleep like"
  • Po Nigga Blues (Scott Storch Remix) - Tupac
    "(feat. Ron Isley) Scott Storch Why'd you sland crack? I had to Why'd you sland crack? Cuz I had to Why'd you sland crack? Cuz I had to A nigga gotta pay the fuckin bills Crazy, I gotta look"
  • Po Nigga Blues (Scott Storch Remix) - 2Pac
    "(feat. Ron Isley) Scott Storch Why'd you sland crack? I had to Why'd you sland crack? Cuz I had to Why'd you sland crack? Cuz I had to A nigga gotta pay the fuckin bills Crazy, I gotta look"
  • Abbey Of Synn - Ayreon
    "EDWARD REEKERS: Once upon a time, as in ancient history High upon a hill, in a shroud of mystery Loomed the abbey, as we journeyed through the night And wended our way towards the light. As we entered"
  • Brown Sugar (Extra Sweet) (Scott Storch Mix) - Mos Def
    "(feat. Faith Evans) Woo, Ah, Official, Official, Ah, {Oh oh oh oh oh} Brown Sugar, Faith Evans, Big Mos {Oh oh oh oh, OH} (Wha what) Brooklyn is in the building, hell we own the building (Wha What) Heh,"
  • Abbey Of Thelema - Gillan
    "She opened her eyes With a look of surprise And she started to cry She remembered the dream, Which wasn't a dream Abbey of Thelema Going to another place, Running in another race, She tried to do what"
  • Abbey of Thelema - Ian Gillan Band
    "She opened her eyes with a look of surpriseAnd she started to cryShe remembered the dream, which wasn't a dreamAbbey of ThelemaGoing to another place, running in another race,She tried to do what she would,"
  • Hero"(feat. Josey Scott - Chad Kroeger
    "CHAD KROEGER Miscellaneous Hero"(feat. Josey Scott I am so high, I can hear heaven. I am so high, I can hear heaven. Oh but heaven, no heaven don't hear me. And they say that a hero can save us. I'm"
  • Hero Feat. Josey Scott - Chad Kroeger
    "I am so high, I can hear heaven I am so high, I can hear heaven Whoa, but heaven... no, heaven don't hear me And they say That a hero could save us I'm not gonna stand here and wait I'll hold on to the"
  • How 'Bout No, Scott? - Set Your Goals
    "I can see your disapproval or maybe you just can't relate But this is what I live each day for Won't go back! Had enough! I can see your disappointment when I see the look on your face But I've just got"
  • Hot (ft. Gunna & Travis Scott) - Young Thug
    "every litty i love what is’t hot turend up the city I broke off the notch get some more mills I keep me a knot I created history and made me a lot he tried to diss me and eneded on Fox we call them chopstcks cause"
  • Undo (ft. Calum Scott, Shenseea) - Naughty Boy
    "last time we hit the ending for the last time no more pretending no I can’t lie I need you more than ever before you meant that and yesterday I told myself exactly what to say but I am lost for words"
  • Teenage Dirtbag (feat. Bertie Scott) - le Shuuk
    "Her name is Noelle I have a dream about her She rings my bell I got gym class in half an hour Oh, how she rocks In Keds and tube socks But she doesn't know who I am And she doesn't give a damn about me 'Cause"
  • No Sense (featuring Travis Scott) - Justin Bieber
    "It don't make no sense 'less I'm doing it with you It don't make no sense 'less I'm doing it with you The sun don't set the same Less you're watching it go down with me The bed won't sleep the same Less"

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