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Abe grossman

  • Yakuri Abe - Sicko
    "Yakuri Abe plays guitar in a pop punk band Yakuri Abe waves goodbye from Tokyo and Yakuri Abe says no Sanrio Piru Lando Yakuri Abe says it's too far and she doesn't want to go she's a punker she's Hana"
  • Abe Messiah - Tribe
    "liberty this is our destiny liberty this is our destiny As long as we are keeping our dignity As long as we are keeping our pride we can all build a new history we can all build a new history feeling"
  • Grossman The Meatman - Blood Duster
    "Old George Karl Grossman He made money from his ham He chopped up some sluts Then disposed of his guts Old George the butcher man Sliced up cunt Tits and butt Human pork On your fork Sleazy whore cut"
  • Young Abe Lincoln 1960 - Johnny Horton
    "YOUNG ABE LINCOLN Well he lived in a cabin way down by the creek He ran through the dust in his bare feet But they didn't know that one fine day That he would rule this U.S.A. And be the best leader in"
  • Little Old Lady - Abe Lyman
    "Abe Lyman Miscellaneous Little Old Lady Little old lady passing by, Catching everyones eye, You have such a charming manner, Sweet and shy. Little old bonnet set in place, And a Smile on your face, Youre"
  • Just One More Chance - Abe Lyman
    "Abe Lyman Miscellaneous Just One More Chance Just one more chance. To prove its you alone I care for, Each night I say a little prayer for, Just one more chance. Just one more night To taste the kisses"
  • Bear Face - Abe Vigoda
    "Big hell burns in brothers ear, It burns for years and years, Big hell burns in brothers ear, He cries so many tears. When I found you, Sky had opened up, You will bare the face of me, You will bare"
  • Dead City / Waste Wilderness - Abe Vigoda
    "I bring my whole body I know I can beat it How do I know you're sleeping? I can always see it We run through the dead city How do I know you're sleeping I can run through dead city I will always fall I"
  • Jadwiga - Abe-C
    "Kiedyś jeden goś śpiewał ładną piosenke o dziewczynie która szybko ściągała sukienke. Kiedyś pewien gość śpiewał ładną piosenke, a ja dobrze znam taką samą panienke. U nas na wsi rozchodzą sie plotki że"
  • Endless Sleeper - Abe Vigoda
    "Pull it over me. Put me in the street. Bury a kid. Build up the kind. He wants you to sing because when you sing, it doesn't mean anything. Take it off of me. The terror in my night. Please believe I am covered."
  • The Reaper - Abe Vigoda
    "Hazy air afternoon sleeper, I found you Meet the reaper Golden haired sister surprise, sweet sunrise Dear free-tune Wake up the sun, see what it is How many hours did the sleep keep from you? Hazy air"
  • Wild Heart - Abe Vigoda
    "Where is the reason? Well, don't blame it on me Blame it on my wild heart Where is the reason? Well, don't blame it on me Blame it on my wild heart I love you I love you, I love you, I do Blame it on my"
  • He Reigns - All Together Seperate
    "All Together Seperate Ardent Worship Live He Reigns (Janet Grossman) 1988 Maranatha Music and Sound Truth Publishing (ASCAP). Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty He alone is worthy awesome"
  • Cool - The Simpsons
    "Homer: Dad, that will never work. If you want to make your move, you got to play it...cool. Now what you gotta do If you wanna get a kiss Is act real smooth And make your move like this: Abe: Oh, I see! So"
  • Ace In The Hole - Ella Fitzgerald
    "Sad times, may follow your tracks Bad times, may bar you from Sak's At times, when Satan in slacks Breaks down your self control Maybe, as often it goes Your Abe-y, may tire of his rose So baby, this"
  • Yemanja - Dianne Reeves
    "Chant Yemanja (Goddess of the Sea) Ago Lona O Ya Le - Open the way for the most powerful mother Ago Lona O Ya Le - Open the way for the most powerful mother Ya Le Ya Luma O - Most able mother who protect"
  • Ohayou - Morning Musume
    "Abe: shizuka na asaasahi ga minamimuki no mado woyasashiku yasasihkutonton tontonNakazawa: attakai hizashi gaoheya ippai nihirogatte hirogatteimasuIida: torisantachi mogenki ippai niutatte utatteimasuYasuda:"
  • Gone To Soon - Babyface
    "Babyface MTV Unplugged NYC 1997 Gone To Soon written by Larry Grossman, Buz Kohan (1991) Like a comet Blazing 'cross the evening sky Gone too soon Like a rainbow Fading in the twinkling of an eye Gone"
  • Clone High Theme (Extended Version) - Abandoned Pools
    "Way, way, back in the 1980's Secret government employees Dug up famous guys and ladies And made amusing genetic copies Now the clones are sexy teens now They're gonna make it if they try Loving,"
  • Sex - Florian Ast
    "corinna, frnzi, julia - kthi, vreni, heidi u nuria angela, andrea, isabelle - dir gfauet mir so d uriella isch es sprachrohr u d regula muesch ir regu la d laura wr o hrzig doch die schlampe het scho"

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