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Abingdon Boys School Innocent Sorrow

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Abingdon Boys School Innocent Sorrow

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Abingdon Boys School Innocent Sorrow
  • Abingdon Boys School Innocent Sorrow
    "PAINIn the dark Don't cry Oh Never Until the end Close to the light Oh Ever and never end So far away {{ruby||}} Don't cry Oh Ever and never end Break down! Right now! Do it all! I test"
  • Stellar Kart Innocent
    "I'm overdressed for success In a world that has no shame I've had enough of seeing love Being played like some game I know why the good old days are gone Cause everyone just tolerates whats wrong I'm not"
  • New Edition School
    "Education! Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, and Mike, and Ralph! S C H O O L, you got to go to school and beat that bell. E-mail, what goes here?__ and ring, ding, dong. We E-mail, what goes here?___ rap about this"
  • Eric Clapton Innocent Times
    "(Eric Clapton and Marcy Levy) I was a child born so free; It seems that time has put age on me. And when I grow old, will I once again find All of those sweet, innocent times? I was a child born without"
  • Poema Arcanus Innocent Shades
    "Here in the dephts , of my solitude Flowing fears and pain , suffering embraces me ....Driving me along unknow ways... Tears blur my eyes , remembering in agony And silent cries , mortals under reign"
  • Sherrie Austin Innocent Man
    "Standing in line at the grocery Staring back at the trash magazines Martians say earth girls are lonely Well that's no news to me In the parking lot I saw two cowboys Fighting for a handicapped space So"
  • Fleet Foxes Innocent Son
    "You left me there Waiting at the bottom of the stairs with my eyes closed Holding my right hand in my left there is no time for hesitation now you come or go or go rust suddenly falling beside me on a"
  • Jasmine Guy Innocent Eyes
    "Do you remember when you were seven? And the only thing you wanted to do Was show your mum that you could play the piano Ten years has past the won thing that will last is that same old song We played"
  • Delta Goodrem Innocent Eyes
    "Do you remember when you were 7? And the only thing that you wanted to do Was show your mum that you could play the piano Ten years have passed And the one thing that lasts Is that same old song that we"
  • Blood on the dance floor Innocent High
    "Come and break me off Come and take me on Come and break me off Come and take me on Don't need detention, I'm the snitch; After school make me your bitch In the hall, flash your tits; Behind the desk,"
  • Kim Wilde Boys
    "Written by Ricky & Marty Wilde Fresh out of school the young girl lose the sound She's gonna go where the young bands hang around And it's still to right with a voice inside She's screaming, dreaming And"
  • The Friday Night Boys High School
    "Well from the waist down, you don't turn around Your body takes turns, like the words, like the words, that are falling from my mouth, my jaw dropped down My mind starts spinning, starts spinning around"
  • Dir En Grey Conceived Sorrow
    "== Romanized Japanese == IBARA ni karamu taiyou tameiki to mazatte TOROKERU koukai miakita yume ni tsuba wo haki warau kodoku ni kuwareta hito-tachi no kokoro wa zankoku ni soudatsu kasaneta shiro"
  • The Beatstalkers Silver Tree Top School For Boys
    "Here's the town in which I live petunia green Here's the shop and here's the man who sold me laces for my shoes There is Mr.Marcus boys, they say he's mad 'here's the battle that they won' silver treetop"
  • Richard Thompson When we were boys at school
    "All he ever wanted to do was harm All he ever wanted to be was cruel At 12 years old Fate marked his brow And he said, I have a mission now But we laughed at his clothes And the blackheads round his nose"
  • Pete Townshend Night School
    "The night school comes to life Every minute it gets better Got to learn to enjoy the night Follow every letter (A) Assess cleaned up the past is all forgiven (B) Better get teamed up, alone you just can't"
  • Abraham Mateo Old School
    "Hey listen girl I gotta little surprise For you like uh, ah, baby like uh, ah, baby Be ready, 8 pm I'm picking you up You'll be like uh, ah, baby like uh, ah, baby Hold your door open Buy your flowers,"
  • The Wombats School Uniforms
    "It all started on the school bus, You were 9 and I was 10, Remember you had a Walkman, All I had was a middle part and a pen Oh sweet Louise, Whatever happened to her? Then is all went downhill, You"
  • Galactic Cowboys My School
    "My mind is like a video of memories, but I don't know if I'm crazy In the classroom I would pray I wouldn't have to read that day, I was lazy People thought but didn't say, I turn the page of red and gray...I'm"
  • Rasputina Girls' School
    "A happy start, a sad, sad ending for every minute of the story See as their wills are broke and bending See the good girls in their glory A primary academy, we're a secondary seminary teaching finishing"

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