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About to break

  • Thief About To Break In - Teitur
    "Feel like a thief about to break in Standing outside a broken window My breath is warm, the air is cold Hear noises of insects in the green wet grass I'm not gonna sell what I have stolen It's something"
  • Break - Refused
    "You say the problems don't concern you Well wake the fuck up cause they really do how many ways are society going to fuck it up how many lies until we had enough we gotta start and care about the consequences"
  • What About Us? - Point Break
    "Look into my mind there's version of you i cannot sleep at night for fear of the truth,OH should i take the blame or should i stand in your way or is it too much too late Look into my eyes i'm"
  • Big Break - Rilo Kiley
    "You came to me with all the force of a feather duster Do you recall how you got your bell rung? Did you forget you were my pet, till you got loose? Now you're on your own, struttin' on the freeway. And"
  • Prison break - Kaye Styles
    "It's a prison break anthem, prison break anthem. Just what you need, just what you need. There's a story about a man, he's been put down. Some real shit has him locked up right now. An attention about"
  • Break Free - Alexander
    "I guess we talked too long without communication Hear the static breaking up We `re out of time and the signal died I hate to say weve got a hopeless situation A second chance is slim right now Baby, break"
  • Break Up - Kim Sozzi
    "You look kind of cute when you're mad Your eyes are pretty when you look sad Nothing's like a salty kiss Tasting the tears, the tears on your lips We always forgive and forget, It's funny how we feel"
  • Break Away - Mika Urbaniak
    "I'll go to an island Some place far away Where drums sound the streets Sun shines every day Water deep blue clear Dolphins in their dance In this peaceful heaven I can take a chance Stop! I'm in control It's"
  • Break Free - David Phelps
    "Forget what youve heard about Jesus If it doesnt begin and end with love. Did you know that you are the reason He decided that He had to come? He doesnt care about whats in your past So whatever it is"
  • Break It - Kara
    "Ya wanna know what I think about you You ain't nothing to me forget you I'm over all your lies Just look into my eyes to see the new light honey. now. Hanbeone neol meotjige cha beorilggeoya break it Dashin"
  • Break Through - Ballas Hough Band
    "Is there anything you wanted me to know? Let me remind you, You won't find a safer place to go Can I remind you? Nothing you can say could turn me away, So you dont need to lie about it, Everywhere youve"
  • Break Away - Tokio Hotel
    "I've got other plans today Don't need permission anyway Here I'm standing after all With my back against the wall Against the wall I put all the blame on you 'Bout me and all that I went through You don't"
  • Break Them - Jordin Sparks
    "Long as I recall She's always been there Oh little miss style comes with me everywhere Everytime I'm close that's when she appears Singing on my weakness playing on my fears Wrap me up with words but now"
  • Break Away - Glasseater
    "you've disappeared but the thoughts remain so thick that i can grab them why can't i forget all those times why do i remain writing these lines why should i complain about defeat your face remains it's"
  • Break Away - Victory
    "Walking out the door I fell the urge to run Leave behind this dead end life and have Some real fun What is so important about security I'm working real hard for this grey reality Passport and cash are"
  • Break You - Marion Raven
    "I was your girl, gave you my world My everything But you wouldn't see I had your back I backed you up whatever I did was never enough Just you... you That's all you ever thought about You... you No one"
  • Break You - Megan McCauley
    "I was your girl Gave you my world My everything But you wouldn't see I had your back I backed you up Whatever I did Was never enough Just you You That's all you ever thought about You You No one matters"
  • Break stuff - Limp Bizkit
    "It's just one of those days Where ya don't wanna wake up Everything is fucked, everybody sucks You don't really know why But you wanna justify rippin' someone's head off No human contact And if you interact"
  • Break away - Baha Men
    "Baha Men Miscellaneous Break away It doesn't matter where we go as long as I'm with you Loving and holding you close So take my hand and leave your worries and your cares behind, let's fly away to paradise 'Cause"
  • Break Me - Sharon Van Etten
    "No show Isn't that how it goes? No show He makes He's making room for me in the city He makes He can break me With one hand to my, head Go in dark, dear Dissipate my fears, letting me, in He let's me"

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