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Absolutely Kills It

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Absolutely Kills It

  • Absolutely - Headstones
    "And now it's coming on down A hard and fast regime I see 'em coming man up But I'm a fish you cannot clean Could be it's coming apart So close they cannot miss I rise above the silence To a sea of belligerence I"
  • Absolutely - 213
    "Me and Nate Dogg were so funky fresh We fell off into a club to try to pop it to Daz A lil' Moet to go with the way I'm dressed A seven-piece outfit with a mink vest Couple of ladies skating waiting on"
  • It Kills - Stephen Malkmus
    "What you gonna do? I don't know, my friend But I'm open to suggestion if you'll proffer two cents Give me something I can hang my coat on, yeah! Nine times out of ten I'm not the guidance type I've been"
  • Absolutely Everybody - Vanessa Amorosi
    "(Absolutely Everybody, everybody, everybody) (Absolutely Everybody, everybody, everybody) (Absolutely Everybody, everybody, everybody) (Absolutely Everybody, everybody) Absolutely Everybody (everybody,"
  • Absolutely Happy - Melanie Doane
    "How did I think it would be Maybe like a TV show Half hour episodes that solve everything And make you absolutely happy Absolutely happy Now I've made you cry Never see it coming It always takes me by"
  • Absolutely Happy - Doane Melanie
    "How did I think it would be Maybe like a tv show Half hour episodes to solve everything and make you absolutely happy Absolutely happy Now I've made you cry Never see it coming Always takes me by surprise that"
  • Absolutely Perfect - Ryan Malcolm
    "Sometimes we don't Haven't a clue What we are doing We fumble around Out in the wind Like a piece of paper I had a picture of what this love was about It's somehow different From what I'm looking at Sometimes"
  • Absolutely Everybody - Amorosi Vanessa
    "Amorosi Vanessa The Power Absolutely Everybody Everybody needs a little loving, Everybody needs somebody thinking of them. Everybody needs a little respect, And whatever it takes, I'm gonna get it."
  • Absolutely Free - Rainbirds
    "lonely as a cloud i am dangling my feet and the view from up here is absolutely breathtaking lonely as a cloud i am dangling my soul let my shadow do the thinking while she walks the watervein absolutely"
  • Absolutely Positively - Anastacia
    "Ive been thinking about it Give some serious thought And I made up my mind And I have decided that I need a little more time to decide We used to be happy Loving being in love But lately I came to find That"
  • Absolutely Everything - Lighthouse Family
    "You just waltzed in and, made the sun shine Admitted everything has started looking up now Made me feel like I'm, worth a fortune You brought about a transformation in my life It's been a long time"
  • Absolutely Right - Five Man Electrical Band
    "I'm knockin' on your door So you let me in Don't you know that I was thinking I swear I won't be the way I was before About what you told me Rollin' it over in my mind And much to my surprise I find"
  • Absolutely Wasted - Sporting Riff Raff
    "i wanna get rich, get off of my face, wanna have a party now in this place, get plastered, pasted, absolutely wasted, i wanna get rich, get off of my face, wanna have a party now in this place, get plastered,"
  • Absolutely free - Frank Zappa
    "I don't do publicity balling for you anymore... The first word in this song is discorporate. It means: to leave your body Discorporate & come with me Shifting; drifting Cloudless; starless VELVET VALLEYS"
  • Absolutely positively - MC Lyte
    "I play practical jokes, just to get a laugh (ha hah) I put roaches in my neighbor's bubblebath But anyway one day she called upon me She said, "Lyte - it's an emergency!" My next door neighbor had an errand"
  • Absolutely Zero - Jason Mraz
    "You. You were a friend. You were a friend of mine I let you spend the night You see it was my fault. Of course it was mine. I'm too hard at work. Have you ever heard of anything so absurd ever in your"
  • Absolutely, Salutely - Billie The Vision & The Dancers
    "I'm on tour with the Canarie folks, it's the summer of 2005, and Charlie need to pee I make him company and he says something I never forget. You know you've been away too long when your penis smells"
  • You're Absolutely - Gas Giants
    "Perhaps you've noticed something strange I've found You're absolutely I can't help but fall around If you look around the park do you hear those little sounds The quiet screaming and the lonely laughter"
  • Til It Kills - Tilt
    "Go on any further And we will lay to waste Precious blossoms in our haste We ravage all of them Desperate for the medicine Take a salve that used to soothe Make sure it can knock you cold Take a"
  • It kills me - In Control
    "You're fucked from day one if you ask me try avoid getting sucked into the world of corporate greed so easy to get drawn in by green ourselves something that we fault them for the human aspect is gone,"

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