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Ace Of Base Dont Go Away

  • Dont Turn Around - Ace Of Base
    "Ace Of Base Miscellaneous Dont Turn Around Don't Turn Around Recorded by Ace of Base if you wanna leave i won't beg you to stay and if you gotta go darling maybe it's better that way i'm gonna be strong i'm"
  • Ace - Lobo
    "(Jimmy Buffett) It hardly seems a long time just a minute of the day When the man who stood beside me more than gave himself away The food stain on his spotted shirt a gray beard on his face A man composed"
  • Ace - Jimmy Buffett
    "It hardly seems a long time just a minute of the day When the man who stood beside me more than gave himself away The food stain on his spotted shirt a gray beard on his face A man composed of many names"
  • Dont Go - Keith Urban
    "I've seen it happen too many times And just where it starts I don't know You're travelling steady but you don't see the signs That tell you there's a fork in the road And you don't think it's right but"
  • Base - Profane Omen
    "I keep my base... I watched our common wealth go down with your preaching, dead empty words like those belong to the self-righteous... Do you have a clue what it means to breath in hell? I don't, but I"
  • Ace Frehley - Millencolin
    "you think you're cool cause you know every girl in town, but you don't do cause when you're out at night they don't look your way you've got all that trendy shit and a jolly air for brains and you are"
  • Bass - Robyn Hitchcock
    "We're overheating in a small town world We're overeating in a small town world I hear the sound of several different crimes The distant eel and the silver chimes Lieutenant Hodges often said to me "I see"
  • Don't Go Away - Ace Of Base
    "One step hesitation One step into the night Don't mind the weather It's raining in my heart tonight Much more to living Two wrongs don't make a right You're gonna regret it When you're looking back On"
  • Drummer base - Sonic Adventure
    "Welcome to Sonic Adventure! Are you ready? *DRUMMING* Get up! Go on! Take this! Away! *DRUMMING* You know Sonic is right here! And the others are not near! Get trough times, and think of us! The knife"
  • Dont Turn Away - Face To Face
    "FACE TO FACE FAT WRECK (Time wasted by : .iup.edu) Don't Turn Away CHORDS -YOU'VE DONE NOTHING / You don't know what you want to be/you don't know what you want to do/never going to amount to"
  • Baby Dont Go - Fabolous
    "I try to play cool Actin like what you do don't phase me, don't phase me Meanwhile I'm sittin at home, all alone Tryin to keep myself from goin crazy When I'm in the house, when I think about When I see"
  • Ace - Ace Troubleshooter
    "Why is the whole frickin' world against me? And why does it seem that I can't even turn around Without someone finding disapproval of me? Well I say screw it I'm so golly gee sick and tired of buying into"
  • Dont Go - James Blunt
    "And don't forget that I'll be watching you And the meaning of your motives will come shining through. Is it a warning? Is it an evil sign? Is it a people Who had lost their mind? Is it the darkness? Is"
  • Dont Go - Hothouse Flowers
    "you know the way I could never say no to anything at all you know the way you just got to let go before you take the fall you came out of the smoke before me I had to take you in then right there you spoke"
  • Dont Go - Doro
    "would you like a woman who's been around the worldwould you like a woman who is like a little girlwould you like a woman who is strong and toughwould you like a woman who could never, ever get enoughwould"
  • Just Ace - Grinspoon
    "Since since, since since your gone away I hope that you had a better day Tried to call round the other day Instead i had a Go-Kart Go-Kart Living in another space Mistake Y-yeah I hope the police will"
  • Ace Reject - Sugababes
    "See my love is all I can give you Nothing more 'cause life is how I want it to be With you and me Staying together, yeah Take it all, I'm here boy I got what you need here, talk to me And help me breathe I"
  • Bass - King Tee
    "(King Tee) Yo Pooh, let's.. drop.. some.. Bass, to make the walls shake and vibrate the floor, just like an earthquake King Tee is back again, but with a new topic I wouldn't listen too close cause it's"
  • Silk - Tonight - Please Dont Go - Silk
    "Please don't go Away from me Never leave Oh no Please don't go Say you'll love me so So I will know Baby, please don't go If I could just explain The death of all my name My tears would fall like rain,"
  • Dont Go Down To Reno - Tony Christie
    "I wanna talk to you of all the wondrous things of all the magic days our love is bringing. I wanna hold you close and never let you go and you will hear the words my heart is singing. We'll make our secret"

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