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Ace of Base - All For You (BartNoize

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Ace of Base - All For You (BartNoize

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Ace of Base - All For You (BartNoize
  • Apple Pie Ace Attacker
    "() Gravity Impact (Sha la la) Never give up fighting (Sha la la) Fight with sad memories OhI'll be, I'll be ACE ACE ATTACKER! Fang Slasher (Sha la la) So never cry (Sha la la) In"
  • Millencolin Ace Frehley
    "you think you're cool cause you know every girl in town, but you don't do cause when you're out at night they don't look your way you've got all that trendy shit and a jolly air for brains and you are"
  • Sugababes Ace Reject
    "See my love is all I can give you Nothing more 'cause life is how I want it to be With you and me Staying together, yeah Take it all, I'm here boy I got what you need here, talk to me And help me breathe I"
  • Ace Troubleshooter Ace
    "Why is the whole frickin' world against me? And why does it seem that I can't even turn around Without someone finding disapproval of me? Well I say screw it I'm so golly gee sick and tired of buying into"
  • Abattoir Ace Of Spades
    "If you like to gamble I'll tell you I'm the man You win some you lose some It's all the same to me The pleasures to play- it makes no difference what you say I don't share your greed- The only card I need"
  • Chris Rea Ace Of Hearts
    "Could this be true Could this be me The one who kept himself so high and free Caught up in the highest game of all And all my defences tumble and fall Only the ace of hearts can save now I wake in early"
  • Adelleda Double Base
    "Products of lust through incidental reproduction A group of kids stuffed, primed and fated for self-destruction Four or five years will get the job done Sometimes advancement comes with two or even none But"
  • Lobo Ace
    "(Jimmy Buffett) It hardly seems a long time just a minute of the day When the man who stood beside me more than gave himself away The food stain on his spotted shirt a gray beard on his face A man composed"
  • Jimmy Buffett Ace
    "It hardly seems a long time just a minute of the day When the man who stood beside me more than gave himself away The food stain on his spotted shirt a gray beard on his face A man composed of many names"
  • Ace Of Base All For You
    "Tried to write you a love song thought I could so far what I told you - you misunderstood it used to be so good what went wrong with us? I remember a night in Montparnasse you gave me a painting it made"
  • 3rd Bass Ace In The Hole
    "Ace is the place with the helpful hardware Prime's got a spare, it's truth or dare Stare into the face of a kid who is a hypocrite Take all that hate -- why don't you try flippin it? I never went"
  • Neeka Killing Ace
    "you've got a killer ace, hide it on your heart just lit your second cigarette and check the ceiling on your back you play it, mean no harm they faint into your arms but men can't fill your memory with"
  • Profane Omen Base
    "I keep my base... I watched our common wealth go down with your preaching, dead empty words like those belong to the self-righteous... Do you have a clue what it means to breath in hell? I don't, but I"
  • Robyn Hitchcock Bass
    "We're overheating in a small town world We're overeating in a small town world I hear the sound of several different crimes The distant eel and the silver chimes Lieutenant Hodges often said to me "I see"
  • King Tee Bass
    "(King Tee) Yo Pooh, let's.. drop.. some.. Bass, to make the walls shake and vibrate the floor, just like an earthquake King Tee is back again, but with a new topic I wouldn't listen too close cause it's"
  • Alan Jackson Ace Of Hearts
    "(written by: Lonnie Wilson,Ron Moore,Carson Chamberlain) Love's a gamble every heart will take You roll the dice in hopes that it won't break One night I bet on your blue eyes and took a chance And I"
  • My Dying Bride Base Level Erotica
    "What do you see What do you see when eyes are closed What do you feel What do you feel when she's below Who do you want Who do you want her to be. A star What do you see What do you see when eyes flick"
  • Monsters Of The Midday Mr. Bass
    "He has run the water Now 15 years Ruling the structure And ruling the piers Beautiful and silent As he tends his mighty shore But now he's caught and Released to heaven's door See you on the flip slide,"
  • George Strait Ace In The Hole
    "You've got to have an ace in the hole. A little secret that nobody knows. Life is a gamble, a game we all play, But you need to save something for a rainy day. You've got to learn to play your cards right"
  • Bobby Darin Ace In The Hole
    "Johnny: This town is full of guys who think they're mighty wise just because they know a thing or two. Bobby: You'll meet them night and day strollin' up and down Broadway telling of the wonders"

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