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Ack - vorstadtrebell

  • Ack - Bowling For Soup
    "She's a lovely girl But only when she gets her way She can be thoughtful Which is cool sometimes I think i like her But she sends an inconsistent vibe I hold my hand out Then she punches me good-bye She's"
  • Ack H - Dia Psalma
    "Ack hgaste himmel och fallande jord det kostar p en yngling att leva hr p jord att leva hr p jorden, det plgsamt vara m att lska lilla vnnen, den aldrig man kan f Du talar visst vl, men du tnker inte"
  • Ack Like You Know - Flo Rida
    "Shawty had them Apple Bottom Jeans (Jeans) Boots with the fur (With the fur) The whole club was lookin at her She hit the flo (She hit the flo) Next thing you know Shawty got low low low low low low low"
  • Ack Like U Want It - Black Moon
    "Boo-Ya-Kaa, check my foul and my style Never on the Isle, bucked shots as a juvenile A little freestyle fanatic, I shot the rap addict With an automatic, now I got static See back in the days, I was a"
  • Typhon?an Soul Zod?ack - Behemoth
    "Above the high temple ov matter Svastikas ov time slash the heaven And from the pit, from the slime From the thought Gliphotic intruder decays Lilith, Thantilaxath, Zi'uaq Non-manifestation born in the"
  • Movin out - Billy Joel
    "Anthony works in the grocery store Savin his pennies for some day Mama Leone left a note on the door She said "Sonny move out to the country" Ah but working too hard can give you A heart attack, ack,"
  • Looking Back - Nat King Cole
    "-Artist: Nat King Cole -peak Billboard position # 5 in 1958 -Words and Music by Clyde Otis, Brook Benton, and Belford Hendricks -also charted by Joe Simon in 1969 at #70 Looking ba-a-ack over my life I"
  • Moving out - Bethany Joy Lenz
    "Oo Hoo, oh oh...Anthony works in the grocery storeSaving his pennies for someday.Momma Leoni left a note on the door.She said, "Sonny, move out to the country.Aw, but working too hard can give you a heart"
  • Bortgl - Dungen
    "Du blir nog aldrig bortglmd fr allt dumt som du har gjort Kan man bli frlten, i den vrld du lever i? Du blir vl aldrig misstrodd? Fr att ljuga r ett skmt Du var vl aldrig bortskmd? Men du hatar allting"
  • Danny Boy - Willie Nelson
    "Oh Danny boy The pipes, the pipes are ca-alling From glen to glen And down the mountain side And the summer's gone All the leaves are dy-y-ying It's you, it's you Must go and I must bide But come ye"
  • Movin' Out - Billy Joel
    "Anthony works in the grocery store Saving his pennies for someday. Momma Leoni left a note on the door. She said, "Sonny, move out to the country. Working too hard can give you a heart attack, ack, ack,"
  • Nicht Schon Wieder - Excrementory Grindfuckers
    "Grindfuckers nicht schon wieder! Ubroaah, lorrekl's lets at hall Furr wet brooooaah. Gru rleck ack ruuuuhah! Gru aga sonns! Ruh reaggae ruration ah-wooooo Who wears a dirty outa whlaaaaa Sie sind wieder"
  • Give A Little Love - Mr. President
    "Here we go F.B.I. Here we go F.B.I. Here we go, here we go, yo dont you know, you gotta get ack to know Here we go, here we go, yo dont you run, hes the man with the silver gun Verse 1: Give it a space,"
  • Guess Who's Back - 50 Cent
    "Guess who's biz-ack it's not beanie Siegal or J-Hov It's 50 Cent ya niggas should know Don't make me relapse Run up on yo' ass with the 4 You punk nigga I done told you before Fuck being in a cage "man"
  • Honey Bee (Let's Fly To Mars) - Grinderman
    "1234 Mad mullahs and dirty bombs Alert the coasal command Ack-ack positions everyone She's my honey bee and here she comes Cancer rabies sars Hairy beards and hurtling stars Won't somebody touch me? Won't"
  • Hit The North - Ladytron
    "Hit the North My Cat says eeeee-ack Hit the North 95% of (hayseeds or corn-pone), guaranteed (1) Computers infest the hotels Cops can't catch criminals But what the heck, they're not too bad, they talk"
  • Tears On Your Anorak - Cutting Crew
    "Eede It's a classic situation Boy meets girl meets new temptation go I demand an explanation But you keep losing concentration so So you tell him those little white lies again Saw you dancing with the"
  • Ikaros L - Ola Magnell
    "Nr gossen jumbo sov stt i barnatro Under en John Bauer-passepartout Flg en fjril genom tankens gr gardin Mellan ensamheten och fantasin Han greps av svindel nr festens bl ballong Gjort sej ls och lyft"
  • Den Lille Landstrykaren - Ulf Lundell
    "Ack mor kra mor, vad kyrkan r kall Men krogen r skn och trivsam och varm Och dr gr man mej vl. Kyrkan den har mej ihjl r det s man i himlen far fram med min sjl Men om vi i kyrkan fick l till ett rus och"
  • Herr Olof - Gjallarhorn
    "Herr Olof han rider sig i ottesng Faller rim driver dag fram Honom tycktes det vara ljusan dag Herr Olof kommer hem nr som skog gres grn Dr dansar lv och lvor sm, lvkungens dotter med utslaget hr lvkungen"

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