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  • Adele - Cold Shoulder
    "You say it's all in my head And the things I think Just don't make sense So where you been then? Don't go all coy Don't turn it round on me Like it's my fault See I can see That look in your eyes The one"
  • Adele Tsch - Funny Van Dannen
    "Er ist Italo-Berliner, ihre Vorfahren kamen aus Polen Also beide katholische Wurzeln, Sie sehen sich beim berholen Schon an der nchsten Ampel springen Sie einfach raus Sie sehen sich in die Augen und Sie"
  • I Love It (ft. Adele Givens) - Kanye West & Lil Pump
    "you’re such a fucking hoe i love it you’re such a fucking hoe i love it you’re such a fucking hoe i love it I;ma fuck a butch tell her cousin your boyfriend is a dork mcLovin Dork Mc Lovin I just pulled"
  • Hello (from the Inside) Parodia Adele - Chris Mann
    "Hello (from the Inside) it's just me , myself and I and i stay home order that's breaking my heart but it's clearly what we should have done from the start"
  • Achim, kaj żech je? (Śląska wersja "Hello" Adele) - Frele
    "Achim, kaj żech je? Jio tu siedza już za długo Cibie czekom fest Achim, pieronie Tyś mówił , ze zaroz przyjdzesz … Ty gorolu z Sosnowca Z dupia ci Mom dla ciebie rolada Kluski modro kapusta Robiony makaron"
  • That's It I Quit I'm Moving On - Adele
    "Adele 19 That's It I Quit I'm Moving On When we used to say goodnight Id always kiss and hold you tight but lately you dont seem to care you close the door and leave me standing there, Oh honey thats not"
  • He won't go - Adele
    "Some say I'll be better without you, But they don't know you like I do, Or at least the sides I thought I knew, I can't bear this time, It drags on as I lose my mind, Reminded by things I find, Like notes"
  • I'll be waiting - Adele
    "Hold me closer one more time, Say that you love me in your last goodbye, Please forgive me for my sins, Yes, I swam dirty waters, But you pushed me in, I've seen your face under every sky, Over every border"
  • Razem przez życie (Miszel Blend) - Paluch x Adele
    "Paluch Nie ma tu miejsca na gierki (o nie, nie, nie) A nie ma tu miejsca na testy (o nie, nie, nie) Nie jesteśmy już dziećmi (tak dobrze wiem) Możemy być młodzi na wieki i przez to razem przejść Nie chce"
  • Last nite - Adele
    "Last night she saidOh, baby I feel so downOh, and turned me offWhen I feel left outSo II turned aroundOh, baby I don't care no moreI know this for sureI'm walking Out that doorWell, I've been in townFor"
  • Now and then - Adele
    "Sometimes the holeYou left hurts my heartSo bad it cuts throughThe deepest parts of meAnd fills up my mouthWith words that I cryHow I'm still tryingTo stay insideHearts breakAnd hearts waitTo make usGrow"
  • Steady as she goes - Adele
    "Find yourself a girlAnd settle downLive a simple lifeIn a quiet townSteady as she goes(Steady as she goes)Steady as she goes(Steady as she goes)So steady as she goesYour friends have shownA kinkIn the"
  • That's it i quit i'm movin' on - Adele
    "When we usedTo say goodnightI'd always kissAnd hold you tightBut latelyYou don't seemTo careYou close the doorAnd leave meStanding thereOh, honeyThat's not fairThat's itI quitI'm movin' onThe other nightWe"
  • Best For Last - Adele
    "Wait, do you see my heart on my sleeve? It's been there for days on end and It's been waiting for you to open up Just you baby, come on now I'm trying to tell you just how I'd like to hear the words"
  • Chasing Pavements - Adele
    "I've made up my mind Don't need to think it over If I'm wrong, I am right Don't need to look no further This ain't lust, I know this is love But if I tell the world I'll never say enough Cause it"
  • Cold Shoulder - Adele
    "You say it's all in my head And the things I think just don't make sense So where you been then? Don't go all coy Don't turn it round on me like it's my fault See I can see that look in your eyes The"
  • Crazy For You - Adele
    "Found myself today singing out your name You said I'm crazy If I am I'm crazy for you Sometimes sitting in the dark wishing you were here Turns me crazy But it's you who makes me lose my head And every"
  • Melt My Heart To Stone - Adele
    "Right under my feet there's air made of bricks Pulls me down turns me weak for you I find myself repeating like a broken tune And I'm forever excusing your intentions And I give in to my pretendings Which"
  • First Love - Adele
    "So little to say but so much time Despite my empty mouth the words are in my mind Please wear the face, the one where you smile Because you lighten up my heart when I start to cry Forgive me first love,"
  • Right As Rain - Adele
    "Who wants to be right as rain It's better when something is wrong You get excitement in your bones And everything you do's a game When night comes and you're on your own You can say I chose to be alone Who"

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