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Aden foyer

  • Other Side Of The Moon - Aden Foyer
    "I keep my exes locked in a penthouse Oh what can I do (Oh what can I do babe) I keep my fingers crossed when I see you whatever you do I wanna travel the world And bring you along I wanna see the other"
  • Amor De Ghetto - Don Aden & Bascur
    "Amor de Ghetto- Don Aden &Bascur Yo, tu sabes mi amor que te amo, y que mi amor es sincero Tu sabes que lo nuestro, esto pa' mi es un sueo El tenerte aqu a mi lado Y digan lo que digan de m, Ten siempre"
  • Mr. Xcitement - They Might Be Giants
    "Cafe con pan, cafe con pan, Rock on my hubba, the beat is blubba Being stingy on the pike collect the one into the otha Careen in tandem, the sea into the landem The people in the pix they want to scarf"
  • De Paso - Franco Battiato
    "De paso Tauto teni zwn kai teqnhkoz kai (to) egregoroz kai kaqeudon kai neon kai ghraion tade gar metapesonta ekeina esti kakeina palin tauta. Pasan los aos trenes y ratas de cloacas, murgas"
  • When They Ring Those Golden Bells - Carl Smith
    "There's a land beyond the river that we call the sweet forever And we only reach at shore by fate's decree One by one we'll gain the portals there to dwell with the immortals When they ring those golden"
  • At Amber - Morrissey
    "I'm calling you from the foyer Of the Sands Hotel Where the men and the women Are acquainted quite well And the drunkards keep on drinking And oh, my room is cold I'm disputing the bill I will"
  • Relax - Edoardo Bennato
    "Si Toller tanz im haus der unverbindlichkeit wo jeder zehn minuten star sein kann doch das tempo wird diktiert vom cadillac relax relax relax Fili tesi tra le generazioni per distinguere chi dentro"
  • I Was Meant For The Stage - The Decemberists
    "I was meant for the stage I was meant for the curtain I was meant to tread these boards Of this much I am certain I was meant for the crowd I was meant for the shouting I was meant to raise these hands"
  • Excuse Moi - Zazie
    "Excuse-moi Si je te laisse tomber Au beau milieu du repas Mais j'en ai soup de toi Excuse-moi Fini les bons petits plats Tu n'as plus qu' rchauffer Une autre femme au foyer Une qui t'aime Sans poser"
  • Mimizan - Beirut
    "The lines are on board It's quiet offshore But the wind blows The children are here But the women just stare From the windows See the lawns outside Groomed green lawns Oh, how they glow And I spotted you"
  • Thunder - Imagine Dragons
    "Just a young gun with a quick fuse I was uptight, wanna let loose I was dreaming of bigger things And wanna leave my own life behind Not a “Yes sir!”, not a follower Fir the box, fit the mold Heave a"
  • Hallstatt - Absu
    "From an empty house... In take-flight, the grey hawks verged upon a sunless sky Wild, whistling winds carried them sorely, and sailed them bristly in the same shady sky. In take-ground, branded the mark"
  • Un Sourire - Lorie
    "Refrain: Un sourire, ne cote rien et produit beaucoup Il enrichit ceux qui le reoivent Sans appauvrir ceux qui le donnent Il ne dure qu'un instant mais son souvenir est parfois ternel. Personne n'est"
  • Elle Court - Pich Paul
    "Une orpheline m'a dtrouss m'aideriez-vous la retrouver elle n'a ni parents ni foyer pour la corriger impunment elle court son gr son air gamine m'a drout comment vous dire tout c'qu'elle m'a vol quelques"
  • Umiej - Trzeci Wymiar
    "Ref: Umiejętności ej ty tam u mnie jest dość ich, Skurwiele prości witam w klubie szczerości... Szad: Ja gram w to jak HarlemGlobtroters, mój klan ze zdartym gardłem non topers, trwam bo prawdę poparłem,"
  • Craque Monsieur - Zazie
    "Je fais le gosse Je fais le th Je bois la tasse Et je me tais Tu fais ngoce De poupes culottes Qui n'ont de cesse Que de l'enlever Femme et matresse Le male est fait Ainsi font Et puis se dfont Les maris"
  • Conversations - Cold Chisel
    "Kneeling at the hotel reception Violin a-sobbing on his knee Twenty bright rozellas on his shoulder Coin from a wealthy Ceylonese Hungry people hangin' on the corner Other people cruisin' by in cars Feeding"
  • Mr. Reed - Eurythmics
    "Oh Mr Reed, do you mind I didn't notice I could see, that you had both feet, not quite on the ground Oh Mr Reed, do you think I didn't see you Crying in the foyer, after midnight, by the telephone booth"
  • Pani Mariola - Akurat
    "mdk mck mosir mok wszyscy tańczą jeden krok lecz znalazła się Mariola która znała rock and roll i chce wpuścić więcej ludzi żeby zrobić szoł na to zbiesił się kierownik który w nazwisku miał leń nic"
  • Thunder / Young Dumb & Broke - Imagine Dragons, Khalid
    "so you still thinking of me just like, I know you should I can’t give you everything you know I wish I could I am so high at the moment I’m so cold pen this you Young Dumb Young Dumb Young Dumb Young"

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