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Admiral Fallow Guest Of The Government

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Admiral Fallow Guest Of The Government

  • Guest Of The Government - Admiral Fallow
    "So you've tied your colours to the mast Geld up the white bag with the highest flag Lock the bathroom door, boy, have a blast Use the flush to justify the aftermath The Aftermath Oh and look now you're"
  • Fallow - The Weakerthans
    "Wait until the day says it's closing, and public is put away. Write by the light of a pay phone your list of "I meant to say". Like "Winter comes too soon", or "Radiators hum out of tune". Out under the"
  • Fallow - Fiction Plane
    "Sensing that this is a dark day I remember when the sun came again No need to fight the world myself I have victory built into history Cause I have seen better days There will be better days This is"
  • Admiral - King Creosote
    "Girlfriend for you I have fallen Just a little way in I'm just a little bit sore Girlfriend, for you I have spoken out I've taken a hefty clout To the jawbone for my sins For my sins Girlfriend, it's"
  • Jonathan Fallow - Pain
    "Witness Jonathan Fallow, sit & stare, He's a cartoon engineer extraordinaire He's a tatterdemalion of dubious means, Paper champion pencil making scenes You see objects he sees life like Bulbous-eyed"
  • Government - Rockfour
    "Unhappy chords you better count the seconds It's gonna crack, collect the dirty matters Surrender to the old addictions Look at yourself, a copycat with no religion That's what you are The choice you've"
  • Fallow me - Vanessa Amorosi
    "Verse 1: So youre looking for answers, and theyre selling your choices in the confort of your own tv and the magazine covers, they made you discover beauty is all that you need pre-chorus: its"
  • Admiral For President - Admiral Freebee
    "Thousand lonely women Gathering on my lawn And the cops Wanna know the meaning of this song We had to get away fast When we did we travelled slow All I ever use Is the main roads Christ was driving drunk Pulled"
  • Admiral William Brown - Irish Folksongs
    "From a county Mayo town came a man of great renownAs a sailor and a soldier was none bolderHe went to America at an early age they sayAs a cabin boy to sail the wide world overThen adventure took him south"
  • Admiral Fell Promises - Red House Painters
    "Come out from the burning fire butterfly Let me lock you in my room and keep you For a while Could you be the answer to my every prayer? Could you be the one for who I care? Come into my arms and let"
  • The Guest - Phantom Planet
    "I suppose that there's no way To break a broken heart But you've been gone I don't know how long I waited with open arms Would you please put out your cigarette? Cause the guest is getting sick of it And"
  • The Guest - Bouncing Souls
    "Lost somewhere and trying to find a place to belong to the empty alleys and parking lots is where I'll be when everyone goes home I like what I see it's nothing special to me and nothing's coming down"
  • Government Center - The Modern Lovers
    "Well we've got alot alot alot of hard work today We gotta rock at the government center Make the secretaries feel better When they put those stamps on the letters And they got alot alot alot of great"
  • Guest Informant - The Fall
    "Baghdad/Space Cog/Analyst * You'll never guess who informed It was Craig and Steve The stool pigeons, cha-cha-cha-cha... Guest informant, guest informant Guest informant, guest informant I followed"
  • Guest room - The National
    "Theyre gonna send us to prison for jerksfor having vague ideas of the way to turn each other on againTheyre gonna send us to prison for jerksTheyll find us here here here in the guest roomwhere we throw"
  • Government Darling - Spoon
    "Well he's down with the capitalist system but he lost a lot, those capitalists he's read you every book that you'd ever list him, and now he'll put you back up there on your shelf you're the government"
  • Government Walls - James
    "Break down the government walls speak in tongues, power is money I see our interest fall well behind their curtain break down the government walls infiltrate our television Break down the government walls trying"
  • Government Action - Skrewdriver
    "What a drag, what a waste of time Want more money or a life of crime? Do as much work as an older man He gets much more money than I ever can Chorus: Gimmie some, government action Gimmie some, gimmie"
  • Abolish government - Slayer
    "Abolish government There's nothing to it Forget about God He's no innocent We live by a system Of perfect goals People vs. people who are bored and old Life must rest on the man who represents Looking"
  • Government Music - Promoe
    ""Well I got things to do/ and people got things to say/ Said I got work to do/ and the people find time to play/ Babylon system is stuck in a slow modem/ why yall persisting to fuck with the Promoe when/ No"

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