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Adrian Belew Power Trio -

  • Adrian S.O.S. - Running Wild
    "Clock strikes midnight, a wolf adores the moon The vanguard of hell is coming soon Bloodstained altar, crucifix inverse The devil touched the cradle, god gets his curse Son of Satan's coming, to free all"
  • Trio - Elton John
    "Music by elton john Lyrics by tim rice Elton's solo version is unreleased It's so strange he doesn't show me more affection than he needs Almost formal, too respectful, never takes romantic leads There"
  • Adrian - Sophie B. Hawkins
    "Not 'cause you're older Or 'cause you're better Although you're older and you're better Yes it's truly thrilling But also 'cause you Just let me love you Adrian Adrian This is my first time So I hope"
  • Adrian - Quindon Tarver
    "Adrian Came Home Again Last Summer Things Just Haven't Been the Same Around Here People Talk People StareOh, Adrian, Come Out and PlayAn Unfortunate Accident in a Canoe Dr. Said, "I'm Sorry Not Much I"
  • Adrian - Jewel
    "Adrian came home again last summer Things just haven't been the same around here People talk People stare Oh, Adrian, come out and play An unfortunate accident in a canoe Dr. said, 'I'm sorry not much"
  • Adrian - Elvis Costello
    "Adrian - don't you understand? Fools like us are always dreaming. And when you go to bed And cover up your head It's better if you try to stop remembering. And the world is slowly dawning To wake up to"
  • Adrian - Eurythmics
    "Adrian - don't you understand? Fools like us are always dreaming. And when you go to bed And cover up your head It's better if you try to stop remembering. And the world is slowly dawning To wake up to"
  • Adrian - Arakain
    "Umatn vlasy mu dnou pinavj sotva bt me starej kivk pe svdectv ze v pohasl slvy V bufetech ndranch dneska hled dvnej as kdy kval si Adrian chyt dech pt se pro dn vda trva chlast v tom jedu kal tvrk Adrian Zbyl"
  • Adrian - Mason Jennings
    "Looking down from the apple treeMy hands tied in back of meWith this rope below my chinWe don't fear death my adrianTrust me son that one day soonYou'll be on the bottom where the boat breaks throughTo"
  • Adrian Polak (FAME MMA 3) - BANDURA X MERGHANI
    "postawa bojowa kopie jak towar Adrian Polak postawa bojowa kopie jak towar Adrian Polak wchodzi ten sierp na łeb kontra, do tego obrona wchodzi ten sierp na łeb Adrian Polak ja nie nosze cassio na"
  • Meet Me In The Dark - Adrian Belew
    "When the sun comes up In the nuclear sky And the life we had Has blown up and died We will shed no tear, We will skip no beat And we will walk right down The middle of the street So let the power fail Let"
  • Inner revolution - Adrian Belew
    "So welcome to the real world Where there?s nowhere to hide From the pain and hurt, You?ve got to take it in stride You say you?ve got your big problems, Baby, join the club You won?t find the solutions"
  • Animal grace - Adrian Belew
    "Hey, the makings of a real event He slices through the urban air, Immediate and confident Yes, he?s riding on a sonic wave Defining a modern pose Arriving in the status age I watched the animal grace Stir"
  • All her love is mine - Adrian Belew
    "She carries me through days of apathy when I am a desert she washes over me and it gives me peace to know she accepts me even in my folly If the spotlight falls from my face or when I lose my grace oh"
  • Trio metal - Daniela Mercury
    "A massa em lata invadia, metida a heavy metalEletricidade via, nua nao tropicalUm passo plugado no mundo inteiroUm rock prensado pro carnaval o tempo no espao, um povo em pesoBalanando na voltagem do"
  • Trio' pain - Caroline's Spine
    "She said, "who answered the phone?I dont understand, i thought youd be aloneTonight."I said, "the girl who lives here,Said the band could stay if we bought theBeer."She said, "i dont like the sound of"
  • Adrian Blackwood - Crystal Eyes
    "Music: Mikael Dahl - Lyrics: Dahl, Gtesson 1660, a child was born, who grew up to be a man of greed and scorn Born a noble, but denied his legacy, young Adrian began a life of piracy Possessed with"
  • Alkaline Trio - Rooftops - Hot Water Music
    "i've gotten the scars to remind me i've watched the clocks go around i've walked myself through some days that have put me where i am in another time in another place all things might have been in"
  • The heroic trio - J Church
    "Something had to happen, Something had to change, Babies vanishing, sacrificed, To a eunuch with no name, Make a move, Things to choose, Either way you're bound to lose, Even Wonder Woman sometimes sings"
  • Chad Mitchell Trio Collection (1997) - Chad Mitchell Trio
    "{{Album |fLetter=C |Album=Chad Mitchell Trio Collection |Artist=Chad Mitchell Trio |Released=1997 |star = Green }} # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' #"

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