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Adrian Marcel ft sage the Gemini -2AM

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Adrian Marcel ft sage the Gemini -2AM

  • Put It On Me (Ft. Sage The Gemini) - Austin Mahone
    "I don't wanna leave here without ya, I want you to know All night I've been thinking about ya, so if you ready to go Baby come on my way, I can tell by the look that's all on your face You want it too But"
  • Adrian - Quindon Tarver
    "Adrian Came Home Again Last Summer Things Just Haven't Been the Same Around Here People Talk People StareOh, Adrian, Come Out and PlayAn Unfortunate Accident in a Canoe Dr. Said, "I'm Sorry Not Much I"
  • Adrian - Jewel
    "Adrian came home again last summer Things just haven't been the same around here People talk People stare Oh, Adrian, come out and play An unfortunate accident in a canoe Dr. said, 'I'm sorry not much"
  • Adrian - Elvis Costello
    "Adrian - don't you understand? Fools like us are always dreaming. And when you go to bed And cover up your head It's better if you try to stop remembering. And the world is slowly dawning To wake up to"
  • Adrian - Eurythmics
    "Adrian - don't you understand? Fools like us are always dreaming. And when you go to bed And cover up your head It's better if you try to stop remembering. And the world is slowly dawning To wake up to"
  • Adrian - Mason Jennings
    "Looking down from the apple treeMy hands tied in back of meWith this rope below my chinWe don't fear death my adrianTrust me son that one day soonYou'll be on the bottom where the boat breaks throughTo"
  • GDFR (feat. Sage The Gemini and Lookas) - Flo Rida
    "I know what you came here to see If you're a freak, then ya coming home with me And I know what you came here to go Now bust it open let me see you get low It's going down for real It's going down for"
  • Gemini - Eric Burdon & The Animals
    "Sometimes I'm old Sometimes I'm smiling I'm ever-changing, Turning like the sky Sometimes I'm young Sometimes I frown Well, sometimes I'm bold Sometimes I'm shy I never seem To compromise I'm always"
  • Gemini - Alan Parson Project, The
    "Alan Parson Project, The Eye In The Sky Gemini (lead vocal - chris rainbow) Watching waiting rising falling Listening calling drifting Touching feeling seeing believing Hoping sending leaving I couldn't"
  • S16 (ft. Sage) - Sawa Specnaz
    "mnóstwo rzeczy mam do zrobienie wkur* mnie już ta epidemia kiedy wszystko wróci sdo normy czy świat który znam właśnie sie skończył? kto za tym wszystkim za tym stoi a może Bóg chce nam dopierd* mnożą"
  • Gemini - Anne-Marie
    "I don't feel like you know me anymore Like I don't know me anymore, yeah Say where's that girl we knew before 'Cause we don't see her anymore, yeah Used to get lost in conversation But it seems we've had"
  • Gemini - Elusive
    "Tonight the darkness leaves no traces One final way Of your design In all the dreams of all the days so strange and wild Misery play And the fire takes my heart tonight This is the one This is the nightfall This"
  • Gemini - Paris, Texas
    "if you promise me you won't leave first if you promise me you won't leave clear the books of the pictures summers between six and nineteen you were younger take them all off the wall so you can"
  • Gemini - Skrew
    "I can see Through my dandelion eye Broken skin Poison vein Dandelion I can see inside Through my dandelion eye No longer blind Taste of life on top of my tongue My cold grey brain Burning like a gun I"
  • Gemini - Eternity X
    "Two sides to every story, one mind split in two Changing our basic instinct Communication will break you through I want to see the other side Another place in another time yeah I wanna set your mind"
  • Gemini - One Inch Punch
    "What's that you said and could you please leave the door ajar What's that you posed? tell me how that goes and who else knows? She knows Questions in your mind, trying hard to find. but simply be for"
  • Gemini - Seven Steps Of Denial
    "Your inner child, the second soul Not conscious enough To know what is lost Grief and loss turned into senses A sense of emptiness Our lives' to be tossed My Gemini, born A memory of being whole My"
  • Gemini - Why?
    "It starts with you on a mattress in your parents' old room, clipping your toenails into the room like the room will fade and you will move onto other rooms and you will go to other places. Then the wedding, Then"
  • Gemini - Leki
    "Chorus: What shall I do today What shall I wear How is the weather out there? Oh, shall I watch tv, turn on my radio How to live my life, I don't know.. Today is one of those days I feel lost, I"
  • Gemini - Slayer
    "(Music: King, Lyrics: Araya) Endure the pain you know my name I am your soul insane I am no one no one who cares I am your soul despair Your fear deceives vulnerability leaving an easy prey Consume"

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