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Afroman - Just My Paranoia

  • Just My Paranoia - Afroman
    "Ya know I dun been to jail for a lot of stupid shit and when you go to jail for a lot of stupid shit, you try not to go back and...ya know i take percausion ya know however, sometimes you can take too"
  • Paranoia - Maanam
    "Feel so heavy, So heavy and so weary My arms are aching, My head is breaking open All these people, They all want something from me My heart is aching, Slowly disintegrating Paranoia So cold"
  • Paranoia - Virgin Snatch
    "Who Is That Deuce, Paranoid Deuce Ominous Deuce All Day All What I See - The Personal Deal I Realize What They Pay For Fortune And The Fame Civil Disorder Military Rules Everybody Are Fool Ominous Deuce,"
  • Paranoia - Elsiane
    "Come enter the world from where I'm coming It's a hell of a world, this is all inside It's always growing inside of me Come enter the world in where I'm falling It's a hell of a world this is all in"
  • Paranoia - Noa
    "Lyrics: Achinoam Nini (Noa), Ron Mizrachy, Gil Dor Music: Achinoam Nini (Noa) Paranoia is a bad disease Paranoia, has got me on my knees I've got a patented pad-lock on my toilet door Gonna hold"
  • Paranoia - New York Rel-X
    "i walk in to their shadows everywhere i go they are watching me they won't leave me alone as i shiver in fear threathened for my life i turn my shoulder as i hide & cry as the night grows colder"
  • Paranoia - Swollen Members
    "(Mad Child) Sometimes I stare at the wall when I'm alone in my room I'm an abusive reclusive like Dr. Doom Parts of darkness descend and consume me You wont believe the gloomy thoughts that run through"
  • Paranoia - Green Day
    "I had visions, I was in them I was looking into the mirror To see a little bit clearer The rottenness and evil in me Fingertips have memories And I can't forget the curves of your body And when I feel"
  • Paranoia - Harvey Danger
    "'''The Actual title of this song is [ ]''' I had visions, I was in them I was looking into the mirror To see a little bit clearer The rottenness and evil in me Fingertips have memories Mine can't forget"
  • Paranoia - Royce Da 5'9
    "Call it Paranoia. Yea Every day is war. Every day, niggaz is gon' hate Gotta move (Royce Da 5'9") I'm a walking target I'm so far from soft, I'm probably close to the hardest nigga you ever saw, been"
  • Paranoia - Goldie Lookin Chain
    "Sirens wail and lights start to danceI try to act normal but i'm shittin' my pantsWalking faster, look over my shoulderIt's calming down now, the trails getting colderTurn a corner, I'm in for a shockI"
  • Paranoia - Lord Landless
    "'Open my E-mail, the reference is urgent: Some evil people are after your life. Here's this attachment with all that may help you: Open my E-mail and learn to survive.' 'No, I'm not stupid, I won't touch"
  • Selfobtained Paranoia - Blinded Colony
    "Tearing, crawling under my skin Something behind me, something infront of me No-one there but still... The screams in my head The unseen stalker The growing nausea It's coming, I can hear it Blinded"
  • City Paranoia - Holly Tree
    "Well I woke up fucking early today Things to do, no words to say Sounds and worries in my head I'm lonely and I fell scared This city is like drugs in the vein Faces are just looking the same Sounds and"
  • Paranoia Feedback - Technohead
    "I say nothing when I say it loud but I'm happy when I'm under your cloud Sometimes it's better when I'm on my own, sometimes it's better that I don't go home I try forgetting and I try to be pure but"
  • Paranoia Blues - Paul Simon
    "(Paul Simon) I got some so-called friends They'll smile right to my face But, when my back Is turned They'd like to stick it to me Yes they would Oh no no, oh no no There's only one thing I need to know Whose"
  • Extreme Paranoia - Crystal Eyes
    "Sweat is running free, trickling down on my brow Every man that I see is a potential foe Have to stay down, have to stay low Can not let them know And if I just can stay alert and keep my senses clear I"
  • Paranoia - Klaatu
    "'''Paranoia''' (John Woloschuk) Oooh , lately when I'm talkin', I've been talkin' to myself My friends say they don't notice ... but they do cos' I can tell I wake up mad every mornin' an I go"
  • Paranoia - Dope
    "You say I'm paranoid Isn't that what you said You say it's my imagination And I'm fucked in the head P-P-P-Paranoid And it's easy to see Well is it really paranoia Or is somebody after me Is this going"
  • Paranoia - Cheap Sex
    "Searching for the secret plan It's their motive - they're out to get me. Who is listening on the phone I'm afraid to be alone I got 3 locks on my front door A hidden motive is in store Are they out"

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