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Afromental - Making of "Rollin' with you

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Afromental - Making of "Rollin' with you

  • Rollin' With You - Afromental
    "I'm rollin', I'm I'm I'm rollin' I'm rollin', I'm I'm I'm rollin' Awaken attitude in my mood It's time to rock it, today is goin' be mine Maybe somehow I'm fallin' on you Crosses running, let's think"
  • Making Me Blue - Jewel
    "My body is changing To fit itself around your shoe And my insides are aching To be closer to you You're like a crevice Like a crack, not a trace I can't make myself small enough To fit in your space If"
  • Rock&Rollin' Love - Afromental
    "We are Afromental Hey baby let's don't waste time You know that I know that you'll be mine I want give you some my makes me low Oh, you gonna feel just the way you like The sex stangers coming through"
  • Making Moves With Puff - Craig Mack
    "(feat. Puff Daddy) Changed my mind man.. Gotta get the cash, gotta get the dough Gotta keep my flow Peace to Brentwood Town Shipping I'm smoother than that Lex your whipping with the rack"
  • Making Believe - George Jones
    "George Jones & Merle Haggard (J. Work) Album: Merle Haggard Hurtin' (Merle) Making believe that you still love me It's leaving me alone and so blue But I'll always dream, still I'll never own you I'm"
  • Making Christmas - Danny Elfman
    "(CLOWN) This time, this time (GROUP) Making Christmas (CLOWN) Making Christmas (MAYOR) Making Christmas, making Christmas Is so fine (GROUP) It's ours this time And won't the cildren be surprised It's"
  • Making Christmas - The Nightmare Before Christmas (soundtrack)
    "CLOWN This time, this time GROUP Making Christmas CLOWN Making Christmas MAYOR Making Christmas, making Christmas Is so fine GROUP It's ours this time And won't the cildren be surprised It's ours this"
  • Making Waves - Simon Townshend
    "The ship went down with no survivors, no one being found The divers filed in their report assumptions on their lot Misreading or error of judgment Who knows we'll never be certain why it ended up That"
  • Making Zealots - Red Animal War
    "call your cancer call it well the truth my friend we know you're scared do you pray and beg for time it's staring you in the face goodnight i chose the less than traveled road the rest of the country must"
  • Making Progress - Rheostatics
    "im Vesely Right now, We are making progress. We are making dreams come true, Just like we discussed In our most recent letters, Communiques, and measures Of memories and treasures, Kept in bricks and"
  • Making pies - Patty Griffin
    "It's not far I can walk Down the block To TableTalk Close my eyes Make the pies all dayI stick a cap On my hair I used to mind Now I don't care I used to mind Now I don't care Cause I'm greatDid I show"
  • Making Out - No Doubt
    "Yeah... I'm on the second floor with a lock on my door I'm looking at a picture of your face The last time I looked you were looking really good But somehow pictures fade Then we're on the phone and"
  • Decision making - Hangnail
    "It happens every single time just when I thought all is well.I'm either wrong or just not right.It seems I'm never good enough.Look at me I am trying hard as can to bethe person that my sovereign maker"
  • Making Mistakes - Joseph Arthur
    "I can't feel now anybody Buried under who I am Just another one of many Wishing we could start again Making mistakes To kill some time Waking up with the shakes And a poisoned mind I know that you might"
  • Making You Cry - Screeching Weasel
    "I'm sick of putting you down, pushing you around I'm tired of making you feel like you are an eel I tend to open my yap, make you feel like crap And I think that you oughtta kick me out on my ass Cause"
  • Making Dens - Mystery Jets
    "I have a plane, One of the few With roundels on its wings. Lullaby for me and for you, When it flys high it sings Rock me to sleep With que sara, Dear monde do you suppose? As I feel my eyelids"
  • Making Friends - Lagwagon
    "As you're in this search for something to hate I can feel you rally up on someone with your peers But can you stand alone? Can you take the long way home? I've been stuck inside this circle a hundred times"
  • Making Music - Pretty Ricky
    "oooo ah, oooo ah, oooo ah, ahhh(oooo ah) (Chorus) We making music in the bedroom, music in the livingroom, music in the bathroom, when we makin love Music in the bedroom, music in the livingroom, music"
  • The Making Of You - Omarion
    "(Omarion Talks) Hey I Wanna Talk To You Now Woman, I know you don't know ways feel appreciated us, man but we do appreciate you, you know, we may not say it to show it all the time, but this is one of"
  • Making Mail - Big Pokey
    "(*talking*) Jeah, uh Southside (what-what) Worldwide (yeah nigga), E.S.G. (Big Pokey) (Presidential) Presidential, yeah Another Bad Mix Tape, something else for them boys to hate Feel me mayn, ha-ha "

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