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After no

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After no

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After no
  • Nicole Scherzinger No Happily Never After
    ""I don't think I want this anymore," As she drops the ring to the floor. She says to herself, "You've left before," (yeah) "This time you will stay gone, that's for sure." (yeah) And he shattered something"
  • Anjani No One After You
    "Anjani Blue Alert No One After You I danced with a lot of men Fought in an ugly war Gave my heart to a mountain But I never loved before I'm nervous when you turn away My heart is always sore Tuxedo gave"
  • Master P After Dollars, No Cents
    "(feat. Silkk The Shocker) Whatsup niggaz? This the colonel(hu-haha) Mr. M-P(nigga)(haha) Come 1 come all, TRU niggaz ball(I told y'all) I know there's niggas out there waitin' for the fall (Y'all"
  • Hate No Life After Death
    "There was time one Nazerene disguised himself as god And led all human astray-that selfish holy slut! Every day Christ's servents making use of your fear Try to make your mind submissive and believe in"
  • The Boomtown Rats Lookin' After No. 1
    "The world owes me a living I've waited on this dole queue too long I've been standin' in the rain for fifteen minutes That's a quarter of an hour too long. I'll take all they can give me And then I'm"
  • Boomtown Rats Lookin' after no.1
    "The world owes me a living I've waited on this dole queue too long I've been standin' in the rain for fifteen minutes That's a quarter of an hour too long. I'll take all they can give me And then I'm gonna"
  • Faith No More The Morning After
    "Awakened by the sun light Victimized by last night Memories flashin' through my head Was I just born or am I dead? Yesterday's forgotten, the morning after I can taste you, I can hear your laughter Fading"
  • Amazulu After Tonight
    "I'm the key to set you free You can run to me any time for cover Don't play shy, just let me try 'Cause it's you I really want, and not another Baby don't you fight Oh no Don't get your little self uptight 'Cause"
  • Angel City After dark
    "She walks down the line, no sense of time Eternity She talks of the years, blinded by tears Her majestyFantasy The mirror just confused her She pleaded guilty to a charge of Perverse delight Trying to"
  • Paradise Lost Forever After
    "It's orchestrated by another hand Believe inferior dreams that I am Orchestrated I don't understand Belief increasing in me that I am If only we could see and live the dream If only we could still believe"
  • Charlie Louvin After Awhile
    "You pretend you don't see you say just let things be And perhaps she'll come back to stay You tell friends you still care that is just as she's there That you love her so much more each day But after"
  • Swing Out Sisters After Hours
    "After Hours Day time surrenders And the shadows fall You're cigarette lingers You spent the night alone With no one at all Another mellow mood And the silence calls Another fleeting glance Another call"
  • Hank Williams Jr. After You
    "So September follows August I don't mind so three and four and five come after two Will anything mean anything do I care what tomorrow brings I only wonder what comes after you After you when someone smiles"
  • Roxette After All
    "Now it's about time I wrote you a letter Hey baby, it's me for worse or for better Got nothing to waste in pace for another lane Now loss, only gain I know all we had has dried like a desert Stands from"
  • Tweaker After All
    "Dark night is dawning after all Strength less but standing after all I do not fear this after all Not quite so fearless after all After all the waning moon is full After all the rain it feels so cool Hope"
  • Sondre Lerche After All
    "I like you too much After too little time I hold back my heart's crazy rambling The fear that I should overwhelm your smile Frightens the spiders inside me Oh this could be magic After all, after all You"
  • Howie Day After You
    "We'll have our way And I'm holding your hand Thinking about the words to say And I'm thinking about the hands you'll shake The people that you'll meet Along the way Along your way We are faltered after"
  • Pam Tillis After Hours
    "(Verlon Thompson/Suzy Ragsdale) In the after hours Slowly shifting down Last call is over The sign is turned around The chairs are on the tables The drinks are on the house The talk is on the level The"
  • Ophelie Winter After You
    "That girl's been talkin' bout U I overhead what she says I know every word was untrue Especially about your style in bed I'm so glad U're finished with her She doesn't say nothin' good, no, no ! I'so"
  • Kym Marsh After Goodbye
    "I thought I heard you whisper Between the broken light I turned to see, to see you fade away Sometimes I sit and wonder Just how you could be gone And tell me why forever couldn't stay Remember never"

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