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After party-Buja si��

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After party-Buja si��

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After party-Buja si��
  • PTP Bujaj si
    "Bujaj się na dwa, tak jak my..A Ty skumaj postęp, jaki nastał w tym kraju: że dzieciaki nie na raz, a na dwa się bujająx 2A Ty bujaj się jak ja, a Ty bujaj się jak ja, a Ty bujaj się, bujaj się, bujaj,"
  • Koffee Brown After Party
    "And you don't stop Keep Keepin' on Keepin' On Keep Keepin' on You don't stop Welcome to the after party After the party Let's take a little time And talk about it What's going through your mind? It has"
  • GANG ALBANII After party
    "To jest Gang Albanii After party A nie Bailamor czy jakieś kur* szanty Z moim zespołem tworzymy mieszankę I wjeżdżamy pokazać ci jak się tańczy Byłem najebany nie pamiętam niczego Popek przez skypa pyta"
  • Marques Houston After Party
    "Artist : Young Romeo f/ OmarionMarques Houston Title : Afterparty You ready What's up everybody, huh Yeah, I'm Omarion Who that Its a new Sheriff in town Young Rome Welcome to my after party Hope"
  • Young Rome After Party
    "(Omarion talking:) You ready What's up everybody? Yeah, I'm Omarion Who that? It's the new sheriff in town Young Rome (Chorus:) Welcome to my after party (yeah) Hope that you feeling naughty Sexy how"
  • Ozomatli After Party
    "I wonder if we'll ever find a party that lasts all night. There's a vibe in the city I've never felt before in my life. Let's all rush and flow, make a big time aftershow party. If we're gonna get it right"
  • Queens After party
    "Ref.: Żadnych kłamstw, żadnych praw, Ważne wierzyć w ta naszą miłość, Warto wierzyć w nas. Żadnych kłamstw, żadnych praw, Zanim będziesz leczyć czas, By połączyć nas. Nie pozwól mi odejść to był błąd ja"
  • Castet After Party
    "Na band-forum od miesiąca, Atmosfera jest gorąca, Dziś na squot'cie po koncercie Afterparty się odbędzie. Afterparty! Afterparty! To są chyba jakieś żarty, Pojebało się już wszystko, Dzisiaj punki tańczą"
  • Ich Troje Walczyk bujaj si
    "Miałaś niewinną twarz jak na te piętnaście lat obcy kraj, obce miasto i ty pamiętam jak z oczu niebieskich leciały ci łzy tak pamiętam ten dzień, te minuty te dwie co zmieniły me życie - wiesz dobrze,"
  • Tanya Donelly After Your Party
    "One half of one bottle of last night's chianti Some suffering oranges, yesterday's bread You said you might stop by after your party So I'm laying out all that I have When I moved to the city I thought"
  • Little Brother After The Party
    "(feat. Carlitta Durand) Aiyyo baby come over here lemme, let me holla at you for a minute ("I am your conscience! ") Nah nah I'm sayin f'real, come over here Nah f'real let me, lemme holla at you f'real,"
  • Sneaker Pimps After Every Party I Die
    "you're living but you've got no soul you captivate but you hold no weight at all so watch as I start to smile you're living but you've got no soul you captivate but you hold no weight at all so watch"
  • IAMX After Every Party I Die
    "You're living but you've got no soul You captivate but you hold no weight at all So watch as I start to smile You dove and you think you're deep You aggrevate but you always start to speak So watch"
  • Outkast Movin' Cool (The After Party)
    "Andre 3000 and Joi: Movin' cool, movin' cool, cool, movin' cool I can make a stone cold blind man see a better way But when I'm around you you don't have much to say La la la la la whooo Andre 3000: You"
  • Give Up The Ghost The Last Supper After Party
    "Jesus and all his saints couldn't save our wretched face And no man parting some sea could keep you from me We had to walk away from the streets that knew our names I stutter soft and say "I'd give you"
  • This Wild Life After Tonight
    "We've been waiting for this all year Now it's about that time so get ready for it What you've been missing has been right here Follow the music and the lights living for the moment Getting shitty on a"
  • Howie Day Morning After
    "calcutta streams from porchlights where we opened up our party gifts and you fell down the stairs on purpose and you drive to europe in the rain your hair's done up but no one's gonna see it well maybe"
  • 3LW After this
    "Mmmmm mmm mmm mm mmmOooohhKiely:I was just about to walk awayWhen I felt your gravityPulling me closerThere was no breakin' freeIt had a hold on meSo what was I suppossed to doWhen it's getting so hotWas"
  • Angels After Dark
    "I'm feeling so good, I thank my Creator For the feelings I've had kind of late I'm knocking on wood that they will last eternally There's a lad out there in the crowd He's so young and he wants to flirt With"
  • The Velvet Underground After Hours
    "One, two, three If you close the door, the night could last forever Leave the sunshine out and say hello to never All the people are dancing and they're having such fun I wish it could happen to me But"

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