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After vetes erik lloshi

  • Desire By Erik Faber - Erik Faber
    "I told her to stay awake, didn't know the games she were playing. The patch she cut for me, didn't know how it would be Oh, am I weary, is it only in my head? oh how I wish that she would stay CHORUS: She,"
  • Ruleta (feat. Erik) - Inna
    "This is a night to remember It’s a burning hot in December You make me surrender I follow you out on the floor Rock with me now yto the temple Ahora es el momento My body is your temple Ma muy caliente"
  • Eriks Saga - Viking
    "There was a man called Thorvald who was the father of Erik the Red/ He and Erik left their home in Jaedern, in Norway,/ because of some killings and went to Iceland,/ which had been extensively settles"
  • Matame (feat. Erik Frank) - ANTONIA
    "sola, I am sola but there’s a guy in my bed sayin: “Hola!” amigos, we’re just amigos you have a place saved in my lonely pillows y tu, y yo we have a good reason to stay and a good reason to go now I"
  • Erik-En Sang Om Mats - Reach 454
    "Jag heter Mats Wennstig Jag kr en rostig bil, doggystyle. Pappa pappa det gr ju fr fort den r tckt med lort ja, fr den har du snott idag. det r en rtt s billig sak fr den som pengar har medans mats han"
  • Je Te Veux (Erik Satie) - Ali Project
    "J'ai compris ta dtresse Cher amoureux Et je cde tes vux Fais de moi ta matresse Loin de nous la sagesse Plus de tristesse J'aspire l'instant prcieux O nous serons heureux Je te veux Je n'ai pas de regrets Et"
  • After - Riverside
    "I can't take anymore I can't breathe I'm sick of this goddamn darkness, Sick of sadness and tears I throw it all up every single day Together with last night's dinner I have lost myself completely I have"
  • Erik, May You Rape the Angels - Nargaroth
    "Brothers fall, day by day. DEAD was first "and all others followed". But now, another warrior has gone into the reaven realm of darkness. Erik, did you found what you lost: your own god? Erik, did you"
  • CLICK MY LIKE (FT. ERIK GOLD) - Shaun Baker
    "O, o,o,o, o, o! Click my life You’ve got my life! O, o,o,o, o, o! Click my life You’ve got my life!"
  • Erika - Kokia
    "PAPA ya MAMA nimo ie nakatta Nayami katami akashita yoru ga atta yo ne Wake mo naku gakkou sa hottari Doushite ka namida ga koboretari Nandaka zuibun mae no koto no you ni kanjiru ne Nee Erika Yoru no"
  • Don't Bring Flowers - Erik Hassle
    "I'm under pressure, be-gi-gi-ginning to overdrive. I'm a loose canon mmh, I will not make it out alive. See I'm wrapped around your finger, I'm digging in the dirt. I'm so deep into this shit I can taste"
  • Bring My Baby Back - Erik Segerstedt
    "Take my cigarettes trash my guitar I'll do anything just to know where you are I'll write your name across the whole Chines wall Please pick up the phone, answer my call I know last night didn't turn"
  • I Can't Say I'm Sorry - Erik Segerstedt
    "Hey, baby tell me how do you do? It's been a while since I saw you Strange to been talking to you this way After everything that we've been through It makes me sad to make you see that not a single"
  • When I Hear You Say My Name - Erik Segerstedt
    "Every day was just another day Sun up sun down the same old same What was I doing it for? Now I've got so much more I feel it when you say my name Baby I just got to let you know What I'm feeling"
  • After Tonight - Amazulu
    "I'm the key to set you free You can run to me any time for cover Don't play shy, just let me try 'Cause it's you I really want, and not another Baby don't you fight Oh no Don't get your little self uptight 'Cause"
  • After today - David Bowie
    "Always in trouble Never to blame Must be your double Feel the same Here it comes again Doing the wrong thing Forgetting your lines Waiting for something Better to shine Hate that same old game After today"
  • After Time - Era
    "Hey, I'll break the chains That bind your face Hey, I long to touch The sweet embrace After time, after time, after time Hey, the walls are burning Close your eyes Hey, all done to love Be far, it fades After"
  • Morning After - The Buzzcocks
    "Sun streams through the window, it's another day I lie in bed nursing my hangover Couldn't stomach breakfast I feel like throwing up Wake up and face the morning after Wake up and face the morning after The"
  • After All - Roy Orbison
    "You betrayed me after all Built me up to let me fall I still love you after all Mmm, after all After all is said and done All the teardrops, all the fun Guess you're still the only one After all"
  • After Midnight - Eric Clapton
    "(J. J. Cale) After midnight, we're gonna let it all hang down. After midnight, we're gonna chug-a-lug and shout. We're gonna stimulate some action; We're gonna get some satisfaction. We're gonna find"

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