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Against the world world

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Against the world world

  • Against The World - Clödie
    "They will chain us, Humiliate us, Change our fortunes, Darkness awaits all. Fearless army, Growing numbers, They have their answers, But we won’t take it. It’s time to arise,"
  • Against The World - Unleashed
    "He was alone against the world An outcast ever since birth On and on night and day They told him to behave You must fit into society Oh, how he tried but could not agree Be like us and follow trends No,"
  • Against The World - Robin Thicke
    "These days it'shard to find someone to love once you find them you don't want to give up And now I know that we're both alone in this it's just me and you against the world And there's me and there's"
  • Against The World - A Tribe Called Quest
    "(Intro: Phife and Tip) Back at you, Right back at you, (Verse 1: Tip and Phife) Drove around the block, drove a lot, Lookin' all around, don't see no cops, Whispered in your ear, a ghetto star, Sittin'"
  • Us Against The World - Kicked In The Head
    "When I'm wasted just like everyone else And I'm struggling' through all my days And my world's gone from white to black And I can't get outta this maze I need a remedy to keep me young and free so that"
  • Five Against The World - Story Of The Year
    "i never thought i'd see the day that we honestly could say we stand five against the world and the doors are open through all those years i would've died to be right here i never thought of backing down with"
  • Us Against The World - Agnostic Front
    "It was us against the world We were cast aside, Left with no choice It was us against the world Through this movement we found our voice Us against the world That’s how it was, how it is, it never stops Us"
  • Me Against The World - Halo Friendlies
    "Hey boys hey girls Hey anybody who will listen In case you haven't noticed It's just me against the world today I fell out the wrong side of the bed and landed in the woods be- Cause i think there's pop"
  • Me Against The World - Beatsteaks
    "Woke up this morning, it's the same old thing: brother against brother, it's a normal thing, goverment's corrupt, I see the homeless on the streets, the rich get richer, the poor going hungry, no respect"
  • Me Against The World - Tupac
    "(feat. Dramacydal) It's just me against the world Oooohhh, oooohhh Nuttin to lose.. It's just me against the world baby Oahhhh, oahhhahh I got nuttin to lose It's just me against the world "
  • Me Against The World - 2Pac
    "(feat. Dramacydal) [2Pac] It's just me against the world Oooohhh, oooohhh [2Pac] Nuttin to lose.. It's just me against the world baby Oahhhh, oahhhahh [2Pac] I got nuttin to lose It's just me"
  • Us Against The World - Christina Milian
    "If the sun shuts down and decided not to shine no more I would still have you, baby If we see the last day and they say we gotta go to war I'll be fighting with you, baby Cos I know if I'm falling You"
  • Us Against The World - Steve Harris
    "Promises made out of fright, Hands held tight, All is calm tonight I came here looking for a friend To start again And do it right my love But everything went wrong today! I close my eyes, but it won't"
  • Us Against The World - Westlife
    "Us Against The World Against The World (Repeat) Verse 1 You and I, we've been at it so long I still got the strongest fire You and I, we still know how to talk know how to walk that wire Sometimes I"
  • Me Against The World - Superchick
    "Wanna quit and give up Simon says to pack it up Shot down from all sides Don't know why I try So take this and kiss it Your politics won't miss it I wanna go back to L.A. I don't belong that's what they"
  • Me against the world - Superchic(k)
    "Wanna quit and give upSimon says to pack it upShot down from all sidesDon't know why I trySo take this and kiss itGoodbye won't miss itI wanna go back to L.A.I don't belong that's what they sayChorusThey"
  • Me Against The World - Simple Plan
    "Were not gonna be just a part of their game Were not gonna be just the victims Theyre taking our dreams and they tear them apart Til everyones the same Ive got no place to go Ive got nowhere to run Theyd"
  • Us Against The World - Killswitch Engage
    "This day will resound in our melodies The voices of fate A testament to all we hope for They will learn of the passion and tragedy That lies in wait when they stand up Stand up against the onslaught Nothing"
  • U Against The World - Damnation
    "Each religions gonna justify it's own Scent of retribution from every pore Step up to be set free Now the whole damn crowd is clocking me Well, looks like a lack of self-control (Chorus) U against"
  • Fighting Against The World - Vandenberg
    "I don't agree with the way some people make all the rules, control society No rules for me, I wanna live my life the way I want, no one's controlling me They say I'm wrong, I know I'm right I make my own"

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