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Agata karczewska what it is

  • No way to say goodbye (feat. Agata Karczewska) - John Porter
    "There're no way to say goodbye x2 Left my door open but they've all just stayed inside Last traces of you being around Purely a nightmare living in The room without your eyes Staying up all night every"
  • Fool - Agata Karczewska
    "I am busting my empathy to be with the one that loves me truly what a fool I been before your love makes me bag for more last night she told me the day was someone else no need for panic just fainted"
  • Three Morning Whiskey In (feat. Agata Karczewska) - John Porter
    "Utwór 'Three Morning Whiskey In' to kolejny singiel od Johna Portera w którym gościnnie pojawia się Agata Karczewska. Premiera 24 maja 2023r."
  • Envy is My Sin - Agata Karczewska
    "I am just a humble man I am just a lovely man horrified by shame gonna make you believe gonna make you believe that surely I am the only one and Envy is My Sin Envy is My Sin when I am down on my knees do"
  • It Is What It Is - Usher
    "Uh, uh huh Gangster I though it was love Didnt wanna admit that When I looked back It was lust Too bad I had to learn a lesson They were against me You were with me But you never let your"
  • It Is What It Is - Milky Chance
    "New day it’s okay Imma jump in the river Underwater dreams, good God they give me shivers My fantasy’s been good to me I used to care if they were true and wonder what they mean Now I just let it go Do"
  • It Is What It Is - The Highwaymen
    "Ive been obnoxious, Ive been unconscious, Ive been all kinds of things that are hard to spell. Ive been unruly, speaking truly, Ive been so cool I could barely even stand myself. Ive been a monster, without"
  • It Is What It Is - Ras Kass
    "(feat. Jazze Pha) I been around the world once, had your fianc twice I ain't nothin' nice, but every lifestyle got a price Kiss my momma on the cheek cause her love was deep Like Keith Sweat, but the"
  • It is what it is - Cassidy
    "Night Niggaz Need 2 Get They Mind Rite 2 Get Signed Niggaz Probably Take They Mom Life Things People Do Just 2 Get In The Rhyme Life But They Each Your Zone It Is What It Is Man Understand This Their Is"
  • It Is What It Is - E-40
    "It is what it izzzzzz.. It is what it izzzzzz.. You try compromisin, nope - they don't wanna talk And they got them nuts that's off that Acapulco powdered chalk So he untouchable - oh he can be touched?? Well"
  • It Is What It Is - Tony Yayo
    "(chorus) 22's on the Porsche drugs henny in the fridge dats how we live it is wut it is we run up in your crib snatchin kids in your wiz we know where you live it is wut it is if we cant eat then your"
  • It Is What It Is - Kierra Kiki Sheard
    "Can somebody tell me what's going on now, it seems like there's so much confusion in the streets. I heard somebody ask, "what happens when you die", that's when I stepped in... and said "If you don't"
  • It Is What It Is - Elisa
    "Then comes the sun ... then comes the sun ... I'm packing my stuff crying 'cause he's gone I'm not gonna see any of you there I'm gonna go so far I have to be faster maybe I'll get there before the pain won't"
  • It Is What It Is - Outerspace
  • What It Is - Amber Mark
    "I, I gave it my all I tried But nothing could stop this fire So hard to leave it all behind And I know The good with the bad We fall But what is the point of it all? So there goes my heart I fell apart Trying"
  • What It Is - Ali Spagnola
    "Fragile and unaffected Unaware and calculated Untouchable and burning Magnetic and influential Can't break the rules Know how to fake the rules Feel it cause you believe it Follow like you're leading And"
  • What Is It - Baby Bash Feat. Sean Kingston
    "Bash, tell me what it do, tell me what it do Kingston, what is it, what, what? What is it? Hey, hey, hey, hey (What is it?) Lemme see ya go mama, go mama (What is it?) Get your girls and put on a show,"
  • What It Is - Freak Power
    "If you what you wear makes you a man, and what you eat says who you are, and what you see is all you gonna get, tell me what is what you is? If what it is, is what it was, and where it's at, is where"
  • What It Is - Kelis
    "Yeah Flipmode Neptunes nigga What you want nigga, yeah What you want bitches Keep it goin, c'mon Keep it goin, c'mon Keep it goin, c'mon C'mon, c'mon Who be the father to this Bounce right here niggas"
  • What It Is - Bad Religion
    "If there's a purpose and there's a goal There's a virtuous and immoral There's a reason for all of this But I don't know what it is I am one, and plural too I accept them but they exclude I could make"

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