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Age Of Silence

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Age Of Silence

  • Silence - Demether
    "Cold...winter, ice and snow Sound...weeping wind that blows Me...standing on the sacred ground Night...at the ancient graveyard Soul...looking for a saviour Eyes...searching for a girl from a distant time I"
  • Silence - Michael Kiske & Amanda Somerville
    "Michael Kiske Is it just a dream or is it just a deja vu from nowhere? I hide myself my feelings where hurt long ago Just curious in the middle of a lonely road I turn myself away through the day Amanda"
  • Age Of Rock - Sinner
    "Chains that we're draggin' Hidden things that no one sees With wild dreams We're stalkin' the streets Our revolution's just begun Look to the left and to the right You live in danger tonight The age of"
  • Age Of Madness - 3 Colours Red
    "Tension... like wire... on schizophren street A man like fire... keeping it discreet Age of madness... closing into view Corruption of the dearest... ache the bones inside you Feel like you're being used The"
  • Red Age - Joerg Vogeltanz
    "i like to step outside but the door is closed i like to kiss my girl although she lost her skin when i turn around faces are approaching remember me of the black times still feel the pain i felt i"
  • Golden Age - TV On The Radio
    "Heartbeats soundin' Ricocheting in their cage Thought I'd lose my balance With the ground's bounce and sway And all this violence And all this goes away And the vibes that rise like Fireflies illuminate"
  • Middle Age - Wishing Chair
    "Take a look at yourself What can you mean And you can't go farther than you dream There's a restlessness and a kind of lie Too scared to live, too scared to die And there's got to be much more than this Something"
  • Dark Age - Dorling
    "Sitting up and rubbing tired, rested eyes, The conscience rises to intercept the lies The secrets of the competition pleasure are revealed Escaping from the mighty cage that once was locked and sealed Despite"
  • New Age - Thaurorod
    "Like a veil spreaded on the unknown Just like silence that leaves you alone They have searched for the signs from the sky Trying to prove who is wrong, who is right Still we're all alone in a world we"
  • Silence - Theatre of Tragedy
    "This interference's shifting A soft accent cascading A second glimpse of falling TVs Draws me in too easily Some kind of nonchalance Contains my will to chance The avidity of youth The navety of you Somewhere"
  • Silence - Visions Of Atlantis
    "All those precious moments lost in space and time For the only reason she's not of my kind Everything seems so small when I hold her close Everything great is mine, even sunrise "Never to let me go" for"
  • Silence - Jars Of Clay
    "Take, Take 'til there's nothing Nothing to turn to Nothing when you get through Won't you break, Scatter pieces of all I've been Bowing to all I've been Running to Where are you? Where are you? Did you"
  • Silence - System Of A Down
    "In an arrested silence, We plead to our insane gods,And their voices in our heads, Like the silence in the woods,To stop appeasing manAnd his cruel culture of global economic domination.The balance remains"
  • Our Silence - Refused
    "Shut your mouth, this is the age of freedom!? gagged masses, who are the ones that lead us? disregarded system, and it's set up by who? uses so many, but it benefits so few with our silence we vote"
  • Age - Jim Croce
    "I've been up and down and around and 'round and back again, I've been so many places I can't remember where or when. And my only boss was the clock on the wall and my only friend Never really was a friend"
  • Your Silence - Suicide Machines
    "War for profit can nothing stop it punish those unloyal war for oil we dominate we obliterate world economics and other countries U.S. policy hands in everything our intervention ends in destruction collateral"
  • Code of silence - Cyndi Lauper
    "Everybody's got a million questions Everybody wants to know the score What you went through It's something you Should be over now Everybody wants to hear the secrets That you never told a soul before And"
  • Code Of Silence - Billy Joel
    "Everybody's got a million questions Everybody wants to know the score What you went through It's something you Should be over now Everybody wants to hear the secrets That you never told a soul before And"
  • Land Of Silence - Sear Bliss
    "If these trees of old could speak, ... oh the stories they could tell, a time when might sat high upon its mountains Those days of pride blew away with the wind But now silence rules this land and everything"
  • Silence - Fiction Plane
    "Silence cause I'm vain Silence cause my mother thinks I'm beautiful Silence cause I'm vain Silence cause I'm scared of this passage of time Silence as I breathe Silence as my lungs become a metal box Silence"

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