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  • General Public - General Public
    "Come and join the federation We could have communication You can have your application Be inside the battle station Could this be your fascination Look out for hallucinations Stick right to the regulations Must"
  • Public Image - Public Image Limited
    "Hello, hello, hello, hello etc. You never listen to a word that I said You only seen me For the clothes that I wear Or did the interest go so much deeper Imust have been The colour of my hair CHORUS Public"
  • I Won't Let It 'Appen Agen - Slade
    "I won't sing, I won't shout if you throw me out I'll just go on my way with nothing to say but its not gonna 'appen, and no, it won't 'appen I won't let it 'appen agen. You say you lie an' you say that"
  • Public Dissension - Suicidal Tendencies
    "Public dissension! Public dissension! Public dissension! Public dissension! Public dissension! Public dissension! Public dissension! Public dissension! Public dissension! Public dissension! Public dissension! Public"
  • Public Image - Alphabeat
    "You never listen to a word that I say You only see me for the clothes that I wear Oh, did the interest go so much steeper? It must have been the colour of my hair Public image, public image, public image What"
  • Joe Public - The Rutles
    "My name is Joe Public, I'm sure you all know me Sometimes they call me the man in the street but I don't mind I've got my place in society I've got my feet on the ground I've got my pride and my prejudices No"
  • Public Execution - Dirt
    "back in 1984, stretch his fucking neck and he'll die. what for? crimes against the state and crimes against the law, talking out in public, that's what for. public execution number 131, stretch his fucking"
  • Public Eye - Shelter
    "In the public eye theye fabricated you. Chose your selling points to sell. Became an object they can hate or pursue. But no one asked just how you felt. But don you think I feel? Don you think I real? Are"
  • Public Imagery - Sunk Loto
    "It's televised sensationalised and globalised the begining of the end is near it's prophesied were terrorised it's telivised the begining of the end is near global hatred war on races everythings so complicated see"
  • Going public - Newboys
    "She's been dazed and inducedwants a part-time Godfor her private usebut she won't take a stand'cause she might get taggedas a closet Jesus fanSIGN ONTHE TIME IS DRAWING NEARTHIS IS SURELY A BANNER YEARTO"
  • Public Enemy - LITTLE BIG
    "Nobody can change it Nobody can change it Nobody can Nobody can Nobody can change it Of your fucked up style I got weak and tired I will blow your mind I'm the new cancer You still swallow lies Loading"
  • Public servant - UK Subs
    "Public servant Number one Sits in Whitehall Is waited on Do they know something We don't know Public servant Number two Sits in Whitehall with nothing to do Do they know something We don't know Chief of"
  • In Public - Kelis
    "(feat. Nas) See its this thing (Kelis) I like bein seen outside I'm my ride (Your tasty) I like it everywhere (cookies tasty) (Tasty) (Ohh Yeah Let's Go) He was next to me Our flight was supposed to"
  • Joe Public - Subhumans
    "Joe Public in an overcoat A smile on his face and his fingers down your throat Making you stick with his victory salute Vs up for England or does he mean fuck you!? If looks could kill he'd stare you into"
  • Public Warning - Lady Sovereign
    "(Intro) Public warning, who's in town? Public warning, all bow down! I'm ridin' 'ere on this beat 'Cause I don't give a monkey's what you think about me, mmm mmm It's on, no long ting, it's on Ding dong,"
  • Public menace - Powerman 5000
    "I know a man-his face is like plastic Stretch smile wide, it's elastic I know a girl she can fill up a room 1200 pounds, footsteps of doom I know a machine man he's X-51 Harder than steel-his fists"
  • Public Burning - Entombed
    "Heavenly torture You're burning again Envy the clueless That fight 'til the end Save one that kills one It's always the same General scapegoat No one is to blame You want to help And to learn But it's"
  • Public Square - Rheostatics
    "Tim Vesely Well, faith is something I don't have, It does not bother me at all, But something that the faithful got Is spirit in their song, Meeting on the public square, In churches they rejoice About"
  • Public Assistance - Agnostic Front
    "You spend your life on welfare lines Or looking for handouts Why don't you go find a job You birth more kids to up your checks So you can buy more drugs Cash in food stamps and get drunk Uncle Sam takes"
  • Public Highway - Luxuria
    "I am the public highway, baby I'm no place for pretence or protocol I could take you by way of a garden city I could run you along the Libido del Sol I am this street now I am the street where you live see"

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