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Agnes Heart rate

  • Agnes - XIII.stolet
    "Agnes to jmno v kamenech mluv k nm Kdy minulost vrac se Agnes kdo t znal a kdo byl tvj ne la do kltera Agnes ty dvko zapomenut Mla jsi tajn hch Ou Agnes je voln kdy hodiny jdou A roky pozptku let /:Ou"
  • Agnes - Donnie Iris
    "We were standing on the corner one night Me and Agnes She had these tight jeans on And these high shoes Bad It was a warm September night Wind was blowin' through the trees This dude Louie was looking"
  • Pulse Rate - Whatever It Takes
    "(Verse) I should write a report on why we change day to day with hours and hours of research and humans locked up in a cage then tally the data with the results inconclusive damnit I ve been at this one"
  • My Heart Rate Rapid - Metronomy
    "Yeah go Go What Yeah go What go Free the free hippo Free the free hippo Be the free hippo Be the free hippo La la la hippo La la la hippo Free the free hippo Free the free hippo Waiting for it to rain"
  • Alas Agnes - Mystery Jets
    "Agnes it all ended up in tears Well we were an odd couple you and I In our strange and original attire I thought, I thought it was love at first sight My mother, my mother, she shivered with fright"
  • Rat Racing - Pallas
    "The call of the wild, brings me to my window-sill, eyes to the dawn. A tug on a heartstring by soft unknown, fingers. Leading me on But there's only a streetlamp, standing guard to my soul, In the morning"
  • Agnes A Krysa - Daniel Landa
    "AGNES: Stj, ty, co jen skrv tv, tvj hlas t prozrad. Ty zajal's mou dui a srdce mi bu, kdy stoj v pozad. Nejsi z tamtch zstup mu spadlch z nebe, co vdycky m chtli a jen nevdli, e ekm na tebe. KRYSA: Ty"
  • King of Rats - Gaba Kulka
    "King of rats comes to my room each night But I'm too scared to close my eyes When the house is dark he sits down at my bedside sings me strangest lullabies 'Diamonds and rubies, or spittle and rust A dowry"
  • King Of Rats - Gaba Kulka
    "King of rats comes to my room each night But I'm too scared to close my eyes When the house is dark he sits down at my bedside sings me strangest lullabies 'Diamonds and rubies, or spittle and rust A"
  • You Dirty Rat - Letters To Cleo
    "You never write You never call You just stand around and smile so happily The government could never do as worser things as you have done to me Well I should cry but I've done too much already I can't"
  • I Got It From Agnes - Tom Lehrer
    "I love my friends, and they love me, We're just as close as we can be. And just because we really care, Whatever we get, we share! I got it from Agnes, She got it from Jim. We all agree it must have been Louise"
  • My Pet Rat St Michael - Mark Eitzel
    "You gotta help my pet rat, doc He's always glum Though I give him laughs, cigarettes, sawdust Even a wheel to run I tell him "You should be happy" "There's no reason to stare" I play him Mariah Carey So"
  • Fuck You (Lab Rat Remix) - Eminem
    "Yo [01] Yooo.. uh Rule nigga Ja Rule.. 01 [01] Uh (01) Yeah It's our world.. please believe Niggas ain't real.. please believe It's murda.. please believe I-N-C.. niggas what's fuckin with me? R-U-L-E.."
  • Second Rate - Spunge
    ""man -I love the way, you never stop your frowning, but if i saw you drowning, I wouldnt waste my time to rescue you. woman -love the way, you eat soup with your fingers the way your oder lingers, for"
  • Rate Mal - Lucilectric
    "Es is' nich' g'rade toll, kann ja mal passier'n, Ich sag' es dir und du willst es nochmal probier'n, Och n, das tut uns beiden nur weh. So s, wie du dich bemhst und dich unschlagbar fhlst, Aber jetzt hast"
  • Cut-Rate - Prong
    "You try to take all the challenge Out of all of our lives You make it all too predictable With your white wash lives you see You got to show me the torment And all the despair All those bloodless bullet"
  • Heart - Neneh Cherry
    "Out of control MMM - stick it where it hurts Girl, I'll be peeling you off the ceiling. That's right Hee Hee Ladies and gentlemen - Neneh Cherry Well you laughed at me right in my face At the wrong time"
  • Heart - Swollen Members
    "Slightly schizophrenic borderline psychotic Sensational recreational narcotics I thought I lost it but I found it Temptation marches along till I'm surrounded Inspired by fire the sensual illusion Caught"
  • Tough Love (ft. Agnes, Vargas & Lagola) - Avicii
    "weight is on me weight is on you we scream and we fight like there’s nothing to lose end of the day come and take my arm there’s no place I’d rather be than in your arms weight is on me weight is on you sometimes"
  • Don't Go Breaking My Heart - Agnes Carlsson
    "Calling your name Calling your name How did this happen? I'm losing my way You can go insane, I don't understand it, now The water runs deep, and it's taken me It's taken me so far away Walls caving in,"

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