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Agnes Obe

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Agnes Obe
  • Obsidian Voice Obe
    "Ich krieche nur noch auf dem Boden dies ist der Gang den man mir abverlangt von allen Seiten ruft Erlsung doch das Wundmal klebt an meiner Hand Hilf dir selbst dann hilft dir Gott Hilf dir selbst dann"
  • XIII.stolet Agnes
    "Agnes to jmno v kamenech mluv k nm Kdy minulost vrac se Agnes kdo t znal a kdo byl tvj ne la do kltera Agnes ty dvko zapomenut Mla jsi tajn hch Ou Agnes je voln kdy hodiny jdou A roky pozptku let /:Ou"
  • Donnie Iris Agnes
    "We were standing on the corner one night Me and Agnes She had these tight jeans on And these high shoes Bad It was a warm September night Wind was blowin' through the trees This dude Louie was looking"
  • Mystery Jets Alas Agnes
    "Agnes it all ended up in tears Well we were an odd couple you and I In our strange and original attire I thought, I thought it was love at first sight My mother, my mother, she shivered with fright"
  • Daniel Landa Agnes A Krysa
    "AGNES: Stj, ty, co jen skrv tv, tvj hlas t prozrad. Ty zajal's mou dui a srdce mi bu, kdy stoj v pozad. Nejsi z tamtch zstup mu spadlch z nebe, co vdycky m chtli a jen nevdli, e ekm na tebe. KRYSA: Ty"
  • Tom Lehrer I Got It From Agnes
    "I love my friends, and they love me, We're just as close as we can be. And just because we really care, Whatever we get, we share! I got it from Agnes, She got it from Jim. We all agree it must have been Louise"
  • Avicii Tough Love (ft. Agnes, Vargas & Lagola)
    "weight is on me weight is on you we scream and we fight like there’s nothing to lose end of the day come and take my arm there’s no place I’d rather be than in your arms weight is on me weight is on you sometimes"
  • OBE obiecałaś
    "nie wychodzę już na blok sorry mała ale wpadnij na noc, tak jak obiecałaś dobrze mnei znasz ale nie wiesz co mam w planach lubisz pic ze mna ale wolisz zostać sam nie wychodzę już na blok sorry mała ale"
  • Agnes Carlsson For Love
    "Agnes Carlsson: For Love I know Ive put you to the test again Like so many times before Youre starting to lose your faith in me I know its time for me to start to show Im not gonna let you go Were"
  • Agnes Right Here Right Now
    "Take my hand and walk with me Let me show you what I'm feeling What's going on inside of me Don't you know you have changed me? Don't you know my wishes all came true? You're my angel, now I want"
  • Agnes One Last Time
    "Beat. Drum. I’m gonna lose him Just like water through my hands Light hits your face and you look at me like I’m a stranger So far away, but still so near And you can blame it on my crazy heart. I got"
  • Agnes Relase Me
    "Release me Release my body I know it's wrong So why am I with you now I say release me 'Cause I'm not able to Convince myself That I'm better off without you Yeah, it's perfectly clear That it's"
  • Agnes All I Want Is You
    "I saw you coming, miles away Stormy weather, heard them say Turn around, you’re playing with fire, fire, fire Going faster, leaving crown, Sky above, looking down In your arms I wanna go higher, higher,"
  • Agnes Fingers Crossed
    "I got my fingers crossed You’re not a holy ghost Too good to be true Can’t take my eyes off you My finger crossed Your heart is the answer Too good to be true Can’t take my eyes off you Be in love You’re"
  • Agnes Kain Puddles & Mud
    "As the Sydney winter comes I stare out my window and watch the rain As it dances on the ceiling It reminds me of a time when We sat outside to see who could Sit there the longer Was it me or was it you? So,"
  • Agnes Monica Cinta Di Ujung Jalan
    "setiap tetes air mataku telah kuberikan untuk kisahku mengerti tapi tak dimengerti cintaku tlah diujung jalan setiap kata dari bibirku kadang tak sama dalam hatiku tersenyum dalam hati menangis cintaku"
  • Agnes Monica Seputih Hati
    "Seputih hati ini Semurni cinta ini Mekar mewangi kasih Ku harapkan balasmu Hulur tangan peluk diriku Oh kekasih dekaplah aku (Korus) Perasaan cinta ku ini Tak bisa ku bendung lagi Di manakah waktu kan"
  • Agnes Monica Tanpa Kekasihku
    "Langit begitu gelap Hujan tak juga reda Ku harus menyaksikan cintaku Terenggut tak terselamatkan Ingin ku ulang hari Ingin ku perbaiki Kau salah ku butuhkan Beraninya kau pergi dan tak kembali (Korus) Dimana"
  • Agnes Pihlava I Thought We Were Lovers
    "It was only yesterday I lived to make believe As everything 'bout you and me felt as good as it can be Now I can see that you've come to say goodbye Got my pride, ain't gonna ask you why I thought"
  • Agnes Carlsson Forever Yours (r.e)
    "I remember when you told me that I got you in a heartbeat baby and you couldnt be without me even if we, didnt go steady how I tried to keep a straight face when you took me back to your place and"

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