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Ahy albatross

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Ahy albatross

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Ahy albatross
  • Corrosion Of Conformity Albatross
    "Well I'm feeling left behind Lord what a waste of time They're coming to get you Run on How can I respect your crime? When all you criminals whine They bought and sold you Run on Run on Well you can"
  • Unknown Artist Albatross
    "THE ALBATROSS It is an ancient mariner, who stoppeth one of three He killed the blessed Albatross when he was out to sea And the guilt it hangs around his neck, the same as you and me Poor old sailor who"
  • Dan McCafferty Albatross
    "Blood blood all around The land is crying out All men are dead underneath the sands And noone understands Gold gold all is sold Ten thousands have been slain They stole their gold and destroyed their souls"
  • Foals Albatross
    "You got an albatross around your neck, around your neck You got a hundred broken lightbulbs above your head They said, that you had it coming, but I wouldn't dare Cause you got a slowly ticking time bomb"
  • Converge Albatross
    "Five lives dead and gone We breathe out of key and wonder if you can hear the awkwardness in these tremors Draining, cutting this cancer out Teeth gaping yet I make no sound Six hammers and one sky, falling Five"
  • Judy Collins Albatross
    "The lady comes to the gate dressed in lavender and leather Looking North to the sea she finds the weather fine She hears the steeple bells ringing through the orchard All the way from town She watches"
  • Lobo The Albatross
    "(Dick Holler) The man spoke to the albatross What a funny thing you are The man spoke to the albatross Why must you fly so far Today the waves are no ones slaves Tomorrow's waves may be Do you believe"
  • Rickie Lee Jones The Albatross
    "There, there is my ship Finally come in I see the mast rolling on the steps Over the garden wall I hear the sailor's call I see the albatross Over and down now I'll go home Home to my children I left"
  • Sarah Blasko The Albatross
    "Fear lies beside me A vessel, an army That threatens the night The wind is whispering Howling and hissing be unafraid Tragic this moment of kindness Touches my eyes in their blindness Come lie beside"
  • Gorillaz Hip Albatross
    "Every dead body that is not exterminated becomes one of them. It gets up and kills! The people it kills get up and kill! I was born a zombie I'm a creep From the sea I was born a zombie I'm a creep By"
  • Sarah Blasko The Albatross (Tradu
    "O medo deita-se ao meu lado Uma embarcao, um exrcito Isso ameaa a noite O vento est sussurrando Cercando e assoprando no tema Trgico este momento de bondade Toca meus olhos em suas cegueiras Vem mentira"
  • Royden Murder Of An Albatross
    "The chair by the window. The darkness bleeding moonlight. Dripping over her silhouette. She enters, walks slowly. The mark of everyone. Slips off her dress and no one ever sees. This winters never"
  • Alesana Heavy Hangs The Albatross
    "I've made up my mind and I will be leaving Leaving this cruel, dark world for the soulless to share But first... Women will shriek and watch their husbands bleed Children will cry (children will cry)"
  • An Albatross Electric Suits & Cowboy Boots
    "Baby, baby let it flow child. It's the tingly, brilliant sensation below now. The butterflies in our guts make it alright, (Give 'em) bricks, cocktails & flowers, baby alright. Baby let it go now, Try"
  • An Albatross You Can't Take That Hot Rod With You When You Go
    "Today, they buried a good man. It got me to thinking about all of the worthless shit The plastic people worry their lives away with. Man, life isn't mortgages, Life isn't diamonds, baby (*shine*shine*) Life's"
  • Shy Albatross Moonlight
    "Meet me tonight Lover meet me Meet mi in the Moonlight alone I have a sad story to tell you Mast be told in the Moonlight alone I wish I had never been bore Or Had died when I was die I would never have"
  • Shy Albatross See See Rider
    "I’m so unhappy I feel so blue I always feel so sad I made a mistake Right form the start It seem so hard to back About this leather That I will ride I hope you’ll remember When he receive it See, see"
  • Modern Talking Stranded In The Middle Of Nowhere
    "Albatross Show me a dream of love Albatross Without her love I'm lost Good love never dies Angels never fly so high I'm dreaming, dreaming Coming back to me I'm stranded in the middle of nowhere, take"
  • Electric Six Getting Into The Jam
    "I look in the mirror and I know i'm a man, I know she's a woman and she's looking for a man, We've got sex planned, Oh! Getting into the jam, Getting into the jam, I can feel the jam, I have reached the"
  • Axel Fernando Se dice amor
    "No importa el lugar, los acordes como el viento suenan por casualidad, no ahy una razon cuando un extrao sentimiento se transforma en la verdad, me acaricias con tus ojos desde que te conosco ya nada es"

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