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Aidan gallagher

  • Scorpio Rising Feat. Liam Gallagher (Oasis) - Death In Vegas
    "When you kiss the base o'my spine Make my body into your shrine You give me this feeling deep inside One that I can no longer disguise While other snakes just shed their skins Fucked holes pointing out"
  • Now That I've Found You - Liam Gallagher
    "Liam Gallagher napisał piosenkę o córce Molly Moorish. Data premiery utworu zatytułowanego "Now That I've Found You" nie została jeszcze podana."
  • Crush - Aidan Hawken
    "Sometimes I follow you I Look through your window and I watch you sigh You're getting off real soon I should ask your name Maybe get your number We could go out sometime It's all in my mind I"
  • Pillows And Records - Aidan Hawken
    "You said this is a used up world You follow the river and your home is in the mountains You've forgotten your questions lost your purpose The beauty is gone and this house still smells and sounds like"
  • Innocent - Aidan Hawken
    "You said everything Let is show Let it breathe You know you make me sick You've got your house Your car A big backyard Don't state the obvious Fall is on it's way No more sunny days It gets dark you"
  • Get Over Yourself - Aidan Hawken
    "One's all I need Maybe two or three Try it sometime And you'll see what I mean Nothing to lose Don't be confused It's only making me happy Get over yourself Rose colored glasses Part of the masses Just"
  • Jenny - Aidan Hawken
    "Jenny, i have this perfect dream we are close and there is nothing in between your eyes are deep like the sea but warm like the sun jenny, you wake up in my arms i hold you close and keep you safe from"
  • Somebody Else - Aidan Hawken
    "What'cha got, what'cha got, that no one else does? You pretend, you pretend your somebody else. I cant buy, I cant buy, what your trying to sell. Take a look, take a long, long look at your self. I was"
  • Take In - Aidan Hawken
    "It's all too much to take in Like a child, I believed in everything And I listen to your voice No, I don't think that I had a choice Honey, I can't take another lie Tell me the truth, I've got the proof In"
  • Tired - Aidan Hawken
    "Just the way i saw you reach out, touch his hand, it was born something in us you can't understand and if i ever get to know you, it might kill us both but i'll be free to tell you you're reflected in"
  • Understanding - Aidan Hawken
    "Little darling, why'd you get into this mess you're just an accident waiting to happen i guess you always put our love to the test look baby, you always escape with such ease that said you come and go"
  • Where Ever You Are - Aidan Hawken
    "Were you standing in the corner Was that you that I saw Just what was it that you were doing Who do you think you are Who do you think you are Hey, I hear your sounds You are all around me, baby Wherever"
  • Everytime It Rains - Peter Gallagher
    "Every time it rains I sit at home and wonder why Ever since you said goodbye I felt so all alone Every time it rains Summer showers soak the ground I watch the rain come pouring down I call out"
  • I've Got To Love Somebody's Baby - Peter Gallagher
    "I've got to love somebody's baby Somebody, somebody, somebody Sho been lovin' mine And everybody around me knew it But I was in the dark for such a long time I've got to get what she's been givin'"
  • Still Got The Blues - Peter Gallagher
    "Used to be so easy to give my heart away But I found out the hard way, there's a price you have to pay I found out that love was no friend of mine I should have known time after time So long, it was"
  • Still I Long For Your Kiss - Peter Gallagher
    "I know I shouldn't but I want you so bad I know it couldn't be but I want what we had I know our love is gone and I can't bring it back Still I long for your kiss Still I long for your kiss I know"
  • Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye - Peter Gallagher
    "Kiss me each morning for a million years Hold me each evening by your side Tell me you love me for a million years Then if it don't work out, then if it don't work out Then you can tell me goodbye"
  • When Something Is Wrong With My Baby - Peter Gallagher
    "When something is wrong with my baby, something is wrong with me If I know that she's worried, then I would feel the same misery We've been through so much together, we've been as one, that's what makes"
  • Continental Op (To: Daniel Hammet) - Rory Gallagher
    "There's a body in the bay The cops are taking it away They said this case was closed It only shows you that - never know So who they gonna get when the troubles got to stop Here's my card I'm the"
  • Country Mile - Rory Gallagher
    "Well I was born on the side of a road A gap in the hedge Did you hear what I said? Born in a house with no slates But I wouldn't switch I didn't have a stitch Always been out on a limb I've been hard to"

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