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Aiden This City Is Far From Here

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Aiden This City Is Far From Here

  • This City Is Far From Here - Aiden
    "A bloodstained shirt, seductive smile, with eyes full of hate and murders in style. The sky turns red, the air is cold, with one last chance to do as Im told. This city is far from here. Now turn back,"
  • Far from here - Alissa Moreno
    "Fight hard on a night like this Look for a star and wish You could get out of it Bite down and then pray, pray, pray You'll make it through this to sing and say You hold life dear Moments turn to hours"
  • Far From Here - Marianas Trench
    "And I wondered why you came for all this after so long When it ripped into you like the son you never were And I don't think this is what you wanted now It feels alright but that's a lie that's always"
  • This City - Until June
    "sleep quiet, lock the doors and stay the night. bomb shells and broken hearts fall far from sight lights flashing far above me as i lay i never thought my life would end this way. so take me away from"
  • Far Away From Here - Avalon
    "I'm looking for a sign To show me how To cross the distance And leave this all behind I want to run But there's no motion here Just lifeless moments Locked outside And all that's left are tears To cool"
  • Far Away From This Town - Robert Post
    "I plan on going away for a while Nothing here that fits my style I want to be free from every little sound I don't want anybody around I need relief from this pressure I feel Of all stupid attention that"
  • Far From Here - Jackson United
    "I could get used to this Just pile everything up on me In burying Knee deep and rising, rising From a ripple to a tidal wave Three steps to an early grave Turned the key and walked away Three words I"
  • So Far Away - Aiden
    "Misery, come take me, Into a place I can't forget. We'll take comfort in the solace of regret, Misery come take me. I said I'm ready, now where's your hat? It's a million miles away from here, take my"
  • Far From Home - Basshunter
    "10.000 meters high Life's not complicated I guess I'm a lucky guy But still I find no reason Why I feel so empty inside I guess I'm far away from home tonight Tonight All the place is where I have been And"
  • Far From Over - Mattafix
    "Got a time, A place, To leave without a trace. You got a song, A taste of what's to come. You had it all in your palm, Till I raised the alarm and I won't keep calm no more as I endure this. I get a little"
  • Far From Home - Catrien Maxwell
    "I'm not made for this And I don't want to be alive tonight I've wanted to show you But my words fall apart everytime I try And if you find me in this place that I've chosen Just turn around, I don't want"
  • Far From Me - The Grateful Dead
    "You say you want to try again, wear it down between the lines Well, I have a better end in mind it doesn't seem to really have you Close your eyes to see though I know you don't mean to be You are so far"
  • Far From Distance - Useless ID
    "Never Really Thought You'd Come You Did, A Line Torn Right Between Us Repeated Glance In Your Eyes Can't Stand It, Soon I'm Going On So For Now I Know As Far As Friendship Goes Love Goes Really Bad"
  • Far From Reality - Anybody Killa
    "This is how it´s bout to go down belive it or not I´m still here all u haters time ta shed anotha tear cuz I´m back in dis bitch like ur moms ex-boy friend all up in ur face with sum brand new nonsence"
  • Far From Reality - Natural Black
    "Never you lost your way Or past your way Oh! yeah! you got to know what your doing Mmmmmmhmmm! life is a long journey Chorus: I met this girl the other day and when i check her She was, far from reality I"
  • Far cry from here - Danni Leigh
    "I've heard misfortune loses And wasted ways before me by the car, Given someone time enough to spending Love on the borrow. I've placed myself at ease, Listening to the lies of self belief, Wanting something"
  • Not Too Far From Here - Michael Crawford
    "Somebody's down to their last dime Somebody's running out of time Not too far from here Somebody's got nowhere else to go Somebody needs a little hope Not too far from here And I may not know their name But"
  • Far Far Away From My Heart - Presence
    "Well the feeling's coming on again It's kickin' and is screaming deep inside me And I'm so tired of fighting with my self You're not here, I'm nothing, I'm alone So I pour another drink and take a"
  • Far Away From Heaven - Abydos
    "I'm still searching Can 't define my religion On a Sunday , April the 21st I will understand that I've waited too long All these little things I try to tell you in a song In Paris we can't meet for the"
  • Far Lights - Used Cars
    "(N. Bottini) When I was six years old, I used to reach that road And when the sun went down, I could see those far lights glowin' I stood there for a while, then I went back to my house Thinkin' about"

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