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Ain't gonna die tonight

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Ain't gonna die tonight

  • Somebody's Gonna Die Tonight - Murder Inc
    "Some gangsta's shit, Murder Inc shit Backgound nigga, Dave Bing shit Lil' Mo Somebody goin ride tonight, Somebody goin die tonight, Somebody's woman goin cry tonight Cause its Murda, Murda Somebodys going"
  • Somebody's gonna die tonight - Ja Rule
    "Some gangsta's shit, Murder Inc shit Backgound nigga, Dave Bing shit Lil' Mo Chorus: Lil' Mo Somebody goin die tonight, Somebody goin die tonight, Somebody's woman goin cry tonight This is Murda, Murda"
  • Ain't gonna die - Mason Jennings
    "Pardon me my dear you've gone straight to my headIt's now been two months that i expected to be deadAnd i can swear on this but i can't be sureI think the hands of fate just got a manicure'cause everything"
  • Ain't Gonna Die - Bo Bice
    "What a strange situation that I got myself into I knew I should have listened when they said stay away from you I made my decision, I didn't care about the consequence The pain, the lies, you hurt my pride I"
  • I'm Gonna Die Tonight - Gabriel Rios
  • Someone's Gonna Die Tonight - Rancid
    "This is where the good times went With his brains lying on the pavement With a broken bottle in his hand And another in his back Do you feel alright? Oi! Oi! Oi! Someone's gonna die tonight Oi! Oi!"
  • I Ain't Gonna Cry Tonight - Barbra Streisand
    "I'm starting to walk and I'm learning to run I'm seeing my friends and I'm having some fun And the heartache and pain Like the thunder and rain have all disappeared 'Cause I'm not gonna cry my eyes out"
  • Tonight Ain't Gonna Be Good - Lucero
    "At night... ain't gonna be good. It's just a little bit of pain, You should turn and walk away, No, it ain't no good. When I... walk through the front door. It's a long way to the bar. I can feel the trouble"
  • Die Tonight - Rubber Puppy
    "Deep in the woods, Your torch is out, Won't do no good, To scream and shout, Nobody's listening, And anyhow, It's hard to yell 'help', With no tongue in your mouth. You're gonna Die! There's no way to"
  • Tonight - Drag-On
    "(feat. Oz Soundtrack) (Uh) Yeah, Yeah! Swizz! (Drag thesh On) Yo, where we at? (Uh) No shit, Double R niggas (Uh) Ya know who dis is (No shit) Yo! Back! Yo! (Yeah!) Who thet slim kid, slight grin,"
  • Tonight - FlipBoy
    "(Intro) This for all the beautiful ladies out there, Me & Sammy wanna let all you ladies know how we feel, We want y'all to feel special tonight, We love you all. Every woman needs love, Who wants"
  • If I Die Tonight - Too Phat
    "Joe If I die tonight What would I do on my last day I know i'll wake early in the morning Crack of dawn's last ray Will probably go for breakfast like I used to do Fried kuey teow F.A.M and roti canai"
  • If I Die Tonight - Dirty
    "Yeah, hold the music Hold it Yeah, I wanna do this right here, y'knaw'msayin? I wanna dedicate this one to, y'knaw'msayin, my kids and everythang Okay Let it drop We gonna do it"
  • Move Like You Gonna Die - Cobra Starship
    "You wanna run your mouth? You better find something new to say. Cause kid, I heard it all before. You're such a rockstar. What's with the attitude? Man, I had attitude, Before I ever did good. Gotta get"
  • Tonight we're gonna - Randy Travis
    "Tonight were gonna tear down the walls Were gonna laugh and drink and dance and have a ball The good times ain't over after allAnd tonight we're gonna tear down the walls It seems we let the hard times"
  • Kiss Me (Like Tonight We're Gonna Die) - Bebe Rexha
    "Close your eyes and breathe me in Feel me on your skin I burn like sun, when you come undone Cause you are da only one Lets go get high One more night Are you up for this? Lets watch the sunset, never"
  • Ain't Gonna Get - Baby Animals
    "If all you want is a little piece of ass All you'll get is a little piece of me You won't get no cheap satisfaction 'Cause I don't give my love for free You'll get your fingers burned You'll get what you"
  • Not Gonna Die - Skillet
    "Death surrounds My heartbeat’s slowing down I won’t take this world’s abuse I won’t give up, I refuse! This is how it feels when you’re bent and broken This is how it feels when your dignity’s stolen When"
  • Johnny's Gonna Die - The Replacements
    "Johnny always takes more than he needs Knows a couple chords, knows a couple leads Johnny always needs more than he takes Forgets a couple of chords, forgets a couple of breaks And everybody tells me Johnny"
  • Niggas Gonna Die - Shyne
    "I just wanna move mad bricks for all the days I never had shit Now I'm young heartless and rich Pistols and pussy, straight from the door Brown paper bags full of blood money, need more Too much ain't"

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